Live Sounds: Wednesday 13 & One-Eyed Doll …And Bloodshed For All Tour 2016

...And Bloodshed For All Tour 2016

On September 16th we made the four hour trek over to Iowa City, Iowa to a little venue called Gabe’s to check out Wednesday 13 and One-Eyed Doll on the …And Bloodshed For All Tour. Let me preface this show write-up by saying I was not impressed by the venue. The show was held upstairs in a room smaller than my apartment. Lighting was minimal at best and there was no air circulation. Don’t get me started on the restrooms either. Needless to say, I have no intentions on returning to this establishment. Let me also say that to their credit, they allow for shows to be all ages up until 10 pm. But, when you book five bands to play, with the first band taking the stage at 6pm, you leave very little time for your headliner to perform. Bad business in my book.

We walked in to the area where the bands would play as the first band was getting ready to go on. Greeted by the stench of beer and body odor, the lack of air flow and the dark atmosphere, we made our way back down stairs for fresh air. We wandered around a bit and sat out front as I had other business to tend to and waited (look for my interviews with Wednesday 13 and One-Eyed Doll coming soon).

We missed the first two bands and came back in during the middle of Open Your Eyes set. A band from Chicago, IL, who I must admit, impressed me by their stage presence and original music. I do regret missing their full set but their last three songs were quite good. They put out a lot of energy and owned the stage. Definitely a band I will check out again.

One-Eyed Doll


Next, was the band we were most excited to see (and the main reason for our voyage), One-Eyed Doll. A two piece powerhouse from Austin, TX and comprised of Kimberly on guitar/ vocals and Junior on drums, One-Eyed Doll brought arguably the greatest live performance I have ever experienced. Their set was cut short due to time constraints, but they didn’t let that hinder their performance. Their live show is a brilliant extension of the albums, coming off as a living work of art. Almost vaudevillian in it’s delivery, full of audience participation and Kimberly’s on stage character, they used their limited time on stage wisely. After greeting the audience and introducing herself and Junior, Kimberly playfully introduced the first song and fantastically opened the set with a spirited rendition of the fan favorite “Committed” (with Kimberly making her way into the crowd to writhe on the floor by our feet) and a rocking “Break.” Kimberly again addresses the crowd to introduce a Halloween version of “Be My Friend,” complete with ‘trick or treat’ chanting and hand gestures. It was during this song that their driver/roadie (I think that is his role, if not I apologize) came on stage dressed as Michael Myers and tossed candy out into the crowd. Kimberly informs the audience of the short set and having to cut songs from the list and gives the crowd the option between two songs. The crowd choose “You’re a Vampire” as opposed to “Plumes of Death,” and the band obliged. Again sticking it to the venue with a mention of the short set and cut songs, gave “Plumes” one more shot, but the crowd chose “Fight.” I was hoping to get “Plumes” anyway, as it is one of my favorite tracks but the crowd spoke and the band delivered. “Fight” rocked hard and One-Eyed Doll gave us an extra treat by working part of “Monster” into the ending with Kimberly again finding herself on the floor by our feet. So to sum up the set list, we had: Committed, Break, Be My Friend, You’re a Vampire, Fight>Monster. Technically five and a half songs that still added up to one of the greatest live performances I have ever seen. I would have liked to have heard a track or two off of their latest album Witches, as I feel that record is a true work of art and an aural masterpiece, but was quite content with the selections received. Trust me, the next time One-Eyed Doll is close by, I WILL be at that show. I truly cannot wait to see them play again.

Wednesday 13


After a break for soundcheck (did I mention that the bands had to do soundcheck before their performances…I checked my phone during and it was 9:04. They have to end the show by 10…) we finally get to see our headliner. Wednesday 13’s band took the stage during the intro track to the Monsters Of The Universe album, “The Fall Of All.” Wednesday enters wearing black face paint and a hood jumping right into a rocking “Keep Watching The Skies.” The crowd erupted into a frenzied sing-a-long session all but drowning Wednesday out. After the song he yelled at the sound guy to turn his monitor up. Wednesday donned a mask of himself on the back of his head for the song “Put You Death Mask On” and sang facing the band. This is a spectacular visual that has to be experienced to be appreciated. Again Wednesday had to shout to the sound guy to turn nit up. Really, either we were too loud or this sound guy doesn’t know his shit. Moving on to two tracks from his debut solo album, Wednesday tore through “I Want You…Dead” and “The Ghost of Vincent Price,” the latter being a deeper cut that I was overjoyed to see performed live. Taking us back in his catalog Wednesday gave us a chance to bang our heads to a track from his Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 days with “Scary Song” then bringing it back with the opening track to one of my favorite albums (Sketetons) “Scream Baby Scream.” A quick break as “Coming Attractions” plays before going into “The Dixie Dead”as it does on the album. This song brought out the insanity in the crowd as they went into a scream-a-long frenzy resulting in the second beer of the night to be spilled on me. Another track from The Dixie dead album, “Get You Grave On” seems to be where the set would have ended, but given the time constraints, Wednesday announces that they can play two more songs and that’s it. So basically they worked their would be encore into the set and gave us two fan favorites, “I Walked With A Zombie” and “Bad Things.” This didn’t stop the crowd from chanting for more but as the (minimal) house lights came up and the set started to be tore down, we realized just how serious everyone was. One of the girls next to us got one of the setlists from the floor and allowed us to take a picture of it. It was saddening to see the songs that they had scribbled out. A total of six songs were cut from the set.

The show was fantastic as it is anytime Wednesday 13 takes the stage and I encourage anyone to go catch a show on this tour. I just hope for your sake you get to see it at a better venue. One who cares about their patrons and the bands they have performing.


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