Babysitter Diaries 15 – Reality Junkies

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Babysitter Diaries 15 – Reality Junkies



Janice Griffith, Sara Luvv, Bailey Bae, Scarlet Red, Erik Everhard, Mark Wood, John Strong, Will Powers

What Reality Junkies Tells Us About Babysitter Diaries 15

Janice likes to practice yoga while babysitting, and John likes to practice checking her out. Bailey isn’t that great at babysitting, but she makes up for that with her hot body. Erik is going through a divorce, and Sara knows that this is her time to score some hot action! Scarlet would rather fuck than babysit, so she invites her boyfriend over to satisfy her needs. – Reality Junkies


I gotta be honest and tell you that this was the first film I have watched from Reality Junkies. Their emphasis is on real situation, here being the babysitter cliché. To me it still seemed like a typical porn scenario, but the gods be damned if this wasn’t some hot fucking action. Each scene was completely believable and well delivered. The quality was excellent because, well; it was directed by Mike Quasar. This dude definitely knows his shit when it comes to quality. All of the scenes here are enjoyable and worthy of multiple viewings. And this disc, definitely worthy of a spot in your collection. 4 Hard Ons Out Of 5

A Walk Through The Scenes

Sara Luvv (@SaraLuvvXXX), Erik Everhard (@ERIK_EVERHARD)


Sara Luvv is preparing to babysit for Erik Everhard. He gives her some instructions and she flirts with him. After he leaves, she rummages through his drawers until she finds his, well; drawers. She lays on his bed smelling a pile of his shorts and begins to rub on herself. In the midst of getting herself off, Erik comes back in and walks in on the action. The situation goes over smoothly and he sits next to her on the bed. They start to kiss and he lays her down. Continuing to kiss he sneaks a suck on her nipple before diving down between her legs for a taste of her sweet spot. He licks her clit until she gets off. They finish getting each other undressed while he rubs her out and she goes down to suck on him. He rubs while she sucks then they lay down together and make out while he finishes rubbing her out. He rolls up and slides into her slit in mish and gives her a solid fucking. He drops to lick her out again and sends her over the orgasmic edge. She climbs on top of him for a wild cowgirl ride bucking and bouncing on his thrusting cock. She gives him a quick suck the climbs back on in reverse. He pumps into her and rubs her out as she screams in ecstasy. She moves onto all fours and he gives her a quick lick before sliding into her from behind. After an intense doggy session they move into some spooning and Sara plays with her clit. He takes over for her and rubs her out as he fucks into her. He moves back into mish briefly then drops his load on her stomach. Great fucking scene.


Bailey Bae (@BaileyBaeXxX), Mark Wood (@MarkWoodXXX)


Mark Wood comes home and wonders the house looking for the babysitter and his kid. He finds Bailey Bae by the pool. They discuss the situation and she comes on to him. He only puts up a slight fight before taking her in the house where they sit on the couch together and make out. He rubs her through her bikini bottom and sucks on her nipple. She gets onto all fours on the couch and he unties her bottoms and lets them fall. He licks her ass then she rolls onto her back and he licks and sucks on her clit. He gets up and she gets his cock out and gives him a suck. He slides into her for a missionary pounding before sitting down. She gives him a suck then climbs on to bounce on his dick. She gives him another quick suck then gets on all fours on the couch. He gets at her from behind before she gets back on top of him in reverse. She bounces on his dick and he rubs her clit. They roll for some spooning then she gets on her knees to receive his load on her face and mouth.


Janice Griffith (@thejanicexxx), John Strong (@JohnnStrong)


On her way to yoga class Janice Griffith stops at John Strong’s place to watch his kid. She does yoga in his living room (since she couldn’t go to class) and John watches her through the window (we get to watch too; lucky us). John makes a quick call, canceling his plans. He comes back inside and talks Janice into showing him some of her moves. After watching a bit he comes on to her and she sits on the couch next to him. They feel each other up and she grinds on him a bit. He takes her top off and sucks on her nipples before stripping her down completely and gives her a quick rub. He pulls his pants of and she takes a mouthful of his dick and gives him a suck. She gets onto the couch on her back and he gives her clit a lick then slides into her slit for some mish. She get up onto all fours and he takes her from behind pounding into her tiny body. He takes a seat and she gets on top for some cowgirl, letting him pump into her from below. She goes down to give him a suck then gets on top in reverse and rubs her clit as she bounces on his dick. He lays her down for a bit more mish then shoots off on her mouth and chin.


Scarlet Red (@ScarletRedXXX), Will Powers (@Will_Powers)


Scarlet Red gets the low down from the dad about his kid and all that. He leaves and Scarlet makes a call, strips down to her panties and runs outside to lay by the pool. Will Powers comes over looking for her and finds her outside. They talk about the house and it’s owner before heading inside to make better use of their time. They get on the bed and they kiss a bit and he sucks her nipples before laying her down. He pulls off her panties and licks her clit before she rolls over. He gives her a good licking from behind before sliding his dick into her. She turns around to give him a deep suck before they lay down to spoon. She rubs her clit as her plows into her. She gives him another suck then crawls on top. She bounces on his cock as he pumps her. She sucks him again then finds her way back on top, this time in reverse. She takes a good dicking before laying back for some mish. He thumbs her clit as he thrusts and she screams out in euphoric bliss. He stands over her and she sits up to catch his load on her mouth and face.




DVD Details

Release Date: December 18th 2014 Running Time: 2:00 Studio: Reality Junkies


Directed By: @mikequasar

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