“Bangin Brunette Sucks Off Her Tinder Date” – Ashley Hunt

Inked Babe Ashley Hunt Gives Happy Ending to Tinder Date!

Cast: Ashley Hunt, Unknown

Resolution: Unknown

Length: 7:14

Category: BJ

Costs: $10/Subscription

Where You Can Buy: OnlyFans

Inked Babe Ashley Hunt Nude


“Beautiful tattooed brunette meets tinder date and gives him a BJ he won’t forget. Watch 7 mins in POV BJ heaven with Ashley Hunt. Would you cum back for more?”

– Ashley Hunt


So what did you guys (and gals) think of last weeks clip review of “Ass Worship and JOI 4” by tattooed goddess Siren SaintSin?  Well this week we have a newcomer, inked babe Ashley Hunt, and she’s ready to take the adult industry by storm!  She’s starting off by testing her oral skills on her Tinder date, what a lucky guy!

Ok, so the clip starts with inked babe, Ashley Hunt, already naked and removing the boxers from her Tinder date.  Immediately Ashley starts engulfing his cock with her mouth.  Smiles, she’s all smiles as she finishes taking off his boxers.  The way she grabs his dick and shoves it down her throat is pretty on point and sex as hell.  The BJ “sounds,” you know the slobbery sounds I’m talking about, are there and her eye contact is of a seasoned pornstar.  Her BJ technique, the use of her hand and mouth together, are like a well oiled machine working together to drain him of his cum.  Then he says “I’m gonna cum, keep going!” and she does, like she’s sucking the proverbial “golf ball through a hose.”  He nuts in her mouth and the video comes to a (happy) end.

As usual, we’ll start with my negative points of the scene.  There really isn’t much negative here, one of the things I would have liked to have seen is a little more build up at the beginning.  Since Ashley’s already naked when the scene starts, we miss out on her “striptease.”

Now for the positives, which there are a several!  I liked how the clip felt spontaneous and genuine.  It really felt like, and maybe it was, some lucky guy at the end of a date getting his knob polished.  Hey guys, don’t comment below and tell me you don’t wish that was you!  Her oral skills are amazing, she has no issue with him jizzing in her mouth, and she’s all smiles throughout the entire clip, when she doesn’t have the dick in her mouth of course! 

This isn’t a “big production” clip, as far as clips go, it’s not meant to be so I’m considering that when doing this review.  The clip was meant to be spontaneous and unplanned, no time to set up lights and other professional type gear.  With keeping in mind the negatives and positives, I confidently give this clip 8 out of 10 stars!

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Photos from the Clip