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Bonnie Rotten's Solo Showdown

Derek Dozer


January 21st 2016

The concept of this film is fantastic! The cast in this film is nothing short of phenomenal. Thank you Bonnie Rotten and Airerose for this fine treat in adult entertainment. This simply has to be one of the most fun films I have ever watched. So what we have here is Bonnie Rotten gathering up a group of some of the most beautiful and gorgeous girls in the industry all to ride a sybian. To start the film off the girls all draw a number out of a hat to determine riding order (Bonnie plays the host and does not perform, just so you know). Now the challenge for them is to ride the stationary vibe the longest and hardest. The other girls have free reign over the riders shuddering body in the form of kissing, groping and fingering. The challenge for us as viewers is to make through the whole film in one sitting without having to stop and clean the screen. With this exceptional cast featuring Cali Carter, Elsa Jean, Sasha Heart, Alice Lighthouse and Jojo Kiss to name a few, I suggest you grab a rag before pressing play.

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Inked Angels 5
Schwing 10
A/V Club 9
Box Appeal 10
Cum Again 10

What Airerose Tells Us About Bonnie Rotten's Solo Showdown

Bonnie’s invited some friends over to fuck her favorite toy! – Airerose


A Walk Through The Scenes

Jennifer White

Jennifer White draws the first spot. After she strips down and mounts the toy, the other girls waste no time getting their hands and lips on her gorgeous body. She bucks and grind and moans beautifully as her body is caressed and she makes out with the other girls.

Piper Perri

Cutie Piper Perri drew the next spot and after stripping down, climbs up for her solo ride. Keeping it playful and laughing and giggling as she rides, she embraces the attention of the girls and kisses back as they caress her petite frame.

Selma Sins

Adorable Selma Sins draws the third position and climbs on with the girls helping her to get her top off. Getting flocked by girls, Selma squeals and whimpers while bouncing on the stationary device. Bonnie even covers her mouth as she unleashes a few piercing screams. A really fun scene.

Alice Lighthouse

Up next, gorgeous inked beauty Alice Lighthouse has a go riding on the toy while being surrounded and groped by her friends. So far I would have to say she takes the prize for riding the hardest. She gives a good performance that is a must see.

Sasha Heart

Sasha Heart drew for next and opt to switch out the rubber cock for the larger one. She rocks hard on the device as the other girls grope, slap and kiss on her. Personally, I love watching Ms.Heart as her energy and personality is unmatched and she gives a great show of her skills here. Fantastic performance!

Elsa Jean

Porn princess Elsa Jean takes her turn and has a bit of a time warming up to the experience. To help her along, the group of girls begin singing ‘ Let It Go’ to her. This lightens the mood and Elsa begins to get into it, laughing and moaning. A very fun scene!

Alessandra Noir

Beautiful Louisiana girl Alessandra Noir climbs up for her turn and instantaneously feels the effects. Moaning and grinding and gasping in ecstasy, she is quickly surrounded by her friends who grope caress and kiss on her. She also moves up in my opinion of riding the hardest and is the only one to squirt so far. A side note, this was my first encounter with Ms.Noir and I really look forward to seeing more of her.

AlessandraNoir _BonnieRottensSoloShowdown.jpg
Cali Carter

Inked beauty Cali Carter, eager for her go on the sybian, strips down and mounts up. The girls swarm her to caress and kiss her as the vibrating cock vibes her to ecstasy. Gasping and moaning she rides hard in one of the longer edited scenes. One can be very thankful of that, as Cali is a great performer and even a solo scene by her is fantastic to watch.

Jojo Kiss

Stunning beauty Jojo Kiss finally gets her turn to ride and within seconds Bonnie joins in to cover her mouth. She screams out as the vibrating cock rocks her and her friends kiss and caress her. This is another wild and intense solo fuck that begs to be seen.

Jessica Malone

Sexy Russian Jessica Malone takes the last turn and wastes no time letting out screams of ecstasy requiring multiple hands to cover her mouth. I gotta admit her accent is sexy as hell as she shrieks in delight. The girls hold her down while rubbing her body and covering her with kisses only causing her to get off harder and louder. Jessica was a great final contestant and definitely closed out the film on a high note!

There is still the wrap up to be seen as they declare the winner. I’ll give nothing away here. You need to go out and get this film and see it all for yourself.


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