About Peachhes

Hey! I'm Peachhes, I'm from London in the UK.


Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorRed
Weight126 lbs
Date of BirthNovember 19, 1992
TattoosI have a swan backpeice, loyalty and devotion on the backs of my thighs, a japanese dragon on my right thigh, a teacup pig on my ankle, a compass on my right foot, pendant with a sinking ship on my left, walk tall on my toes, a spider on my knee, a heart padlock and purple roses on my lower stomach, 'home is where the heart is' across my ribs, two magpies and a lantern on my chest, a peacock feather on my left inner arm and sleeve full of flowers a skull and a women holding a fan, a butterfly on my right hand and my sons initials on my thumb and finallllyyy I have a peonie on my neck and a pair of scissors behind my ear. wooow that was long haha!
PiercingsMedusa, septum, naval and earlobes.