Album Review: August Burns Red ‘Rescue & Restore’

August Burns Red

Admittedly, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve filled my ear drums with something as heavy as the newest August Burns Red album and after the first listen I wasn’t sure if I could accurately review it. But, being the determined Aries that I am, I listened to it over and over again. I have to say, the album grew on me and helped remind me why I loved metal so much in the first place.

Now, pounding drum beats and growling vocals are standard with any metal-core band. However, without passion to back up their vocals and instruments, they’re just another metal band. August Burns Red’s new album is all that and more with healthy doses of passion, determination and drive. They aren’t your average metal-core band and after a decade of existence, they’ve only managed to put a cherry (cherries are totallys metals) atop their success with Rescue and Restore.

So what can you expect to hear when you press play and crank the volume to 11? Rescue and Restore has everything you could want: fast drums, heart-stopping bass and grinding guitar riffs with smatterings of string instruments and even some trumpets. Speaking in technical terms, the sound itself is well-balanced, and the vocals are clear and direct while being complimented but not overpowered by the instruments. The album starts off with a track that hits you square between the eyes, grabs you by the ears and holds on tight. And trust me, you’ll like how it feels. After 5 tracks of relentless roaring and heart-wrenching lyrics, Creative Captivity takes the speed down just a tiny bit but isn’t any less impressive or worthy of appreciation. Every good metal album has a metal ballad or two on it and this track absolutely fits the bill, and to be honest, out of all 11 tracks, it’s my favorite. The rest of the album continues to more than tow the line and keep you hooked until the last note fades out. I’m guessing that like me, you’ll want to hit repeat and start the ride all over again.

What’re you waiting for?! Rescue and Restore was just released on 6/25, so go to their website (, or iTunes and buy your copy today!

Rescue & Restore

Track Listing
1. “Provision”
2. “Treatment”
3. “Spirit Breaker”
4. “Count It All as Lost”
5. “Sincerity”
6. “Creative Captivity”
7. “Fault Line”
8. “Beauty in Tragedy”
9. “Animals”
10. “Echoes”
11. “The First Step”


August Burns Red – Fault Line
Fault Line

August Burns Red – Spirit Breaker
Spirit Breaker

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