Twisted Taboo Tales Volume 1 – Desperate Pleasures

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Twisted Taboo Tales Volume 1 – Desperate Pleasures


Christy Mack, Kendra Cole, Hazel Allure, Bailey Paige

What Desperate Pleasures Tells Us About Twisted Taboo Tales Volume 1

“Christy Mack

Christy answered a job posting requesting a young, “open minded” live-in housekeeper. The employer explained to her that before she can see the house she has to sign a NDA. Immediately Christy gets a vision of being tied up while the client torments her. She dismisses her subconscious warning as the employer begins to have his own fantasies of Christy sucking his cock. Christy finishes her paperwork and is taken upstairs and she sees that he is as kinky as she thought. Will the fantasies come true?

Kendra Cole

One night in my bedroom I was masturbating and fantasized that I took my father prisoner and make him do kinky sexual things. It became such an obsession I formulated a plan to make it happen. One of my friends agreed to play an intruder and soon Daddy was handcuffed, blindfolded and shackled on the couch. I told Daddy I was scared and he agreed to do whatever we were told. I played the game out perfectly and when I was done I took off the blindfold and told daddy the truth.

Bailey Paige & Hazel Allure

I came home to surprise Daddy but was shocked to catch him fucking my adopted sister Hazel in the ass and she was in a strait jacket! I should have been appalled but instead I was pretty turned on so I left unnoticed and confronted daddy later. At first he thought he was in trouble but when he found out I enjoyed watching his pants began to bulge. That’s when things got really wild!” — Desperate Pleasures

TTT1 Title

Ready for some seriously wrong fuckery that will turn you on? Check out Twisted Taboo Tales Volume 1 from Desperate Pleasures! Christy Mack’s trippy scene mixes fantasy and reality in a freaky blend of sexual wrongness. The hot fornication shows exactly why Christy is such a favorite of mine–intense and electric! Kendra Cole’s scene had that perfect feel of taboo wrongness that Desperate Pleasures does so well. To boot, she’s a total fucking babe; the sight of her sends all my blood running south instantly. She gives a deliciously tawdry performance in her kick-ass scene. For the final scene, we’re treated to a three-for-one, as Daddy bangs his daughters Hazel Allure and Bailey Paige in an awesomely kinky scene including straitjackets and incest. Each of the babes gets a solo screw from Daddy, and then a wild three-way ensues. If you’re tired of porn that doesn’t make you feel dirty, here’s the damn cure you need! Twisted Taboo Tales Volume 1 earns my recommendation with 4 Hard Ons out of 5. I hope there’s a Volume 2 on the way soon!

And on a sad note, this is Hazel Allure’s last porn DVD. Wishing her all the best in the future, and thanks for the fantastic performances!

A Walk Through the Scenes

TTT1 Chapters

Scene 1 – Christy Mack (@ChristyMack) & JW Ties (@JWties)

TTT1 s1-1

Christy Mack is on her knees, hungrily sucking JW Ties’ cock. She sits on the table and spreads wide, taking him in her twat. In the kitchen, she braces against a stepladder and the stove, getting fucked doggie style. Cutting to the bedroom, Christy gives him a fast, wet blowjob. She gets on board in cowgirl, sitting on his meat at a variety of angles. Turning around, she rides him hard in reverse cowgirl. We cut to “7 Months Later” and Christy is in the kitchen with a tight dress clinging to her baby bump. She wraps her lips around his prick again. Climbing the stepladder and pulling up her dress, she gives her cunt to his boner. Christy works him with her mouth and hands until he shoots his wad on her lovely big titties. (Note that a longer version of this scene is available on their web site as well.)

TTT1 s1-2

Scene 2 – Kendra Cole (@KendraColeXXX) & JW Ties

TTT1 s2-1

Pretty little tattooed waif Kendra Cole masturbates as she fantasizes of her scenario to land Daddy JW Ties. He comes in her room and tastes her pert, perfect boobies. She swallows his pecker, working him over with hands and mouth. He puts Kendra on the dresser and sticks his dick up her young cleft. She kneels down, and he drives his shaft in her cunt from behind. Pulling out, he splatters her cute ass cheeks with splooge.

TTT1 s2-2

Scene 3 – Hazel Allure (@OneanonlyHA), Bailey Paige (@BaileyXPaige), & JW Ties

TTT1 s3-1

Hazel Allure entices her stepdaddy JW Ties by showing off her full young titties. She wraps her lips around his boner, swallowing him to the balls. Pulling up her denim skirt, she straddles him and guides his prick in her vag and gives him a cheek-quivering fuck. He lays Hazel down on the couch, fucking her twat and choking her until he fills her up with cum. Little did they know, sister Bailey Paige caught them in the act… and later, she confronts Daddy, then acts out her own fantasy by sucking his johnson. (She looks so cute in her outfit, too!) She pulls up her skirt and sticks his cock up her snatch in reverse cowgirl, grinding it out as he gropes her lovely handful titties. They enter the bedroom, where Hazel is bound in a straitjacket. Bailey blows JW while Hazel curls in the fetal position on the bed. He fucks Bailey doggie style. While riding him cowgirl, Bailey breaks Hazel out of her catatonic state with a wand to the cunt. Bailey bends over, caressing Hazel while her taint gets filled with cum.

TTT1 s3-2

TTT1 Cover

DVD Details

Release Date: June 12, 2015. Running Time: 1:24. Studio: Desperate Pleasures.

Directed By: JW Ties (@JWties)

Review By: Pornvert

Twitter: @Pornvert


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