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Vampire Cheerleaders – Burning Angel



Joanna Angel, Draven Star, Jessie Lee, Krissie Dee, Veronica Layke, Small Hands, Seth Gamble, Wolf Hudson, Mr.Pete, Michael Vegas & Tommy Pistol

What Burning Angel Tells Us About “Vampire Cheerleaders


“A slew of sex, blood, fangs, comedy, pom-poms and an overly sensitive werewolf (played by Tommy Pistol). This is Joanna Angel’s homage to Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Vampire Academy and Heathers featuring Burning Angel all stars Jessie Lee, Krissie Dee, Draven and introducing the adorable newbie Veronica Layke. Don’t worry, the vampires in this movie suck, fuck and cheer…but they don’t sparkle. We wouldn’t do you wrong like that.” – Burning Angel

Ready…Okay! There is a reason why Burning Angel is considered the epitome of Alt-Girl porn and this film only goes to further that belief. I honestly can’t find anything to complain about with this one. With top notch performances from Joanna, Draven, Jessie, Krissie and Veronica; to the hilarious and well-written story line, Joanna Angel proves once again that she knows how to make great porn. All the scenes are hot. All the girls are hot. The story is great. The sound is clear and the camera work is actually good as well. This film is worthy of nothing less than 5 Out Of 5 Hard Ons. The only thing I can find to complain about is that I wish it was longer with more scenes and more story. But, is that a complaint, or just a wish? Come award time, if this doesn’t win every possible AVN award I will lose all faith in humanity. My advice to you is to go buy this now. Look, I’ll make it easy on you. Click here, enter your credit card info and enjoy!

A Walk Through The Scenes

Joanna Angel (@JoannaAngel) & Small Hands (@the_small_hands)


The scene starts out with Joanna, Draven, Jessie and Krissie are practicing their cheer and complaining how they have never been to state. Tommy Pistol walks in dressed as a werewolf (kinda…you gotta watch to understand). The girls make fun of him and he leaves. The girls then start whining abut being hungry and as luck would have it, in walks Small Hands. Joanna says she will seduce him so they can feed (they are vampires, remember).

They start with some small talk and end up kissing. Small Hands gets in Joanna’s panties for some quick fingering. She drops to her knees and takes a throat full of his cock before laying down on the bleachers to get her pussy licked. Joanna moves to her knees to get her ass eaten and smacked to a lovely shade of red while Small Hands takes her from behind. They switch to some mish before getting down on the floor to spoon. Joanna gets on top for some cowgirl before Small Hands gets her on her knees for some hot and heavy anal. She once again rides him cowgirl style then back to her knees to receive his load on her face and mouth.

They get dressed and the other girls come back in. Small Hands gets excited, but it’s short lived as the girls take him down and make a meal out of him.


Veronica Layke (@VeronicaLaykeX) & Michael Vegas (@ItsMichaelVegas)9

Veronica Layke walks in on the girls practicing, wanting to audition. They are pretty rude about it (this is high school) and she walks off to the locker room. She’s getting ready to undress when Michael Vegas walks in as the janitor wanting to clean the locker room. The build up to this scene is funny as hell and there are quite a few laugh-out-loud moments.

They start with a quick kiss and Vegas goes for her tits. He’s quickly out of his coveralls and Veronica is on her knees slobbing his knob. He moves her onto a folding chair and gives her pussy a good munching before he takes her mish. And yes, they are still on the chair, and yes, this is a bit awkward. I kept waiting for her to fall off. He sits and she gets on him in reverse cowgirl, then turns around to face him. She rides him cowgirl then they move to the yoga mat on the floor. He slams her snatch doggy style then delivers a load of spunk to her face and mouth.

She no more than licks the drip from his tip when they hear a noise. Assuming it’s the girls, they grab their clothes and run.


Draven Star (@thedoomdoll), Jessie Lee (@OMGitsJessieLee) & Seth Gamble (@SethGamblexxx)11

Draven and Jessie push Seth Gamble into the locker room. There is some talk about being hungry and whatnot (watch the movie. I’m not going to tell you everything). Jessie starts to make out with Seth while Draven goes straight for the dick. Jessie joins her and they share the cocksucking duty. Jessie goes to the bench and lays down. Seth fucks her throat while Draven buries her face between Jessie’s legs. Seth lays on the bench while the girls spend some time tugging and sucking on him. Jessie takes a turn riding him cowgirl while Draven plays with her ass and gives him a ball washing. Draven ups the ante and goes for some reverse cowgirl and is rewarded with some mish. Jessie gets on her knees and receives an intense pussy pounding. Draven lays on the bench on her stomach and Jessie lays on top of her. Seth stands behind them pumping away at them both. The girls take to their knees and help each other coax Seth to finish. He divides his seed on their waiting faces.

They get dressed and Seth starts talking to them when they go for the throat and he becomes a snack. They scurry off, leaving his body on the ground. Veronica sees the body, screams and runs away.


Krissie Dee (@_KrissieDee_), Tommy Pistol (@TommyPistol), Wolf Hudson (@WolfHudsonIsBad) & Mr. Pete (@mrpetexxx)13

This scene takes place at Krissie’s house. She lets Wolf Hudson and Mr.Pete into her room. They are followed by Tommy Pistol and she is not impressed by his presence (you remember the first scene, where they were rude to him). She shrugs it off and explains that she needs them to stuff their cocks into her so she doesn’t need to feed.

Wolf and Pete jump on the bed with her and Tommy stands in the corner trying not to transform. Pete shoves his hand down her pants while Wolf sucks on her tits. She gives them both a quick blow job before getting on her knees. Mr. Pete takes her from behind while Wolf fucks her face. Pete flips her and lays some pipe mish while she continues to suck off Wolf. She then spoons with Wolf and gives Pete some oral attention. Then Pete spoons her and she’s back to mouthing Wolf’s cock. She gets on top of Pete for some cowgirl while Wolf stands over her feeding her his meat. Pete drags her to the edge of the bed and gives it to her mish and Wolf continues to enjoy her mouth. Tommy enters the scene partially covered in hair and after getting his dick wet in her mouth takes her mish. She bends over and Wolf goes at her doggy style while her mouth and hands alternate between Pete and Tommy. Krissie gets on Pete while Tommy gets behind her for some double vag penetration and Wolf fills her mouth. She rides Pete cowgirl and Tommy fucks her face before she switches to reverse. Tommy takes a turn underneath as Krissie rides him reverse as she sucks off a dick at either side of her face. She takes to her knees and all three guys release on her face.14

Draven Star, Krissie Dee, Jessie Lee, Veronica Layke & Joanna Angel


Back at school, the cheerleaders are sitting on the bleachers still talking about never making it to state. Veronica walks in and still wants to join the squad. After a conversation and a knowing look from the girls, Joanna turns Veronica into a vampire.

The final scene is a five girl fuck fest. I’m not going to give you a play by play because, well…how do you describe it and do it justice? Let’s just say that there are five of the hottest Burning Angel girls making out, sucking on each other’s titties, finger fucking each other and eating each other’s pussies. This scene is fucking hot as hell and is not to be missed. This scene alone is worthy of multiple viewings.

The film ends with another bit of dialogue that wraps up the story, but I’m gonna let you watch it and not give it away. It’s good shit and I would hate to spoil the whole story for you. So run out to your local smut shop, or hop on the site and get yourself a copy and have fun busting a nut over and over again to this fine piece of cinema.




DVD Details

Release Date: May 21st, 2014 Running Time 2:23 Studio: Burning Angel5

Directed By: @JoannaAngel

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