Camming Confidential Part 2 – With Bill The Hobbyist & Kitty Mossberg



Cam Girl – Kitty Mossberg

In this article, I will be spending time on what I have seen as a negative aspect from some cam girls that I see as hurting their income and not receiving much in tips. Then we will be visiting with Kitty Mossberg, who is so exciting and professional, and definitely a cam girl who you will enjoy watching, and who does very well in her camming business. Oh, and she will bust your nut big time too with her cum shows.


Cam Girl – Kitty Mossberg

As I talk about some of the negative aspects I’ve seen, please understand that I am not negative toward camming at all. There are lots of great ladies and awesome shows, it’s just that I scratch my head in wonder at why some are the way they are.

Why do some of the girls bring the tokens in and others just wash out? Let me share with you just a few things I have seen. One day as I was bouncing around chat rooms, I came across two young ladies similar in appearance and build. One was hauling in the tokens and the other was bitching to the guys in the room about everything you can imagine. One was having a great time in her room; was upbeat, smiling, and the tips were rolling in, while the other was bitching and complaining, and guess what? She wasn’t getting tipped. Get the fucking point!? I guess some of these ladies don’t understand that if guys want to be bitched at they don’t have to come to a cam room at all. All they have to do is spend time with their fucking wives or girlfriends and they’ll get plenty of bitching. You see, cam girls are an oasis and a fantasy from their everyday life and who wants to have a miserable fantasy?

In general, and in most cases, the ones who are not getting tipped are the ones bitching and have no positive energy. They think that as long as they are on cam, guys will come and tip them without having to make much effort on their part. I see so many just lay there like a piece of dog crap that has been lying around for a week and SMH. Let’s not forget facial expressions. Some have this expressionless look of boredom the entire time and some look so fucking mean or lazy they make themselves unattractive.

Also, sometimes the boyfriend or hubby can fuck the girl up for getting tips too. I have to share a boyfriend/hubby story that I saw one night. The couple had just bought a high definition cam and on this particular night, there wasn’t any tips coming in at all. Maybe it had a lot to do with her coming across with no excitement and having a look of not really wanting to be there, plus the hubby/boyfriend was dominating the show? So, the boyfriend/hubby, who liked to play Mr. Tough Guy, steps in to get them tipping. How did he attempt to do this? Well, he tells everyone that ‘If they don’t start tipping, he is going to take the fucking HD cam back to the store and everyone will have to go back to watching her on the cheap ass cam with poor quality’! Then, he starts kicking guys with tokens who are not tipping out of the room. That was real smart, now the guys with tokens are blocked from the room. LMFAO. He then jumps on Twitter and starts calling names at all the guys who were just in the cam room. WTF!

Sometimes the guys can be so stupid that they hurt the girl more than they help. In one of my future articles, I’ll be talking more about the hubby/boyfriend with the girl. Yes, there is a place for them in the cam world, like watching them fuck, but it has to be done right!

OK, we have looked at what I call some of the negative aspects of camming that I have seen.


Cam Girl – Kitty Mossberg

Now let’s take a look at a young lady who is doing it all right, has fun and keeps the guys coming back. Kitty Mossberg is one of those young ladies, and not only is she fucking hot, but even as she is just chatting she is very upbeat, talks with the guys and is fucking adorable. Since Kitty seems to be doing things right, I asked her if she would spend some time with me and answer questions in various areas of camming. For girls who cam or are thinking about camming, she shares some great stuff, and if you’re a guy, you will see in this interview why she is certainly one to follow and visit.


Bill The Hobbyist – How long have you been camming and what made you decide to start?

Kitty MossbergI’ve been camming since the end of January. I decided to start for the supplementary income – being an artist/jewelry maker/housewife is fun and rewarding and all, but doesn’t pay the bills!

Bill The Hobbyist – You are very positive and always have a smile when you cam. Are you the same person off cam as you are on cam?

Kitty MossbergAww, thanks! Sometimes it’s a tad difficult to maintain composure, but you have to remember – you might be making someone’s day! Off cam I can be a salty curmudgeon at times, but my philosophy is stay busy, stay creative and you’ll stay happy! I’m very fortunate to be where I’m at, and I’ll never take it for granted.

Bill The Hobbyist – Is there anything that you don’t like when you cam and wish you could get rid of?

Kitty MossbergMy butthole. It’s not open for business, so please. STAHP.

Bill The Hobbyist – OK, let’s be realistic. When you are camming, and especially doing a cum show, there are 100s of guys out there jerking off. What do you think of all these guys you are turning on and have busting their nut to you?


Kitty MossbergI know it sounds weird, but it’s actually very gratifying. I’m making people happy and it makes me happy in return!

Bill The Hobbyist – Do you prefer your public chat room, or would you rather do privates, and why?

Kitty MossbergI prefer public chat because I prefer making GOALS! Private shows are fine if you have fetish that others may not like – smoking or feet for example, but they take you away from the room, therefore dropping viewers. I also reserve toys and orgasms for goal, so if you want to see it, tip for goal!

Bill The Hobbyist – What is your favorite toy you use on cam?


Kitty MossbergThe Hitachi, or combination of Hitachi and another vibrator.

Bill The Hobbyist – Do you do any contests or games to help in getting you to your goal and if so what are some of the things you do?

Kitty MossbergNot really, unless you count playing records. I have to turn around to dig through my collection, so my rear is up to the cam, which yields tips AND nerdy musical conversation. Love it!

Bill The Hobbyist – How many hours a week do you cam?

Kitty MossbergMonday-Friday, after lunch until 3pm or 5pm (or goal, if sooner), so roughly 7-10 hours a week. I love having my own schedule and still have time to get other things done!

Bill The Hobbyist – When you go on cam, have you decided what type of show & goal you will have prior to going online or do you just wing it?


Kitty MossbergI log in with a set goal in mind, but my usual modus operandi is flashing for tips leading into topless, pussy flashes leading into naked and cum show at goal.

Bill The Hobbyist – What are some strange requests you get?

Kitty MossbergNostrils, armpits, “OPEN BOOBS PLS”, etcetera. That’s fine if you have a fetish, but I don’t! If I open boobs, I will die. I don’t know if some people are that stupid or Google translate is really bad in some countries! You learn to expect a few trolls, too.

Bill The Hobbyist – Do you think that you will ever extend your camming career to shooting porn?

Kitty MossbergNO. I think that’s a pretty common misconception about camgirls. Quite a few want to take it in that direction, but it’s not my main focus in life. I have real life things that I want to be successful at! I don’t want to be famous, I just want to be good. I think that was an Annie Leibovitz quote.

Bill The Hobbyist – What advice would you give to a girl just getting into camming?


Kitty MossbergYOU. ARE. A. BUSINESS. Be professional, and most of all – BE POSITIVE. No one likes a whiny sad-sack, so be mindful of how you portray yourself. Ahem..Twitter..Ahem..

Bill The Hobbyist – Kitty as we wrap up, I want to thank you for your time and ask if there is anything else you would like to share about you or say to your fans and future fans?


Kitty MossbergRTFB! Haha. But seriously – reading my bio before conversing with me on cam is much appreciated! I also have links to my Twitter and Amazon wishlist at the bottom of my page, and Amazon gifts get custom video spoilbacks! Thanks again for letting me be part of this article, and I promise I’ll have more tattoos to show off in the future!


Kitty is an awesome young lady and one to certainly check out and visit on cam. You can find her on her cam site Chaturbate – Kitty Mossberg and don’t forget to follow her on Twitter @KittyMossberg

So what’s next? Some of the upcoming topics I will be discussing are “Cam Girls Transitioning To Porn – It’s Not That Simple”, “Have Your Hubby/Boyfriend Help You Make Money, Not Chase People Away”, “More Interviews With Cam Girls”, “Visits With Fans Who Watch Cam Girls” and more.


So until next time, I’m gonna get my lube, paper towels and instructional manual, then I’m off to Kitty Mossberg’s Cam Room!


Twitter: @BillTheHobbyist



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Camming Confidential Part 2 - With Bill The Hobbyist & Kitty Mossberg
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