Anikka Vol. 2 – Hard X

Anikka Vol. 2 - Hard X

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Anikka Vol.2 – Hard X



Anikka Albrite, Dani Daniels, AJ Applegate, Karlie Montana, Mandingo, Erik Everhard, Mick Blue

What Hard X Tells Us About “Anikka Vol.2

In her first DP! AVN award winning studio, Hard X is proud to present, “Anikka Vol.2.” Anikka Albrite is one of the most beautiful and curvacious big butted superstars ever. For the very 1st time see her perform in her 1st DP scene with Mick Blue and Erik Everhard, alongside her 1st interracial anal with Mandingo. “Anikka Vol.2” is directed by Mason and also features the voluptuous superstars AJ Applegate, Dani Daniels and Karlie Montana. The movie is a visually stunning and unforgettable portrayal of a superstar, featuring lots of BTS and interviews. Enjoy this showcase brought to you by Hard X. – Hard X


The amazing Anikka Albrite stars in her second showcase for Hard X and brings with her a set of firsts. Included here are her first interracial anal and her first DP. Mason is at her camera, directing another Hard X masterpiece. Mason, here shows a true appreciation (obsession?) for Ms.Albrite’s ass. Honestly, who can blame her? We should all be so lucky enough to follow her up a flight of 210 stairs. Which brings me to the interviews and BTS that the back of the box mentions. Folks, I’m not really going to mention them here. You really need to experience them for yourself. They occur between scenes and are definitely worth watching. It is one thing for a performer to be given a showcase (In Anikka’s case, two) and to be able to show her fans many different scenes. It gives said fans a chance to own a disc filled with a favorite performer. It’s another thing to use their showcase to let her fans in on glimpses of her personal life and to be open and honest in talking with the director. I have to admit to being a big fan of Ms.Albrite prior to watching this showcase. Listening to her talk and show emotion for what she does and letting us see her off set, living life, only makes me appreciate her more. Besides the great interviews and BTS we get, the four scenes included on this disc are nothing short of amazing. Each one is captured so well and each one is definitely worth multiple viewings. By the way, who’s idea was it to put Anikka and AJ Applegate together? Sheer brilliance! Seriously folks. I honestly cannot recommend this release to you any more highly. This is a great look at a great performer. If you even remotely consider yourself a fan of Anikka Albrite, after watching this film you will come away longing for her next scene. Another 5 Hard Ons Out Of 5 for director Mason and Hard X. Please; please tell me volume 3 is in the works…

A Walk Through The Scenes

Anikka Albrite (@AnikkaAlbrite), AJ Applegate (@AJApplegateXXX) Manuel Ferrara (@manuelferrara)


We start off watching as Anikka struts around a pool shaking her ass for our viewing enjoyment. She ends up at a wall and gives more of a show, leaning on it and grinding her hips. Now, what’s this? AJ Applegate comes onto the scene wearing matching attire (different color) by the wall and gives her ass a wonderful shake. She walks over to Anikka and they walk off together before stopping to strip each other and dance a bit. They feel on each other and kiss then end up on all fours, ass to ass, and bounce them together. I’m wondering how my screen was able to handle this (and how I didn’t succumb to a heart attack). There is a lot of glorious ass going on here in this opening. Did I mention they get oil squirted on them as they continue to bounce their cheeks together. Oh. My. Gods. This has to be one of the greatest openings to a scene I have seen in a while (how is it that Mason can make me appreciate the oiled up by the pool thing).



The girls are inside kneeling on a couch together when in walks Manuel Ferrara. He reaches around to slap both of their asses as the girls kiss. As Anikka goes to suck on AJ’s nipples he comes around behind to lick Anikka’s ass. He alternates between which ass he wants to lick before sitting down and Anikka straddles his lap. Both girls stand on the couch and grind their asses on either side of his face. He works his pants off and Anikka takes a mouthful while he sucks AJ’s nipples. AJ takes her turn giving him a suck and Anikka sits on his face. AJ faces him as she backs herself down on his lap and he slides his cock into her slit as Anikka licks and fingers her ass. Anikka gets herself up on the arm of the couch and puts her as in AJ face. AJ licks her ass and Manuel fingers her while he is also pumping into AJ. Anikka back herself back onto his face as AJ goes down to give him another suck. Anikka turns to 69 and both girls slurp his cock as he gives Anikka a licking. She gets down onto the couch and spoons with him while she kisses AJ. He pounds into her while squeezing her neck and rubbing her clit. He pops out and puts himself into her backdoor and continues to pound into her as AJ rubs on her clit. AJ brings her ass to Anikka’s face to lick as Manuel thrusts into her ass and rubs her clit. AJ takes him out to give him a suck then Anikka gets on top facing him. She bounces on his dick while kissing AJ. She hops off to suck on him and AJ joins in. Bending over the arm of the couch, AJ gets some backdoor attention from Manuel as Anikka sits on the arm of the couch. AJ licks Anikka’s clit as Manuel pounds into her ass. Manuel sits back and the girls go to either side of him and give him a suck. He wanders off for a minute (?) and AJ lays back and Anikka goes down to lick and finger her. He comes back and gets behind Anikka and slips into her ass. Manuel finds himself back in AJ’s ass while Anikka sits on the arm of the couch again. AJ licks and sucks On her as she continues to take an anal pounding. Anikka climbs over AJ to suck on Manuel then lick AJ’s ass. He starts to alternate between Anikka’s mouth and AJ’s ass before Anikka gets down and rubs AJ’s clit. AJ gets on top for some reverse anal while making out with Anikka. Anikka rubs on her clit. He finds his way into her pussy giving her a few good pumps as AJ rubs herself into a very nice squirt shower. A few more pumps and Anikka helping with the rubbing gets her off again. Anikka goes ass up on the couch and Manuel uses this to his advantage, hovering over her and sliding himself in. Anikka rubs herself out as he fills her backdoor. Manuel lays back on the couch and Anikka lowers her ass on him while AJ puts her ass in his face. He sits and the girls bring their asses together around his dick, moving in unison to cause him to erupt on their asses. They lick him off of each other then grind them together.


Anikka Albrite, Mandingo


In the scene opening, Anikka is walking across the LA river bridge (there were some very lucky drivers that day). There is some very nice scenery behind her of some rooftops (I long to see LA for myself someday). Anyway, I’m not completely sure about all the locations here, but she walks up some stair into the hands of Mandingo. They kiss as he takes handfuls of her ass and she kisses down to his pants. She unzips him and unleashes the monster within. She shows off some amazing oral skills here as she takes him deep into her throat. She spits, sucks and strokes like a true champ, gagging him down. She turns and faces the wall and holds on for dear life as he splits her slit from behind. She drops to her knees to give him another suck before holding the wall again as he slides back in. Taking a seat on the couch, she lays back and he gets his face wet, licking and sucking at her clit. He goes at her in mish while she rubs her clit and gasps. She gets off and he gives her a quick lick then goes at her again for a few more missionary pumps. He works himself slowly into her ass and begins pumping away at her while she gives her self a rub. She gasps and moans as his rod is slid deeper into her ass. He turns her onto her side, puts his hands on the couch and looks to be doing pushups into her. Taking a quick break, she gets on all fours to suck on him before he puts her back on her side and slips right back into her ass. Rolling her back onto her back they go mish again briefly then he puts her on all fours for some anal doggy. He lays down on the couch and Anikka gets on top of him in reverse and bounces her ass up and down on his dick while rubbing herself out. She cries out as she cums hard, but continues to bounce and rub until her moment is complete. She drops down to give him a suck then gets back on for another go round in reverse. Leaning back, she lets him thrust up deep into her ass then turns around to face him. He continues to piston into her as she continues to get off. She hops onto the couch on all fours as her drops his load on her tongue. She turns around and he slides in making her cum one more time. She gives him a very thankful sucking to end this scene.


Anikka Albrite, Dani Daniels (@MissDaniDaniels), Karlie Montana (@Karliemontana)


Anikka is in what appears to be a work out space. She isn’t really working out as much as she is shaking her ass (I’m good with this). As she “works out” we see Dani Daniels across the room checking her out. She catches Anikka’s eye and Dani comes over and they do a little bit of rubbing on each other. Remember the first scene and all that ass? Oh yes, this is just as nice. Now, I ask, how do you top this? Why is that Karlie Montana across the room watching these two? Why, fuck yes it is. Anikka and Dani check her out and she comes over to join them. The three join together and show the camera what they are working with, and my gods, is it a sight. The girls start to strip each other (not that they were wearing much to begin with) and join together to show their asses in unison once more.


Finding themselves on a cushion on the floor, the three start to kiss and Dani rubs Anikka while sucking on her tits. Anikka turns and sucks on Karlie while rubbing her clit and Dani licks Anikka from behind. Dani lays on her back to lick Anikka from underneath while Anikka rubs Karlie and they make out. Karlie sits and Anikka licks and fingers her while Dani fingers Anikka and sucks her toes. Karlie gets off and moves to all fours while Dani licks her ass and fingers her from behind. Anikka lays underneath Dani and gives her a licking. Dani folds Anikka in half and slide her fingers inside while Karlie grabs a hitachi and holds it against Anikka’s clit. Dani gets on top of Anikka for some scissor style tribbing and Karlie sits on her face. Dani grabs the wand and puts it between her and Anikka. Tossing it aside, Dani bucks wildly against Anikka as Karlie continues grinding on her face. Dani lifts herself up and Anikka Finger fucks her while Karlie holds the wand. Dani drags Karlie to her back and goes face first between her legs while Anikka continues to finger Dani. Anikka moves and rides Karlie’s face before moving down and helping Dani to lick her. Anikka crawls up Karlie to kiss her and Dani brings out a glass toy and the wand. Holding the wand to Anikka’s clit, Dani slides the glass into her ass while Karlie helps. Dani lays back as a purple vibe is brought out and slid into her slit. Anikka gets on Dani’s face as Karlie goes for the scissor wand combo with Dani. Anikka is put on all fours and the glass toy put in her ass by Karlie and the purple vibe into her slit by Dani. Rolling her over, the purple is slid into her ass and the glass in her pussy by Karlie as Dani holds the wand to her clit. Anikka is brought to a screaming orgasm. Dani and Karlie trib against Anikka’s legs as she toys herself with the glass. All three girls come together in a three way tonging kiss. Honestly folks, I feel as though I may not have done this scene justice and captured it adequately in words. Watch this for yourself. It is the only way to truly comprehend the magic here.


Anikka Albrite, Erik Everhard (@ERIK_EVERHARD), Mick Blue (@MickBluexxx)


Anikka walks inside to find Mick Blue. They kiss as he gropes her, sliding a hand between her legs and giving her a quick rub down. He bends her over a wall and gives her ass a lick before sliding his cock into her ass. He gives her a quick yet ferocious fuck, getting her off before she goes down to give him a suck. He takes his shirt off and ties it around her head. He gives her another rubbing as Erik Everhard walks out. She kisses him as her rubs her out and she holds a dick in each hand. She is brought to her knees as takes Erik in her mouth and then Mick. She takes turns with who she sucks and who she strokes as Erik reaches down and gives her a rub. She turns her attention to Erik as Mick gets on his knees to rub on her then enter her from behind. He pounds into her as she continues sucking on Erik. They lead her to a couch and Erik takes a seat. Anikka backs herself onto him as he slides his cock into her ass. He rubs her clit as he pumps into her. Mick decides to join in on the fun and slips himself into her slit. Two of her holes stuffed, she rubs herself while gasping and panting. I believe there may be some blissful crying in there as well. Mick moves briefly to fill her face before taking his place back in her snatch. They let her up and she gets on all fours over Erik and gives him a suck while Mick takes another turn at her ass, She gets back on top of Erik, facing him this time and he slides into her slit. Mick, not to be left out, climbs up and slips back into her ass. She gets off and goes down to suck on Erik and Mick hovers over her and takes his place back in her ass. Erik lifts her back on top of him and gives her a quick fast fucking before Mick comes back and dips into her ass again. Mick disappears again leaving Anikka to ride Erik. She bucks and grinds before Mick grabs a hold of her and bends her backwards. Erik continues to pump her pussy and rub her clit as Mick feeds Anikka his dick. They let her up and she dives right down to Erik’s dick, giving him a good sucking before laying next to him. Erik spoons himself into her ass and Mick takes a stab at her slit. He brings her his cock for a taste then leaves Erik to get her off. Mick lays down on the couch and Anikka give him a quick suck before getting herself on top in reverse. He slides himself into her ass while she rubs her clit and Erik comes in and pumps into her pussy. As the guys pound into her she gives herself a rub and gets off. She goes down to suck on Mick and Erik comes up behind her and slides into her slit, pumping away as she swallows Mick’s cock. She gets back on top of Mick as he fills her pussy and Erik goes for her backdoor. She gets off again, this time bringing herself to near tears in ecstasy. They continue pumping into her, once again bringing her to a crying climax. Erik moves and Mick flips her onto her back and gives her an intense missionary pounding before slipping into her ass and rubbing her clit until she screams. Erik bends her in half and give her a rub down . Erik sits and Anikka gets on top facing him. He gets into her snatch and lifts her up. As she holds on, bouncing on his dick, Mick comes up behind to get inside her ass. She gets off in a screaming orgasm as they bounce her trembling body. Mick backs away and pulls her down to suck on him while Erik continues to hold her onto his dick. He lifts her back up and goes back to her ass briefly. Erik lays on the couch and Anikka gets on top in reverse. He penetrates her ass and Mick comes in to fill her slit. The pump into her ecstatic screaming body as she gets off more than once. They bring her to the floor and Mick is the first to pop off on her face and mouth. Erik is not far behind leaving his load on her face and mouth. Mick pulls her back to the couch and lay down putting her on top of him. He slips into her snatch and Erik fills her ass and the bring her one more time to a screaming climax.




DVD Details

Release Date: October 14th 2014 Running Time: 3:12 Studio: Hard X


Directed By: Mason

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Anikka Vol. 2 - Hard X

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