Vaughn Belak kicks off Kickstarter Campaign for New Book

Painter Vaughn Belak has started a Kickstarter campaign where fans can help support his new book, “Dodging Knives and Throwing Bullets: Dark Art & Inspiration”, inspired by horror, fairy tales, myth, nude gothic girls, sobriety and the abyss.  It’s a hardcover book full of paintings and daily affirmations for staying sober.  It includes acrylic and airbrush paintings with a bit of charcoal.  There are different pledge levels with various rewards ranging from e-book to a custom painting by Vaughn and a full page advertisement in the book and many other in between.  The campaign runs through Thursday, October 5th, 2017 so get your pledge in now!

Here’s a little interview we did with Vaughn…

What do you have for tattoos?

Tattoo wise I have a pretty varied bit of work. The two main artists are Phil Colvin from Atlanta Ga and Bobby Ellis from Daytona Fl. Big skulls, some devils, pirate flag, a knife wielding clown, Lords of the New Church and Turbonegro pieces as well. My knuckles say PATIENCE in red letters. Not the most effective way to try to gain patience but it was a sincere attempt.

* How many hours have you put into them?

Not sure how many hours I have invested but my longest sitting was like 3 hours I believe?

* Any piercings?

No piercings with the exception of the ones in my ears. I did those all at the same time when I was 16 in a Sears bathroom with some of those shitty piercing guns.

General info about the coffee table art book and T-shirt project, you can find at

If you can make the link to rather than the direct Kickstarter link, that would be awesome. Vaughn’s other info is:

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