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Dual Density, Harness Compatible, Eco-Friendly, Dishwasher Safe, Vibrates

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Intensity 5.1
Quietness 10
Uniqueness 5
Orgasmability 10

You know Tantus. They’re the ones who joined me on my anniversary get-a-way. They also delivered unto me my favorite tag team duo and in between we did some butt stuff. They’re basically the ones who put the satin on my panties.

They’re also the geniuses behind The Duchess, my life’s latest leading lady. (Forgive my enthusiasm–I’m still basking in lingering afterglow.)

The Duchess is one of the latest in Tantus’ O2 Dual Density line. What’s dual density, you ask? I’ll get to that after we discuss her all important looks. (Pictured below with the iBullet, who was good enough to accompany us.)

duchess and ibullet

At her widest, The Duchess is 1.8 inches in diameter–a little larger than my average toy, but certainly not oversized by toy standards. She’s available in pink and blue, otherwise known as “candy” and “ice,” colors so appealing I kind of want to collect them both. And photograph them in flower beds and snowstorms. And rub them on my face. And put them in my vagina.

So, right, dual density. Tantus O2 Dual Density toys feature a firm inner core inside of a super-soft, flexible outer layer. All Tantus products are constructed of their own superior silicone and are honestly some of the smoothest, most luxurious toys I’ve felt. While I treasure the realistic ridges of Rafael and Rashad, the fact that The Duchess is non-realistic allows an unsurpassed smoothness.

The Duchess vibrates, if you want her to. Her flared, harness compatible base accommodates a bullet vibe, and one is included with the toy. It’s only one speed, but it’s powerful and waterproof, and if you prefer more options, it’s easy to switch out. She also accommodates a Tantus suction cup base for frolicking against your shower wall and she’s dishwasher safe!

I’ll admit, it took a minute and some Sliquid, for me to accommodate that head. When it slipped in, I had a Mio moment. Unlike with Mio, I was almost afraid to draw the Duchess out completely and for a while just enjoyed the fullness and the smoothness and the opportunity to imagine inevitably well hung football players. When I finally did work up the courage to take her out, she was easy and enjoyable to reinsert.

Tantus suggests that The Duchess’s head is great for g-spot or prostate stimulation. I tend to disagree. (What?! It’s crazy! I disagreed with Tantus!) The head helps, but if g-spot stimulation is your goal, buy a toy with a curve. Otherwise, you’ll be stacking pillows under your hips and forcing The Duchess to bend with your body which, by the way, she could and would do. That dual density thing is no joke. The Duchess has that perfect combination of flexibility and firmness.

Likewise, if intense vibrations are your thing, you may want to look elsewhere. The Tantus bullet is a great one and the vibrations are evident and enjoyable, but even the best bullet buried in premium silicone isn’t going to feel like much near the head.

The real selling point of a Tantus toy is its material. Their silicone is as high end as it gets, and the difference is easy to feel. The Duchess is sure to become my go to toy on nights I want to feel pampered… and girth.

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