Becoming An Inked Angels’ “Fresh Ink” Girl

Becoming An Inked Angels’ “Fresh Ink” Girl

December “Fresh Ink” – Nikki Hearts

The Inked Angels’ “Fresh Ink” monthly column I write has gained a lot of excitement since getting underway and has introduced some awesome girls with ink who are new to the business.

Recently, I have been getting a lot of emails, tweets and dm’s on what it takes to be a “Fresh Ink” girl for Inked Angels. So, I thought I would take a few minutes and let folks know how, and also see some of the young ladies who have been selected.

November “Fresh Ink” – Callie Nicole

To be considered, the girl needs to meet these three requirements.

* Must Have Ink *

* Been In The Business For Less Than A Year *

* Have At Least One Scene Out That Can Be Viewed – Can Be A DVD Or Website Scene *

* Must Be On Twitter *

What I Look For – For over 30 years, and around different aspects of the adult industry, I have had a strong interest in newcomers. It is enjoyable to not only introduce many of them, but to watch them grow into stardom. However, over the years I have learned that just being a good fuck on camera doesn’t make a girl an all-around strong porn girl. It’s a lot more than that and includes being professional, staying positive in public and on the social networks, good communications, not flaking on shoots, as well as many more areas. As I look at my list each month, I select those who are that all-around person in performance and every other aspect in building their career, and are a breath of fresh air as a new girl to the industry.

December “Fresh Ink” – Mabel Angel

Where Do I Find These Girls – It’s amazing how I have come across many of the girls that are selected. Of course, I spend a lot of time searching, and sometimes I find them in their first DVD as I review the title they are in. But, that isn’t the only way I find out about “Fresh Ink” girls. I get many producers, companies, agencies and fans who let me know about a new girl to check out too. I even have some of the new girls make contact with me directly, introducing themselves and asking if I would take a look at them. Some months the list can get pretty big and I have to narrow it down to just 2 – 4 girls.

October “Fresh Ink” – Bliss Dulce

How You Can Be Part Of Inked Angels’ “Fresh Ink” – If you are a fan, director, producer, company, public relations representative or even a new girl with ink, let me know, because I would love to take a look. All you have to do is drop me an email at or tweet me on Twitter. @BillTheHobbyist

To wrap up, and show you who that all-around “Fresh Ink” girl is, just take a look at the girls who have been selected for the last three month’s for Inked Angels’ “Fresh Ink”.

December “Fresh Ink” – Cameron Canada

Inked Angels’ October’s “Fresh Ink” – Pocahontas Jones & Bliss Dulce

Inked Angels’ November “Fresh Ink” – Callie Nicole and Laura Loxxx

Inked Angels’ December “Fresh Ink”

Mabel Angel, Nikki Hearts, Cameron Canada and Ashleigh Madisin

Column By: Bill The Hobbyist

Twitter: @BillTheHobbyist


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