Breakup Blues – Wicked Pictures

Breakup Blues - Wicked Pictures

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Breakup Blues – Wicked Pictures



Samantha Saint, Carter Cruise, Maddy O’Reilly, Romi Rain, Erik Everhard, James Deen, Will Powers, Xander Corvus

What Wicked Pictures Tells Us About “Breakup Blues”


“Sam, a “lifestyle” newspaper columnist, discovers her wannabe rocker boyfriend is cheating on her and kicks him to the curb. Apprehensive, she slowly decides to get back into the dating game and document her experiences for her column. A blind date and speed dating prove to be disastrous and Sam’s dating future appears to be doomed. Will the break-up blues continue or can Sam snap out of it and find true love?” – Wicked Pictures

For being a romantic comedy porn, this was actually pretty damn good. It had all the right elements,. Good performers who can act as well as they fuck, good lighting, cameras and sound. The story line was a little cliché (it was a romantic comedy, for crying out loud) but followable. The scenes were very hot. Samantha Saint and Xander Corvus start us off in the first scene as a struggling couple. Next up we get the incredible Romi Rain having a go with Mr.Corvus in an affair caught on camera. This is followed by a smoking hot scene with the beautiful Maddy O’Reilly and Erik Everhard. An intense performance by Carter Cruise and Will Powers follows. Last up, is Samantha Saint and James Deen to close out the film. Overall this is a really good film worthy of 3 ½ Hard Ons Out Of 5.

A Walk Through The Scenes

Samantha Saint (@MissSaintXXX), Xander Corvus (@Xcorvus777)


Samantha Saint and Xander Corvus are sitting in his apartment “celebrating” with Hot Pockets and canned champagne. He asks her if she wants to take a bath after dinner (he does have bubble gum scented bubble bath). She suggest something else in the bedroom. He then talks about the fight on pay per view. Again, she has to lead his mind to the obvious. They head off to the bedroom (never eating the meal that he slaved all day in the kitchen making for her). He’s laying on the bed and she asks if he’s ready. He starts looking for the remote to turn on the fight. She walks in wearing a little pink thing and he forgets about the tv.

He pulls her top down and gives her nipples a suck and she gets on the bed. He wastes no time, spreading her legs and putting his mouth and hands to work and rubs one out of her. He lays on his back and Samantha takes a massive face fucking before getting on top to ride him cowgirl. He flips her and takes her mish. He stands at the edge of the bed and she gives him an upside down blowjob while he rubs her clit. He goes back to mish before she gets on top for some reverse cowgirl. He gets behind her for some doggy and fucks her so hard she goes off the bed. That doesn’t stop him though, fucking her with her hands on the floor and knees on the bed. He gets in front of her so she can give him some oral love before getting behind her to spoon. She gets on top and they 69. He cums on her tits and she sucks out the last few drops.


Romi Rain (@Romi_Rain), Xander Corvus


The next morning, Samantha and Xander are getting ready and Samantha asks him where her camera is. He tells her and then leaves for work. She gets the camera and plays the video that’s on it and is shocked. It’s Xander and Romi Rain sitting on a bed…Lets’ watch.

Romi asks him if he was in the band that played. He stumbles his way through not being in two different bands and that he’s a tech geek. She basically shrugs it off and decides to fuck him anyway. She drops to her knees and releases the pressure building in his too tight jeans. She slurps, sucks and gags on his cock before he fucks her tits. She sucks him again then gets on the bed and he gives her some serious doggystyle lovin. She gets on top for some cowgirl and he has her screaming and squirting. They get off the bed and head to a table for some upright fucking. He pushes her to the floor and fucks the hell out of her throat. She puts a leg up on the table and he fucks her from behind. He goes to a chair and she bounces on his lap. She gets on her knees and sucks his prick before getting back on his lap. He pushes her onto the bed and takes her mish then shooting off his cock on her tits and stomach.

Xander comes home and Samantha confronts him about cheating and walks out on him.


Maddy O’Reilly (@MaddyOreillyxxx), Erik Everhard (@ERIK_EVERHARD)


One week later…Samantha is sleeping on Maddy O’Reilly’s couch. Maddy wakes her and tells her her boss called. She calls him back and he threatens her job. Samantha asks Maddy how she met her boyfriend (a blind date, and the twist; he’s blind. Ha ha. Lets move on). Here we are treated to a flash back of what happened after their first date. It starts out pretty funny, actually. I was laughing anyway. I won’t try and relive it, just watch it.

Erik leans in for a kiss and gets her panties off. Smooth for a blind guy. He dives straight between her legs, burying his face and making her moan. She sets him on the bed and gives him the blowjob to end all blowjobs. Seriously, she is worshiping his cock here. The careful, methodical way she strokes and sucks and spits…holy fuck. Watch this shit! She gets on her knees on the bed and he goes at her from behind. He slaps her ass and they lay down to spoon while her rubs her clit. Maddy is really getting into this, moaning and writhing around. She gets on top for some cowgirl then switches to reverse while again getting her clit rubbed. He gets on her for some intense mish into spooning and then creams on her pubes. Ok, Maddy is the embodiment of sex here. Pure and simple. Now, my one beef with this scene (besides its duration), is Mr.Everhard. No offense dude, but no one wants to hear you moaning and groaning. Maddy has one of those voices. She could read the dictionary and get a motherfucker hard. All the dude sounds; total buzzkill. It happens, I know. It is inevitable that we will hear the guy making sounds once in a while; but during the whole scene, dude, no. All I ask is to keep in mind that we watch for her, not the guy.

Now we’re back to the couch, with Maddy and Samantha. Maddy convinces Samantha to let he set her up on a blind date. Enter Tommy Pistol in a fucking hilarious role. I’m telling you, watch this fucking movie. Maddy then convinces her to try speed dating. On her way out she has an awkward run in with the new guy in the building, James Deen, who is moving his stuff in.


Carter Cruise (@CarterCruise), Will Powers (@WillPowers)


At speed dating, Samantha’s first “date” is Will Powers. This goes horribly bad and Samantha leaves. Up walks Carter Cruise to his table. They hit it off from the first question and run off to the bathroom together. They make out and she gets his pants down and inhales his cock. She gets up on the sink and he folds her in half to get a taste of her. She bends over the sink and he takes her from behind. She is facing the mirror and watches herself getting fucked while moaning and screaming. He pulls a bench away from the wall and lays down. Carter gets on top and rides him cowgirl, screaming as he pumps her. She gets back up on the sink and he rock her with some mish. They enter the handicapped stall And he fucks her from behind while she kneels on the toilet. He sits on the toilet and she sits on him for some reverse cowgirl. They leave the stall and she gives him another quick suck and he lays on the floor so she can go cowgirl again. He stands up and his dick erupts all over her face and tits. I gotta tell you folks, every scene that I have watched with Carter Cruise blows me away. She is one performer who takes her role and her career seriously. She is one of the most intense performers I have ever had the pleasure to watch. This scene could seriously be watched alone, outside of this film, and still be amazing.


Samantha Saint, James Deen (@JamesDeen)


Samantha and James Deen run into each other in the hallway and have another conversation, leading to her going into his apartment for a glass of wine. He can’t find the glasses (he just moved in, remember) and they decide to bottle it. There is a montage of them talking , laughing and drinking while “Can’t Stop The Rain” by He & She plays (thank you Shazam). The song ends and they continue their conversation. He asks if he’s gonna get a good night kiss, and she says yes. So, they kiss. Then he pulls the top of her dress down and sucks her nipples. He goes up her dress and finger fucks her before spreading her wide and and going down. She returns the favor and takes him into her throat. She moves to a chair and he continues to ram his pole down her throat before going back down on her. He then takes her mish and they move to the couch for doggy. They flip and she’s on him for some reverse cowgirl. They roll over and spoon before he puts her on her back for some more mish. She gets on her knees and he spurts onto her face and hair.

Samantha is on the phone with her boss when she gets a text from James saying he found the glasses. She hangs up on the boss and walks out of her apartment.




DVD Details

Release Date: August 20th 2014 Running Time: 2:35 Studio: Wicked


Directed By: @WickedJMorgan

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Breakup Blues - Wicked Pictures

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Breakup Blues - Wicked Pictures


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