Cameron Canada

Cameron Canada is one of the hottest newcomers in the “adult” business. She brings to the table a beautiful face, a flexible and fit body and a great passion for sex that comes across in her scenes. I recently spent some time with her and discovered a lady with many suprises. Get to know her a little better with me by reading this interview.



Hi Cameron! Welcome back to Inked Angels! I am sure this interview will be one our readers will greatly enjoy! My first question is an obvious one. What brought an intelligent and sexy Canadian to Porn Valley?

Hey! Thanks so much for having me back! :) I was super excited for this!! :) What brought me to Porn Valley was porn and money (won’t lie). Also, being in L.A. is a dream come true. :)

I had never really seen the oceans or mountains before, so it’s beautiful to call this my home now.

I met Rob at 101 modeling through Bella at AMAworldwide in FL and they have been great to me. Very welcoming and treat me with respect, which is hard to find.

That was how I got to come here in the first place so I thank them for the opportunity.

So you actually went to Florida first?


I did 2 weeks of porn there with Bangbros, Brazzers, Reality Kings, Mofos and a few others and then found my way to L.A.

So do you prefer Atlantic or Pacific beaches?

Damn!! It would have to be Atlantic…way warmer!

But shit, wait!

Surfing looks amazing and intense here.

But I’ll stick to the warmness…Atlantic.

Me too

Then your bones don’t feel like they’re snapping every time you touch the water.

What did you do for a living before coming down? Did you do any dancing or web camming?

I did web camming, personal training and some nursing.

My dancing was gymnastics.

You look quite fit. I guess you still work out regularly?

I practice yoga and stretch and work out mostly with my body weight for resistance.

I workout on a regular basis.

Are you familiar with Mia Malkova?

I haven’t met her, but I heard she’s insanely flexible!

Exactly, I bet you two could do a hell of a scene!

Just Google her pics and you will see.

I see. Holy crap!

We gotta tweet that shit. lol

It would be fun pretzeling with her. hehe

With a man in the center to tie up with your limbs. lol If you could find one brave enough.

Ooooh now we’re talking. lol

We will have to work on making that happen.

Yup. haha

Besides the last name (Canada), what made you choose your porn name?

Cameron Diaz and I kinda look alike.

And yea, I was in a rush.

Sorry, I was just picturing in my mind a Cameron/Cameron pretzel with a Liloleme center.

Stop putting images in my head. I’ll have to rub one out later. lol

You and me both. I already did one to your Let Me Swallow scene last night (blushes).

Hehehe. ;) ;)

Glad you enjoyed it.

To follow that up, how does it feel knowing literally thousands of guys and gals are rubbing one out to you and your scenes?

It totally turns me on. :)

And I know how fucking good it feels to rub one out, so it gets me all excited. Plus, I’m a super sexual person (at heart), so cumming always makes me feel better.

What do you use for stimuli? Ever rub one out to your own scene?


I watch porn, but to the thought of things that turn me on, I can’t watch myself.

Sometimes I look at my bum though. lol

And grab it…

It is a nice one.

Thank you. It likes to hang out a lot…and get smacked.

I appreciate other female bodies too.

God, my pussy gets wet.

And watching others turns me on…then I get thinking about what I can do to them…

And yea, I’ll stop there.

And may I say your butt looks quite nice with a cock in it. Did you do anal before porn?

I did a few times, but it’d been awhile before I started porn.

Do you enjoy it or just endure it for the extra money?

I enjoy it if I’m in the right mood.

I can’t just plop a dick in there and gooo…she’s a tight one.

So then, when you are booked for anal, how do you get yourself in the mood?

Sometimes I watch anal the morning of.

Or if I haven’t done it in a while, I just get excited.

Do you sleep with a butt plug in like some ladies do?

No, I haven’t tried that yet.

How has the porn experience compared to whatever expectations you brought into it?

I didn’t assume anything of it. I came in with an open mind because I really had no idea what to expect.

I enjoy it though, orgasmic moments are FUCKING AWESOME!

I do get to experience some sex that I would never be able to otherwise, so some of my fantasies have come true.

People aren’t as “cool” as I thought though.

Like any industry, there’s a crap load of drama that I didn’t realize, but it’s all b.s anyway so I stay out of it and always look at the positive side of things…

Like you say, that is true in any industry or trade.

I’m here for my personal experience, not to get caught up in bullshit that is usually a rumor.



On your agency page, your age is listed as 22, so you are a bit older than most newbies. When is your birthday?

I am. I’m 23. Born March 7th, 1989.

I started web camming 2 years ago.

Well, 3 now, so I have been in front of the camera, just not on video.

Hehe. :)

Did you do solo only or with partners?


Everything, but it’s gotta turn me on, or else it won’t happen.

Tell us about your background and what growing up was like for you?

I grew up in a Christian home and was taught that a lot of things were wrong when they weren’t. Fortunately, I was kind of a ‘trouble’ child and did it anyway…

I was a tomboy until grade 12.

Never liked makeup or dresses, to be honest, I still can’t stand it. Only if it’s comfy. lol

I’m Romanian, American and Canadian and speak 2 fluent languages and a bit of French.

What languages are they?

Romanian and English.

And Canadian, eh?


Ehh buddddy!!!! So true.

Besides gymnastics, did/do you play any other sports?

I do, soccer and snowboarding.

I used to be semi-pro until my injuries started to creep up on me, so I had to back out unless I wanted to be in a wheelchair.

I know the feeling. I stayed active ’til 30, but then my knees were 50. lol

Hahah yupp, exactly!

But I do keep them as my hobbies.

I love running around. I always have a ridiculous amount of energy to burn off, so I gotta do something.

Were you an early or late bloomer sexually?

Pretty damn early.

I first had sex at age 14.

And it all went uphill from there.


And down your throat too! You gots talent!


Yeah, pretty far down my throat…actually,  all the way!! haha

I have noticed that since the first scene I saw you in.

Thanks. I dunno…it turns me on.

Mofos maybe?

Yes, I believe so.

It’s fun…

When I get horny, I get nasty and dirty.

Sometimes I just cant help myself.

It just happens…

If you’re in my sight and I’m horny….WATCH OUT!

And I want to know how the hell that guy in Let Me Swallow did not blow well before the 24 minutes that the scene lasted


I think we were having too much fun…

We wanted it to keep going.

Is that even possible…too much fun?


Most times I hate the gagging sounds, but yours were hot. :P

Really? Yay!

I have an ok gag reflex.


You always came up for air with an ear to ear smile and a tear or two, even your snot was sexy lol

I actually puked during that scene, but they couldn’t put it in.


Oh the snot…

I felt it drip down my nose, but didn’t wanna stop!

To this point, what scene or scenes that you have shot have been the most enjoyable? Why?

That’s really hard to say.

I can’t pick just one. I’d have to say all. Every scene brought something different that turned me on.

Umm, Metart scene with Billy Hart. As much as I love hardcore, I love passionate, too.

Jordan for Naughty America because he was so much fun and made me laugh and the sex was rough and hard and we didn’t stop once.

Kiss Me Girl with Mischa Brooks.

Ummmm, there’s more, but I can’t think of them now.

Who have you not shot with or for that you would like to?

Well, I don’t know too many people, but Johnny Sins, Bailey Blue, Remy, Michael Vegas, Tyler Nixon, Christy Mack, Rilynn Rae and Skin Diamond. I want them all to sit on my face. hehe

Any thoughts on shooting with Manuel Ferrara or Mike Adriano? (follow up to this will let you know MY fave fetish)

…Adriano is coming up soon. ;)

Any chance the Adriano is an anal scene?


I guess you’ll have to wait and see. ;)

(aka yes, possibly).

Solo, or with another girl too?

Not sure.

K, now for the followup.

One of my favorite fetishes to receive and watch is F/M rimjobs. Is that something you have done either privately or on cam, and if not, would you be up to shooting it?

I have done it and will do it again.

…I’m dirty. lol

I look like an angel on the streets until the subject of sex comes up, then watch out whoever is with me!

Any scenes you have already shot? I don’t think I would have missed one if it was already out there :D

No, I don’t think I have shot any yet.

Damn, now I am seriously Jonesin’.


I have a wet mark on my chair.

Blaming me?


I like it though.

I will take credit for making you wet. :P

Turns me on more.

Only fair.

Jeez. Never-ending cycle. Thanks. :P

I try.



Change of pace time..


Who are your favorite music artists?

Blackmill, Poica, Deadmau3, Chromeo, Marley, NIN, Die Antwoord, Iggy, Azalea, MIA and more…

Do you like any metal at all, or classic rock?

I enjoy it. Was bigger into it, but my taste has changed. It depends on the situation.

I like jazz too.

There is a band we featured on Inked Angels with some sample tracks I love called Halestorm.

Oooh, I’ll have to check ’em out.

Female lead and she has a beautiful voice and yet can scream with the best of them.



I love female leads.

Me too.

Favorite movies, TV shows?

TV shows: The Walking Dead, Weeds and Breaking Bad.

Movies: I like thrillers, sci-fi, horrors and comedies. Favorites would be Inception and Sam I Am.

Sam I Am is my fave all-time movie.

Who would be your celebrity free pass and why?

Umm…I think celebrities are no more important than any other person…so fuck ’em.

Fair enough.

Who would be your fan free pass and why? ;)

AH, here we go.

Simon. He’s been my fan and stayed with me since the first week I started camming 3 years ago.

Gee and I was fishing… :(

Aww…hey you’re cool shit. ;)

You can grab my boobies and poke at my pussy lips too. lol

OOOH baby!

The more the merrier.

You can grope me anytime.


My groping is more of a dog humping their owner’s leg.

That’ll work as long as I am grabbing boobies and poking pussy.

Back to porn for a bit, what have you shot that is yet to be released that we can look forward to?

There are bunches that are in videos.

Any anal scenes? Who was that Babysitter movie shot for?

Devil’s Films. “Don’t tell My Wife I Just Assfucked The Babysitter 11.”


What are some types of scenes you have not shot that you hope to in the future, and do you have a timetable for them?  Is a DP scene in your future? Are you considering shooting IR?

I really haven’t thought that far ahead.

A possibility for both when the time is right.

Imagine this. You have been placed totally in charge and can cast, choose the director, choose the location, choose the scenario and what sex acts to shoot for your ultimate scene. What is it?

Group orgy, no director, just set up a couple of cameras and JUST FUCK for like 3 hrs!

In my bedroom.

Maybe in public. I’m an exhibitionist.




If you could, would you shoot more Euro-style, where fisting and watersports are allowed?

I’m not too big into me being fisted (I have a small stature and it hurts), but I’m all about giving it. :)

Water sports…

I have a video from camming.

Not on me, but seeing it, it’s hot as fuck.

Watching a guy pee is hot.

I always like to peek if I can.


Have you shot for Kink, or will you? If so, I think you get a pass and they have a site that is all pissing scenes. No new stuff anymore, but they still have the archive.

You can see free trailers now.

I have once…and I’ll have to get that pass.

I just love dirty girls, they are the best.


You are the Queen of Porn for a day. What changes would you make to the industry and why?

Oh man. I’d kick out everyone that doesn’t wanna be there…have testing on site the day of.

Have more meetings so that the industry can stay more connected and plan more events where groups in the industry can get together and hang and socialize outside of “porn”.

It’s nice to not talk about sex once in a while, but it seems as though everyone says that, but then keeps talking about. It’s quite annoying.

Sadly, that is the one thing you all have in common, all coming from different backgrounds usually :(

Yup. There are other things to talk about than sex though…especially to other porn stars. We all go through similar things and have the same problems…so I don’t need to keep hearing about them.

But hey, to each their own.

I always have an open ear and wanna talk, but you’ll know if I’m not interested, and not in a rude way, but there are other things to talk about that both parties will enjoy.

Sorry if I’m being vague.

True. That is also why I include more personal and non porn/sex questions in my interviews.

I just don’t wanna say names and stuff.

Get to know YOU, not just the dirty girl.

Exactly! hehehe;)

But still it is awesome hearing I can make you wet! :P

Well you will know better how to tickle my fancy now. hehe

Since this site is dedicated to those with ink, tell us what tattoos you have and what, if any, new ones you might add in the future? I LOVE your garter belt, BTW, that is a unique one.

Thanks. :)

Garter belt.  Meaning = groom takes it off because they’re going to marry and she becomes “his”.

Meaning for me = my independence. That no one “owns” me or I haven’t become someone’s “pet”. Plus, it is unique and sexy as fuck and was very, very painful.


Armpit…umm, wanna smell my roses? lol Not many people have it done and no one can copy my pics and say they’re me because they have no rosy armpits.

My back = love skeletons and skulls and butterflies (badass, but delicate when I have to be).

I am adding more to all my pieces, but I’m in no rush to have it done tomorrow…so when the time is right.

And not sure what yet, but along the same themes as they are.

Nothing above your pussy I hope, too distracting from perfection. :D


Your Twitter is @CameronCanadaX. Is there anywhere else your fans can get more info about you? Any plans for a website?

Maybe a blog?

I’m on Instagram. I’m going to start a blog and it will be launched sometime this year.

No idea on a site yet.

Probably not going to do one though because I have other responsibilities, plus I would love to open my own personal training studio.

I don’t like social media.

You do it well though.

Thanks. :)

But it’s gotta be done. I like physical contact and looking at people.

Is there anything that I have not asked that you would like your fans to know about you?

Umm, that I always follow my heart, and whatever I do, I do for myself and no one else.

Don’t judge and assume anything about anything because there’s always more than meets the eye.

And that I appreciate everything everyone does for me, shoutouts and re-tweets and the support that I have.

And to keep fucking!

On behalf of the Inked Angels’ crew and myself, I want to thank you for allowing me the privilege of interviewing you and featuring you on our site.

Thank you. It was a lot of fun and it was amazing meeting you! Thanks for having me.

Quick note, we have started an internet radio show for Inked Angels which I co-host, so maybe we can have you on there at some point.

Most definitely!!!

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