“Bubble Butt Bubble Bath” – Bonni B. Good

Tattooed Hottie Bonni B. Good gives you sensual bathtime!

Resolution: 1280×720 HD

Length: 14:23

Category: Girl/Boy

Costs: $5.99

Where You Can Buy: ManyVids

Tattooed Babe Bonni B Good Bubble Butt Bubble Bath


“Bonni’s soapy bubble butt slips and slides around in a bubble bath! Tripp joins in for sexy fun and discovers a little secret when she bends over. Copious amounts of sloppy spitty blowjobs, splashy wet cock riding, and a VERY messy facial for the grand finale. Lots of eye contact and JOI at the end.”

– Bonni B. Good


So what did you think of last week’s Clip Review of “Public Bathroom Creampie with DomRystan“?  We hope you enjoyed the review and without any further ado here is our review of Bonni B. Good’s “Bubble Butt Bubble Bath” starring Bonni B. Good and Tripp Empire

So now to the run-through of the clip “Bubble Butt Bubble Bath” from Bonni B. Good.  The clip starts off with Bonni in a bathtub where’s she starts rubbing her sexy legs and playing with the bubbles.  At this point, she calls out “is anybody home?,” and Tripp replies.  Next, you hear him come running, conveniently naked, and Bonni easily persuades him into the bath.  Tripp asks her why the bath is so pink and Bonni reveals it’s Kool-Aid.  She says, “I always take baths in Kool-Aid, how do you think I get so cool?”  This leads to some making out and Bonni revealing that she has her sparkly buttplug in as she waves her ass in Tripp’s face.  At this time, she slides back down, right on his hard cock.  Bonni states, “you’re awfully hard for hot water!”  She gets off his rod and has Tripp poor mineral water in her mouth, which is quickly replaced by his dick.  Her deep-throating oral skills are that of a professional!  That leads to the dick beating, Bonni begins stroking his boner like she thought gold was gonna shoot out of it or something!  Bonni gets up, assumes the position and offers up her pussy for Tripp’s dick.  He doesn’t think twice before grabbing her hips and sinking his member deep inside her.  After some good hard fucking, they go back to Bonni getting face-fucked.  Finally, the moment Bonni seemingly was waiting for, Tripp covering her face in a fresh batch of cum.  Even after spilling his entire load, she continues sucking and cleaning his cock.  “Thank you, Daddy,” is all she had left to say.

So we’ll start with the bad and what I didn’t care for about the scene.  There really isn’t much that I didn’t like about the scene, the only thing I’d request more of is sex positions.  Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s hard to have sex in a bathtub and I’m definitely nitpicking here but that’s really all I have for the negative about this scene.

Now on to the more pleasant things I did enjoy about this clip.  To be honest, just about everything, it seems like the same exact type of video my wife and I would shoot, intact with the corny porn sayings and all.  I thought Bonni was gorgeous in the scene (I mean she’s in a bathtub), had some great oral skills, and was a turn on to watch in general.  This is the reason why I enjoy clip scenes usually over big studio productions because it was real and raw and you could really get that.  

So for those very reasons, we give “Bubble Butt Bubble Bath” an 8.5 out 10 stars!  At $5.99, this clip is a steal!  Check it out now on ManyVids!

Photos from the Clip

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