Wet Reckless – Third Degree

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Wet Reckless – Third Degree



Romi Rain, Brandy Aniston, Madelyn Monroe. Sovereign Syre, Mark Wood, Bill Bailey, John Strong, Derrick Pierce

What Third Degree Tells Us About “Wet Reckless

Outdoor Sex! Wet Reckless! Poolside Hottie! Splashing Beauty! Backdoor Bikini! Tight Ass! – Third Degree


Look at this line up, folks. I know, that has burned me in the past, but it has also worked out in my favor. This is one of those time. Brandy Aniston, Madelyn Monroe, Romi Rain and Sovereign Syre all bring their A game to this release. While I am not a fan of the lengthy tease by the pool bits (though Ms.Syre’s is exceptionally good), the scenes on this film are really good and really well shot (it was shot and directed by none other than Mr.Mike Quaisar. That should say enough about the quality). All of the scenes were good and worth a second look. Pick up this release, folks. With a cast like this and the overall good production I can’t help but give this 4 Hard Ons Out Of 5.

A Walk Through The Scenes

Brandy Aniston (@BrandyAniston), John Strong (@JohnnStrong)


The simply erotic Brandy Aniston gives a tease by the pool, hopping in to get herself all wet. She removes her top to show off her assets. She removes the bottom half of her bikini and continues to gyrate in a sultry tease. Naked, she walks into the house and finds herself on a couch where John Strong pours oil all over her. He helps her rub it in and ends up rubbing her out. He massages her tits and plays with her nipples as she keeps her juices flowing by rubbing herself. He takes over for her and rubs her out once again. He sits on the couch and she frees his beast and takes him down her throat. She sucks and strokes him, then mounts him in reverse. She gives a spirited ride, bouncing and grinding on his dick, yelling and screaming the whole time. Seriously, how do you not love watching Brandy Aniston? Fucking hell! She drops down to give him a suck before facing him and getting back on top. She takes a serious pounding from below while giving it back with some amazing grinding. Down on all four on the couch, she takes it from behind, backing herself up against his thrusting cock. She gets onto her back and takes a missionary pounding that has her screaming and rubbing her clit. He turns her onto her side and continues pumping her. Back to mish, he pistons in and out of her then pushes her down to spoon. She rubs herself as he rocks her until she gets on the floor to catch his load in her mouth.


Madelyn Monroe (@madelynxmonroe), Mark Wood (@MarkWoodXXX


Sexy Madelyn Monroe gives a nice tease in the pool exposing her tits. Mark Wood comes out and joins her in the water. He sucks on her nipples and shakes her ass. He sits down on the edge of the pool and she gives him a nice deep sucking. He leads her inside where he covers her in oil while she rubs it in. She gets on all fours and he pours the oil on her ass and rubs it in for her. She lays on her back and he removes her bikini bottom and gives her clit a licking. He goes at her in mish, pumping into her gasping body. They stay in this position for some time before he gets her on her knees and she shakes her nice round ass and he pours more oil on her. He pounds into her from behind as she yells out in elation. She puts her face to the cushion and shudders in ecstasy as he pumps into her. He lays down and she gives him a good suck before she gets on top facing him. She bounces and grinds and bucks her way to bliss as he thrusts into her. She goes for another suck before some quick spooning then dropping to the floor for a face full of jizz.


Romi Rain (@Romi_Rain), Bill Bailey


It’s been a bit since Romi Rain crossed my screen, and I have to admit, I’ve missed her. She gives a playful tease by a waterfall, her glowing smile unmistakable the whole time. She dances and grinds against a wall, shaking her ass and showing her tits, before she is met by Bill Bailey. He gropes her tits from behind and pinches her nipples. They kiss as she strokes his cock and she drops to give him deep, sloppy sucking. She strokes him as they kiss again and he leans down to give her slit a lick from behind before going at her in some standing doggy. She stands and he holds her leg up as he continues pumping into her from behind. He goes down to give her a quick lick (still hold up her leg, mind you) the goes for some more. She goes down to give him a suck and he leads her off screen. They end up inside, Romi sitting on a couch, sucking on a standing Bill. He kneels beside her rubbing her clit as she tugs on him. She backs onto him and bounces on his dick in reverse. She gives him another quick suck before getting back on top for some cowgirl. I gotta tell you folks, Romi fucks with such an unmatched ferocity. She is such a joy to view. She gets on all fours and he licks her from behind then rolls and hovers over his face briefly then onto her back where he licks her ass as she rubs her clit. They go into spoon before he just cant handle the awesomeness that is Romi Rain anymore and jumps up to erupt on her face and tongue.


Sovereign Syre (@SovereignSyre), Derrick Pierce (@THEDPIERCE)


Sultry Sovereign Syre gives a great tease reminding me what attracted me to her in the first place. Oh my gods, those eyes. She spends a lot of her intro eye fucking the camera and folks, I’m glad she did. We could end this right here. Sovereign Syre stripping down and teasing while looking straight through the camera lens directly into the viewers soul with those amazing eyes. Bloody fucking hell. Anyway, Derrick Pierce helps her out of the water and caresses her tits from behind while nuzzling her neck and ear. They kiss and end up inside on a couch, kissing. He kisses his way down to her tits and sucks and nibbles on her nipples. She turns around and gets on all fours and he licks her ass while fingering her from behind. She leans over the back of the couch and he lays backward underneath her, giving her a lick. They meet for a kiss and he stands so she can give him a suck. He sits on the couch and she gets on top facing him. She bounces and gasps and he pumps into her causing her ass to shake in a vision of pure beauty. She goes down to give him another suck while he rubs her out. He lays her down on the couch and pounds into her while keeping amazing eye contact. She rolls over and gets on all fours and he goes at her from behind. She goes to her knees for a quick suck and then its back to the couch on her hands and knees for some more doggy. She gets back to the floor on her knees and he delivers a load to her mouth.




DVD Details

Release Date: August 4th 2014 Running Time: 1:48 Studio: Third Degree


Directed By: @mikequasar

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