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Bound By Desire: Act III A Property Of Love Smash Pictures


Casey Calvert, Natasha Nice, Allie Haze, Alexis Ford & Julia Ann

What Smash Pictures Tells Us About “Bound by Desire: Act III A Property of Love”


Casey (Calvert) and Allie (Haze) have grown comfortable in their new lives of being submissive sex slaves to their dominant husbands (Richie Calhoun & Ryan Driller). Spoiled and given everything they want, they are in a world of kinky delights and deliciously wicked dominatrixes (Julia Ann) and sex toy gimps (Logan Pierce). Casey is given any man she finds sexually appealing (Johnny Castle) as a gift by her husband who lives for seeing her pleasured. Now Casey is confronted with the need to return the favor. Into this BDSM world Casey brings her childhood friend Natasha Nice to be shown why love begins with a spank and a swat”. – Smash Pictures

Once again, Smash Pictures has delivered an awesome movie in their “Bound by Desire” series. The entire format of sex along with the script makes it a perfect movie in every aspect. Not only is the entire cast powerful in their entire performances, but the chemistry in each scene was perfect as well. Director Jim Powers perfectly captures every moment on camera in both the sex and non-sex segments. “Bound by Desire: Act III A Property of Love” has total perfection in every aspect and solidly earns a “Powerful 5 Out Of 5 Hard Ons”. This movie is a keeper and certainly one you will want to own to watch over and over again. “Bound by Desire: Act III A Property of Love” releases on October 17th, so get your copy pre-ordered today.

A Walk Through The Scenes


Natasha Nice (@Missnatashanice)


As Casey and Natasha talk about sub-dom relationships, Casey explains how she wants to give Richie something special. Natasha, surprised by Casey letting her know it is her who she wants to give as the something special to Richie, is unsure and they talk it through until Natasha agrees. A nervous Natasha stands in front of Richie as he commands her to take off her clothes and expose those awesome boobies and nipples. Laying across his lap, she gets her ass spanked, followed by him tying her to the bed post and blindfolding her. After some more spanking and whipping, she begs for him to fuck her. Bent over, he slides his cock deep inside of her and continues spanking. Laying her on her back, he plays with her sweet pussy and follows by orally working her over. While taking it missionary, she plays with her clit and her sounds of pleasure will have you busting your nut all on their own. When Natasha sucks his cock, she takes it nice and deep with stroking and face fucking too. From titty fucking to hard riding in cowgirl, Natasha is awesome in every aspect. With a wide open mouth, she takes his load and sucks his head dry. A fantastic opening scene.


Allie Haze (@alliehaze)


Allie opens with talking about the dom-sub relationship she is in and how she has grown to enjoy every moment of it. We not only get to hear Allie talk about it, but get to watch a very exciting scene as she is dominated too. Ryan ties her hands to the bed, blindfolds her with her shirt and begins working her body from head to toe. Rubbing ice on her awesome nipples while playing with her pussy gets her body and voice responding in total pleasure and begging her master to fuck her. Watching her ride in jockey with that sweet ass will have you grabbing your cock and stroking along. Moving to another shared segment, Ryan again ties her hands. Ryan orally pleasing her pussy had Allie’s body squirming all over the place. Being fucked in missionary had her moans of pleasure enhanced with her body movements and expressions and led to an awesome orgasm. Moving to the tub, Allie delivers a powerful blow job that would bust any guy’s nut in a quick minute. With her lips locked tight and sucking hard, he fills her mouth with cum. Once again, Allie delivers a flawless and powerful scene.


Alexis Ford (@alexisford)


Richie brings home an associate, John, and introduces him to Casey. Letting her know that his former secretary Alexis spoke highly of him, he wants her to also enjoy him. Flashing back to John’s time with Alexis, we find the two romantically making out. As John goes down on her sweet pussy, her squirms and moans were fucking awesome. Orally, Alexis does a great job sucking his cock and working it over. From fantastic missionary with loud sounds to having his cock rammed deep inside her in doggie, Alexis delivers one hell of a fuck. Taking a pounding while being spooned, she ends up with his load coating her great pussy.


Julia Ann (@therealJuliaAnn)


While still talking at the table, Richie goes on to talk about a former lawyer of his, Julia Ann, who enjoyed dominating men. In a flashback, we see Julia Ann whipping her sub while he is blindfolded and bound. Pushing his face into her pussy and awesome boobs then pushing him back, was a hell of a way to tease him, and me too. Letting him finally lick her pussy lips, Julia Ann’s response was strong. Untying his hands, she moves down and sucks his hard cock with lots of teasing with her hands and working his balls. Climbing on cowgirl, she is very vocal as he drives his cock inside of her. With awesome closeups in missionary and being pounded in doggie, you will be busting one nut after another. As he fucks her great tits, he ends up dumping a huge load on her. A great way to bust your nut.


Allie Haze (@alliehaze)


Once done reminiscing about Julia Ann, Richie tells John dinner is served and there lies Natasha and Casey bound and on top of the table. The guys rub ice on their nipples, followed by whipping and leaving them to lie on the table. We then flash to Allie, where again she not only talks about her dom-sub relationship but enjoys watching it too. In the dungeon, Ryan undresses and bounds Allie. Having her suspended, he begins whipping her and you can see and hear the enjoyment Allie is having. While still suspended, he fucks her hard from behind and then we fade to another time when they did it in an upstairs bathroom at one of his client’s houses. There you will enjoy some great doggie fucking. Then they move onto a great bedroom scene where Allie is bound and takes a nice finger fucking and some awesome missionary until her body quivers and she cums. Continuing with a look at all the sex the two have, we see Allie being spooned with great closeups of her sweet pussy. A second orgasm is delivered in missionary and then Ryan cums on her pussy. An awesome segment of scenes.


Casey Calvert (@caseycalvertxxx)


As the time comes for Casey to have her present (John), she is bound outside, ball in mouth and with nipple clamps on as we see John approach her with a whip in his hands. Inside and naked, John orally explores her body and you can easily see and hear the pleasure Casey is enjoying. Licking Casey’s sweet pussy had her wanting even more. As he enters her in missionary, her response was fantastic and she thanks him for the fucking with a powerful blow job that we all would dream of getting from Casey. Slamming her pussy hard on his cock with great views of her ass spread wide, she follows with more slamming in reverse cowgirl. With more pounding in missionary, she delivers a strong orgasm and then takes John’s load in her mouth. Casey delivers a great scene that ends the movie perfectly.






DVD Details

Release Date: October 17, 2013. Running Time: 2:16. Studio: Smash Pictures


Produced By – Dan Quinn


Directed By: Jim Powers (@JimPowersXXX)

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