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Couples friendly, dual bullets, double rings for increased longevity and harder erections, clitoral stimulation

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Intensity 10
Quietness 8.5
Uniqueness 10
Orgasmability 10

Pipedream’s Fantasy C-Ringz and X-Tensions are some of the most innovative penis enhancing toys I’ve seen in a while. A couple of years ago, your choice of vibrating rings was mostly limited to one bullet or two, but C-Ringz offers endless combinations of bullets, rings, textures, and features. Whether you seek anal stimulation for yourself or your partner, a ball pouch, a taint teaser, a vibrating cage, or simply a good, old fashioned blast to the clit, there’s a C-Ringz for you. And if you’re lucky enough to be a toy reviewer, you can damn near collect them all.

That’s what I vowed to do, anyway, when I received a gift from Pipedream that included not one, but FOUR C-Ringz!


Of course, C-Ringz were designed to be enjoyed with a partner, and for these, not any partner would do. In the interest of fair and thorough reviewing, I vowed to wait until I’d found the very best accomplice. So I started with other products in my box, like the WOW toys and the iSex Bullet.

And then I found him.

It could be that I’m looking for an excuse to have as much imaginary sex as possible with Mr. Marcus. But also, I needed a cock with enough girth to test the limits of the C-Ringz, one that wouldn’t insist on stealing the spotlight and, of course, one with balls.

I was actually kind of shocked that my Twin Teazer Rabbit Ring fit around Mr. Marcus. I half expected the ring’s stretchability to be defeated by Marcus’s thick rubber balls. Part of me even anticipated it snapping in my fierce pursuit of an excuse to hang with Marcus again. To the contrary, the Twin Teazer is extremely stretchy and sturdy. If you’ve ever wondered what Mr. Marcus’s fine, statuesque cock would look like with a dainty purple bunny strapped to it, here you go.

marcus and ringz

That there in the background, by the way, is the man himself in Everybody Loves Jenna Haze, a new compilation featuring one of porn’s sweetest, smallest (now retired) stars. The scene was original filmed for Sweet Cream Pies 3 in 2007.

But back to the toy. The Twin Teazer’s bunny ears, borrowed from the Original Jack Rabbit and the Rabbit style bullet, are interesting but not uncommon. What really makes this ring unique are the twin bullets that slide up inside of them. The ring itself is not attached to the dual micro bullets that accompany it, allowing the user to play with the bullets alone or even enjoy the ring sans-vibration.

Corded vibrating rings are kind of a bummer and they virtually disappeared for a time. However, many people (myself included) are getting fed up with the annoyingly short lifespan of watch batteries and would gladly trade that inconvenience for a cord. If you find that the cord gets in the way, I suggest substituting your partner with a pretend penis. The cord didn’t hinder Mr. Marcus’s dildo at all.

The bullets are shockingly powerful. It’s that buzzy surface vibration, of course, the kind that makes you jump out of your skin when you hold the bare bullet against your nose, but buried in silicone ears, it’s just right. The vibrator features three levels of vibration and two of pulsation. All were impressive when I held it in my hand, but I’ve got to admit, during use I didn’t stray from level one. Watching Mr. Marcus effortlessly bounce Jenna Haze up and down on his dick is a tad bit distracting, okay? Besides, level one was powerful enough, and pulsation is for the birds.

dual bunny ring

The beauty of rabbit ears, intensified by double bullets, is their ability to hug your clitoris, encompassing it in vibration. Clitoral stimulators that are made to enhance penetration always run the risk of not lining up quite right, proving more frustrating than stimulating. Bunny ears don’t always solve that problem, but they help.

What does solve that problem is a thumb pushing the rabbit towards you while you gently fill yourself with Mr. Marcus. Or, I mean, your live partner fills you with himself. Whichever the case may be, when you do get that ring lined up right, the vibrations are spot on.

Equally important (if your partner is a man and not a vibrator) is the ring itself. Its elite silicone is soft and smooth, and unlike jelly it won’t stick to skin or pull hair. The rings are sturdy and snug, providing support and stimulation to prolong erections and delay ejaculation.

All around, my first C-Ringz has impressed me. To recap, I dig:

  • The quality of the silicone
  • The use of dual bullets
  • The ease of fitting them into the ears
  • The power of the vibration
  • Mr. Marcus’s grin while Jenna Haze stuffs half of his length into her mouth

Whichever of those attributes is most applicable to you, I recommend the Twin Teazer Rabbit Ring, and suggest you pick it up at Taboo or here. Be on the lookout for my upcoming reviews of the C-Ringz Ride ‘N GlideRemote Control Rabbit Ring, and Ultimate Couples Cage.  Mr. Marcus’s vibrator and I can’t wait!

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