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It’s been almost a week since the G-Motion wowed me. The folks at Pipedream were kind enough to send three toys from their high-end WOW line but the other two sat in wait as I recovered from the not-unpleasant bucking bronco that is the G-Motion.

Fear not. My KingpinYogi Bunny, and Tiki kept me in good company. And actually, I was ready to be WOWed again last night, but my husband apparently blanked on my method of sex toy organization.


I may have to draw him a map. Anyway, tonight I unearthed my misplaced Power Wand, enlisted my Bodywand Aqua for clitoral whatnots, and prepared to be WOWed again.

The Power Wand is pretty. As you may have noticed, I have a thing for attractive toys. Its 4.3″ insertable shaft widens gradually and at its base sits a cute knob of a handle. If I’d never seen the packaging and didn’t know the power button was on that bulb, I’d hold it upside-down and misuse it as a g-spot toy.

power wand

Having not only seen the packaging but scrutinized the back of the box, I knew the Power Wand was “cleverly designed,” would “change [my] perception of pleasure,” and was meant to be enjoyed bulb end out.

So that’s how I positioned it. And it was nice. Encased in premium silicone, it’s smooth and comfortable. It’s quite rigid, but that’s a plus when you’re aiming to “hit just the right spot” as the box claimed it’d do. The thing was, it didn’t hit the spot. I cycled through all three levels of steady vibration, and while each was better than the last, no spot was hit. I put a pillow under my hips, my surefire way of reaching the spot, but still the spot and the Power Wand felt miles apart.

“The other functions,” I thought. “I’ll try the other functions!” But, as usual, the additional seven levels of pulsation did nothing for me.

I definitely could have climaxed using the Power Wand this way. It would have been no problem and it would have been lovely. But it wouldn’t have been mind-blowing, and mind-blowing is kind of my thing.

I decided to try it clitorally, and that’s where I had my ah-ha moment. At its widest, the Power Wand is 1.5 inches. That’s a pretty perfect width for broad external coverage. It nestles nicely inside the labia and provides all over stimulation for the clit. It reminds me of the Lelo Mona.

I even more definitely could have climaxed there, but I began wondering how else I might use it. I turned it upside down and tried it handle side in. It finally hit the spot, but because the vibrations resonate from the shaft, there are other toys better suited for that job.

With seconds left on the clock, I switched my entire line up. Bodywand Aqua got benched as I slid the WOW Power Wand into clitoral position. I called my Realistic Cock in from the sidelines. It didn’t take long for our team to win.

I like the WOW Power Wand. I like him a lot. I store my toys like I store my liquor–the elite live in the top drawer and the will-do-in-a-pinch quickies hang out on the bottom. I confidentally placed the Power Wand in the middle. We’ll hang out again, and again it will be fun, but he doesn’t make my top ten.

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