Five Finger Death Punch released their latest offering, “Got Your Six” on the 4th September.

I had always dismissed Five Finger Death Punch as a budget Stone Sour, simply because Stone Sour is fronted by Corey Taylor. I’m not a big fan of Stone Sour, either. However, this entire album kept me engaged, and tapping my feet. There is nothing barrier-pushing, or bar-raising, but within the confines of hard rock – if that’s what you want to describe it as – FFDP are nailing it, with every song. It is a solid, unwavering record, packed with stadium pleasers and punchy lyrics.

I retract my statement about them being a budget anything. Ivan Moody can stand shoulders high with the best of the rest. His vocals are a treat for the ears, and I want to try and sing along without bursting my chest.

The opening track, also titled “Got Your Six” is a great way to start the album off; quieting any critics of the last few months, so sure the band would split after the infamous ‘Memphis Meltdown’. It’s a call to arms, with those arms being linked together as a show of strength and companionship. Jeremy Corbyn has just been appointed leader of the political party which I vote for, and I’m pleased about it. I’m listening to this song and thinking about the bright future that my country has, and am very prepared to shout this song in David Cameron’s face, should the occasion present itself.

This album has come rather soon after the one previous, and that says to me that the band must have been working on a lot of material over the last couple of years. It helps when you only have primarily two writers, but writing together, and writing well, shows solidarity. Indeed, the humble and honest way in which they addressed Memphis was applaudable, and I only wish more bands feel as though they can do the same.

“No Sudden Movement” is another favourite, it radiates emotion and forces attitude on you. I love it.

I first listen to “Digging My Own Grave” whilst the husband plays through a particularly raw and dramatic looking cut scene in Metal Gear Solid V. They fit together almost perfectly. I can hear this track in movie trailers, albeit a little corny and over-sentimental. Maybe that’s why it fits with MGS so well. The trailers for that have always been way over the top.

All in all, I’m impressed by the album, and pleased that the band have managed to change my perception of them. The writing is seamless, and the instrumentation is a more mature sound. If you are already a fan, you will love this. If not, it may not do anything for you, but I urge you to try if you like similar bands. Think Alter Bridge, All That Remains and Avenged Sevenfold. That looks like I’ve just picked the first three in an alphabetical list…..

FFDP Got Your Six Album Cover

Track Listing

1. “Got Your Six”
2. “Jekyll and Hyde”
3. “Wash It All Away”
4. “Ain’t My Last Dance”
5. “My Nemesis”
6. “No Sudden Movement”
7. “Question Everything”
8. “Hell To Pay”
9. “Digging My Own Grave”
10. “Meet My Maker”
11. “Boots and Blood”





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