“Ass Worship and JOI 4” – Siren SaintSin

Tattooed hottie Siren SaintSin Gives You A "Helping Hand"

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Siren SaintSin Tattooed Babe Titties


“It’s been so long since you’ve had the opportunity to worship my ass and jerk off to it. The sumptuous thickness of my MILF ass in your face just begging to be devoured by you. But, will I let you cum?”

– Siren SaintSin


Now that we’ve got three tattooed clip reviews under our belt I’m feeling more like a veteran clip reviewer than a rookie.  Last week we had Veronika Rose and her clip, “When Darth Bangin Fucks Dorothy POV,” and this week we have the gorgeous tattooed hottie, Siren SaintSin, and her clip, “Ass Worship and JOI 4.”  I think her name is very fitting!  I want to make it clear to everyone that this is the first time I’ve watched an Ass Worship or JOI video.  I’m not sure what to expect!  This “sensual, sadistic, FemDom” wants you to worship her ass and gives you JOI (Jerk Off Instructions), what more could you ask for?  Well, we’ll take a look at the clip and let you know, so keep reading!

“I think you’re ready to worship some ass,” says inked babe, Siren, to lead off the clip!  She’s naked and on all fours to start things off but that’s when things took a turn for the worse (for my boner)!  Siren turns around and starts flashing her bare pussy and ass at you as she talks, in a sexy way that’s getting me turned on, about ass worshipping.  OMG, I almost lose it when she starts rubbing her sexy twat and then a little further along she requests that you “put it in her asshole” before playing with her starfish!  “Cum on my ass!,” she says and forget it, I’m done!  The video includes a lot of ass wagging, finger blasting, and dirty talking from sexy MILF Siren!

So, as usual, let’s get the negative out of the way.  Really the only complaint I’d have, and it’s kind of really nitpicking, but the larger “Siren SaintSin” writing on the bottom of the left screen is a bit overkill and takes up too much space.  I guess the only other thing would be a loud noise of what sounded like a truck or vehicles outside her recording space.  What?  I told you, I was nitpicking!

Now for the positive.  I really, really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to catch the next ass worship/JOI clip to review!  You can tell she took the time arranging the amazing set.  The lighting is almost perfect and she looks amazing!  Her soft, sensual voice makes it even harder to hold on to your load as she flashes her sexy ass and pussy or while her gorgeous titties hang free!  From asking you to jerk your cock, to wanting you to worship her ass, to asking for you to empty your load on her ass, this clip will have you spilling your seed all over!  If you can last longer than the running time of 10 minutes and 19 seconds, without stopping, then one of these adult talent agencies need to sign you immediately!

With all that in mind,  I’ll give “Ass Worship and JOI 4” by tattooed hottie, Siren SaintSin, a 9 out of 10 stars!  The traffic noise in the background dropped this video a half a star for me but if you can ignore it then maybe you’re looking at a 9.5 out of 10 stars, but we have to give it the 9.  I think this video would be enjoyed by any guy looking to bust a nut and I highly recommend checking it out!  You can find the video on the ManyVids platform!

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