“4k Step Mom Welcomes Son Home” – Tattooed Hottie Kiera Stone

Inked Babe Kiera Stone Wants You To Stroke It!

Cast: Kiera Stone

Resolution: 4096×2160 HD

Length: 15:23

Category: Solo

Costs: $14.99

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Tattooed Hottie Kiera Stone Naked


“You are home on break from college. I notice that you have become more of a man. I am going to freshen up while you settle in. I catch you spying on me as I undress. I’m a little shy and flustered that you watched me naked. I confess that I have thought about it before. Maybe I should just watch you stroke it? I encourage you but that isn’t enough for me, I need more. I want you to cum in my pussy and beg for you to fill my pussy up!”

– Kiera Stone


So what did you think of last week’s review of “One More Night” starring inked babe Aria Khaide?  We thought it was pretty hot, giving it 9 out of 10 stars!  Now for this week’s clip review of “4K Step Mom Welcomes Son Home” from tattooed hottie Kiera Stone!  Ms. Stone recently won the “Best Dirty Talker” award at the 2019 Ero Awards, so I’m ready and willing to test out her skills with this clip review!

The scene starts off with Kiera making the bed, that’s when she notices you, her son, well her step-son!  She starts off with some small talk, about you coming home from college and “broader shoulders.”  Talking about how she’s been going to the gym and not wanting to be “one of those Mom’s that let themselves go!”  That’s when she pulls the old, “I’m going to go and freshen up” routine.  The scene cuts to her entering the bathroom and she starts removing her clothes and showing off her back tattoo.  First off is the dress and before you know it she standing there in some sexy ass panties, that would confuse the fuck out of me if I were trying to put them on.  You’ll have to watch the video to see what I mean.  She takes a second to enjoy herself in the mirror, I guess when you’re that hot that’s a thing you do, I know I would?  And then the panties come off and for some reason, I really enjoy watching women take their panties off from behind!  Something about this tattooed babe, revealing her peach from behind I find sexy as hell!  She messes with her hair for a second before noticing you watching her.  She tries to take cover behind the door but you start complimenting her on her body, getting her all flustered.  Then she suggests “watching you stroke it” and wants to go back to your room with your bulge.  The scene goes back to your bedroom where she asks to see your bulge!  She says “you’re much bigger than your father!”  That’s when she starts asking you to stroke your “thick cock”!  That’s when she calls you near and asks you to stick your hard cock inside her!  It then cuts to her laying back on your bed, playing with her pussy and then she pulls out the dildo!  She starts stuffing herself with it as she continues to talk dirty.  You get approximately 7 minutes of her cramming her muff with her dildo.  In the end, you get to see what appears as cum dripping from her gorgeous pink pussy!

Now that we’ve done the walkthrough of the scene, let’s get the negative out of the way.  I felt like there was good editing to the video but it lacked a title screen.  With so many clip artist out there I just feel like the performers, when able to, should go the extra mile to make the clip look just a bit polished.  Not too much so it looks like a studio clip, there’s something about the amateur clips that the big studios just can’t capture.  Nothing against the studios, some people prefer the polished look, where I prefer the amateur.  The opening scene could have been a bit shorter, felt like it dragged on a little.  But really overall, not much to complain about.

Just an FYI, in case you didn’t realize it from the walkthrough, the clip is more of a masturbation/JOI/ POV.  In my opinion, that’s a triple threat, and Kiera proves in this video why she won the “Best Dirty Talker” award.  I won’t lie, she made my pants start moving!  I think she has a gorgeous body, a pretty snatch, and knows what guys like to hear when spanking their monkey!  The video is shot in 4K so it’s very clear and the audio is top-notch!  I’m very curious to see how she’d do with a BJ!  I bet her stunning eyes look hot when she’s swallowing your cock!  But I’ll have to save that for another review!

Overall, I think this was a really good clip!  Definitely something I think guys could spill their loads too!  Keeping in mind the negatives and positives, I give this clip an 8 out of 10 stars!  I recommend buying it and think you’ll enjoy it over and over again!  Thank you for reading Inked Angels’ review of “4K Step Mom Welcomes Son Home” by tattooed hottie Kiera Stone!

Photos from the Clip

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