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Cute and innocent during the day and down and dirty at night. Before porn, I was just your average girl next door, went to school got my Associated Degree in Science, finished all my pre-med class, got my certification to be an MA and CNA. Unfortunately, I hit a dead-end when I didn’t have the finances to continue school anymore or get a student loan and the only thing to do was save up money and come back. So at the time, I worked in a restaurant as a bartender/server and also in an elder home as a CNA. After 8 months of working both jobs, having no life, and still living paycheck to paycheck I was ready for something different in my life, a new chapter. I got into this business because at the time I finally meet someone who made me realize being dirty in bed was a good thing! Something I had been hiding for so long. He gave me all the confidence in the world to do this and opened up my eyes to a whole new me and let me out of my sex shell! So I put my pictures up on a website with dos and don'ts, an agency called, flew out to LA and did my first porn scene in February 2013. In 3 year I've learned a lot more about the business and most importantly about my self. Porn has opened my eyes to so many opportunities and lifetime experiences that I couldn’t even dream of before. On or off camera I am known for my kind heart and spunky personality! I tend to catch everyone's attention by my piercing blue eyes! Although, there is more to me than what meets the eye! At first, I may come off as shy and timid but once you get to know me I'm a really down to earth kind of girl with a bubbly personality! But once the camera starts rolling, its game on, the sexual beast in me comes out! I've been told on set that I bring a lot of energy to the room and have an easy-going attitude to work with! On camera, I am known best know for my eagerness to please, positive attitude, and enthusiasm toward any kind of sex! I am a natural when it comes to selling it to the camera! On multiple occasions, I’ve been told by the male talent that “they didn’t see it coming” because I’m so two-sided. In other words “a lady on the street and a freak in the sheets”. Behind the camera, I am a huge animal lover! I have two dogs of my own, Rupert and Payton! Rupert is a 6-year-old German Shepard chow mix and Payton is a 5-year-old Beagle! These boys and my pride in joy! I love to go on runs with them throughout the day to get some cardio in and spend some time with them! Besides cardio, I also enjoy working out at the gym as well! I believe I have a mild case of OCD, so I tend to clean and organize anything on my downtime! But when everything is clean and organized love to turn on some music, go for a drive and take as many pictures as I can! Photography is a huge hobby of mine! I enjoy all kinds of art from paintings to sculptures! Art is very unique and has a different message for everyone! If I'm not organizing or taking pictures I love to watch movies/tv and video play games! I have a weird addiction to peanut butter, it is my go-to snack! I probably go through a jar a week! On another note, I consider my self to have an amazing work ethic! I started working when I was 15 1/2 in a pizza place and when I turned 16 got a job at a burger restaurant! I worked my way up in the business from hospitality, busier, expediter, all the way up to server/bartender. With the right discipline and drive, I saved up every little penny from the tooth fairy and bought my very own home at the age of 20! Now that house is my rental property and I moved to Los Angeles in February 2015! I believe I got my determination and drive from my family and friends! Besides my mother, I am an only girl in a house of 4 boys including my dad! I have two older brothers and one younger brother! I have watched my friends and family go through many trials and errors, each one of them I've learned from! I'm the type of person who not only learns from my own mistakes but from others! And none of them is a mistake but its a lesson learned and a chaptered turned! This is why I am here today! I opened a new chapter in my life.


Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlond
Weight110 lbs
Date of BirthFebruary 23, 1990
TattoosLarge Pisces left flank; Stars right hip.




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