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A Theatre Major/Music minor, I am simply not content unless I am expressing myself. I've also always been a very sexual being, so I thought i could put the two passions together! While I am still very new to the industry, I have big dreams for myself. I have appeared in TarantinoXXX's porn parody "Porno Things" and will also be playing Hellcat in his Jessica Jones parody with the stunning Draven Starr.


Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorRed
Weight129 lbs
Date of BirthDecember 3, 1986
Tattoos(in order they were attained) 1: Right hip= Meleth (the Elvish word for love) 2) Right wrist= Base clef and upside down Treble clef that form a heart, with the infinity symbol beneath (designed after one of my favorite quotes "Only love and music are forever." 3: Back of neck= two favorite Batman symbols 4: Left wrist= Rocky Horror Lips 5: Left shoulder= Scarecrow 6: Right shoulder: Joker (inspired by the Dark Knight teaser poster) 7: Spine= The three sirens of DC- Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman.
PiercingsJust my ears.



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