Album Review: Nonpoint ‘The Return’


Nonpoint released their latest effort “The Return” on September 30th 2014. Nonpoint is a great band that has flown under the radar for far too long. Their new album proves once again that you shold be listening to them. The songs are infectious, the hooks catchy and the grooves will get you moving. I would love the opportunity to see these guys live again (it’s been awhile) as I believe that the tracks on here will come across great on stage. There is an energy on this record, especially tracks like “Breaking Skin” and “Never Ending Hole,” that will have you starting a one man (or girl) mosh pit in your house. I’m telling you, you need to give this album a listen, then go out and pick up all their previous releases as well. You won’t regret it.

nonpoint cover

Track Listing

1. Pins and Needles

2. Breaking Skin

3. Razors

4. Misery

5. The Return

6. Take Apart This World

7. Forcing Hands

8. Goodbye Letters

9. Never Ending Hole

10. Widowmaker

11. Never Cared Before

12. Fuck’d

13. Know Myself




Nonpoint – Breaking Skin

Breaking Skin

Nonpoint – Fuck’d


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