Bonnie Rotten Talks to Alison of Taboo


A couple of years ago I heard that a gang bang DVD was about to drop featuring a heavily tattooed 19 year old, Bonnie Rotten. I didn’t think much of it until I saw the cover. My first thought then was “this girl is ACTUALLY heavily tattooed. She’s not an otherwise blank canvas with one Japanese sleeve or a smattering of bangers. My second thought was, “Holy shit, she’s also actually gorgeous.”

Of course, I still didn’t expect the gang bang would be all that good. In my porn watching experience, most young girls who sign on for extreme scenes either become listless twenty minutes in or are so “medicated” from the jump the whole experience is more depressing than arousing.

Bonnie blew my preconceived notions away. Her energy was boundless and her enthusiasm contagious. I added her new releases to my “must stock” list and was excited when Pipedream introduced a line of Bonnie Rotten toys. I was even more excited when she visited Richmond and asked to tour Taboo.


In person, some porn stars look exactly as they do in photos and videos. Many force you to recognize the wonders of Photoshop. A select few manage to somehow be hotter, and that’s the category into which Bonnie falls. She’s pretty, petite, and, most importantly, a goddamn ray of sunshine. If you haven’t fallen for her yet, get yourself prepared.

Even before the spiderwebs around your nipples (high fives!) you have a really unique look. Tell me about your heritage.
I am Italian polish and German.. I grew up in a small town outside of Cincinnati.

Get ready for the played out question porn stars always get asked. How did you get your start in the adult industry?
LOL… Yeah it definitely is but it adds history so of course it’s a great question. I was a pin-up model when I was 17-18 in the Midwest. I used to work car, motorcycle and horror shows. Then got started stripping five days after I turned 18. I came out to LA for a magazine shoot and met people in the adult industry, fell in love with it then quickly got started into fetish and bondage, which lead me to hardcore porn!

Get ready for the played out question tattooed girls always get asked. What was your first tattoo?
My zombie on my stomach. I named him Henry. He’s from the Night of the Living Dead: The Beginning comic book!

What’s your next tattoo?
I am working on my back. I am getting a ringmaster on the right shoulder.

Have you found that being heavily tattooed has made being accepted in the adult industry more challenging?
At first it was, but once I started shooting and got my showcases through New Sensations/Digital Sin it really took off and became more acceptable in the industry for a girl to be heavily tattooed.

I see you’re a Raiders fan. I googled, and discovered that this is a football team. As anyone who has heard Score with Alison on Sports Radio knows, I’m a bit of a football expert. What makes the Raiders so great?
Yes, I am a huge raiders fan! I grew up loving the Bengals and had a lot of love for Carson Palmer. The Raiders were such a bad ass team in the 80s and 90s with guys like Marcus Allen and Cliff Branch… and had the rep of being badass… So when I moved to Cali I had to pick a team and I went with the raiders because my boy Palmer played for them at the time.. Once your a Raider you’re always a Raider. RAIDERNATION!

Who’s the hottest player on the team?
I would have to say I always had a crush on one guy but he doesn’t play there anymore. LOL

But is he hotter than Megatron?
Oh yeah.

Your name reminds me of Bonnie and Clyde and the Sex Pistols. It probably has nothing to do with either. How did you choose it?
Well of course there was some inspiration there, but I chose it because I created a zombie pin-up character for a tattoo on my leg and named her Bonnie Rotten. So when I started modeling I took the name.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done?
Sexually? Hmm.. Lol I have done a lot and it definitely depends on the situation! But having sex in the streets of Berlin was pretty epic! Or the beach of Spain!!!!! That was interesting.

Who’s the coolest person you’ve ever done?
I love working with Jesse Jane and Veronica Avluv.

You’re constantly traveling. What are your “must haves” for the road?
Uggs, my iPad, my jam box, and my Raiders blanket!

You can ejaculate like nobody’s business! How did you learn how to squirt? Does it come easily to you now?
I practiced a lot! But Veronica Avluv actually taught me how to squirt, and with time I control it better.

What’s your favorite sex toy?
Hitachi or the Doxy.

So Cape Fear XXX was pretty awesome. What’s it like being a director?
Thank you!!! Being a director is amazing. It is more stressful than showing up getting banged and getting a pay check. There are a lot of responsibilities that I have now that I can’t slip up on.

Is it intimidating directing industry vets like Evan Stone?
It would be if Evan were an asshole! But he’s one of the sweetest funniest guys in the biz! We actually were in South Africa together for an expo this year! He is a pleasure to have on set and never would belittle me or be rude.

Tell me the least dirty thing about you.
I hate shaving my legs. LOL

You’ve been nominated for, and won, a ton of awards! Which meant the most to you and why?
AVN performer of the year in 2014 was definitely very special to me. I invest my heart and soul into this biz and every performance that I’ve ever done. I had a lot to overcome being heavily tattooed so it was a feeling of acceptance.

We hope and expect to see you active in the adult industry for a long time. What’s in store for you in the future? Any long term goals to share?
Well, I have a production company as you know and Elegant Angel distributes my movies… so I want to grow as a director and do more and more challenging things. Also to get amazing sexual acts from talent… that’s important to me!


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Bonnie Rotten Talks to Alison of Taboo

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Bonnie Rotten Talks to Alison of Taboo
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