Camming Confidential Part 3 – With Bill The Hobbyist, Kat Von Sexi And Jayden Sparks

Camming Confidential Part 3 - With Bill The Hobbyist, Kat Von Sexi And Jayden Sparks


Cam Girl Kat Von Sexi

In this part of Camming Confidential, I’ll be sharing some insights and pet peeves I have seen in the camming world. But, I will also be visiting with two very strong and exciting cam girls, Kat Von Sexi and Jayden Sparks. What they share will not only let you see the positive and exciting parts of the camming world, but they will also share some great insights and advice for girls who cam or are looking to start camming.



Cam Girl – Jayden Sparks

“OK, You Hit Your Goal – Now On With The Cum Show”

One area that can be very frustrating for the customer is when the girl hits her show goal and then either shifts gears on how much the goal was, gets close to goal and disappears or those who take forever to put on their show after hitting the goal.

Now keep in mind this doesn’t apply to all cam girls, but it does apply to quite a few. As we get to Kat and Jayden’s visit, you will see that these two girls do not fall into this category and are very customer-focused and deliver what they promise.

When they come online, many cam girls set a goal to archive in tokens from the customers and provide a special show when they do. The most common one is a “Cum Show” and OMG, have I seen some awesome ones. Many set benchmarks toward their goals. For example, if a girl sets a goal for 1,000 tokens to put on a show, she may set goals along the way, like topless at 250 and panties off at 500.

Sometimes it can take awhile for the girl to achieve her final goal. A lot of this can be attributed to how active and conversational she is, along with how much teasing and flirting she does with the guys in the room. There are many girls who set a goal, sit there like a lump on a log and bitch at the guys for not tipping. Gee, I wonder why they don’t make their goal. By the way, bitching at your customers for not tipping isn’t the way to go about getting tips!

How about the early tippers, who not only commit up-front, but many times help get things going. Keep in mind, there are many guys who tip and tip early, but like many, their time may be limited as to how long they can stay on cam with the girl and since they have tipped toward a show, they would love to see it when the goal is met. I have seen many, many girls hit their goal for their show and then go on and procrastinate for 10, 15, even 20 minutes before they start the show. My question for these girls is, is it fair to the guys who have tipped to have to wait so long for the show or even because of their time limits have to sign off and totally miss what they tip for? Cam girls have to remember, it isn’t the cam site who writes your pay check. It is your tippers (sites send you no money if you don’t have tips). Respect your tipping customers, and when you are at goal, get on with the show they paid for.

Another thing that amazes me, is the scammers. There are girls who set goals for shows and have no intentions of putting one on. As they get close to goal, they pull the old, “I’m out of time guys, so I need to sign off now”, and they do. If a girl signs off, the tokens she received even if there was no show are now hers and the guys are screwed. Yes, you can report the girl and ask the cam site for your tokens back, but nothing really happens as the cam site has also gotten their money too even if the girl bolts.

Now let’s visit with two very exciting and awesome cam girls (who are also hot as fuck), Kat Von Sexi And Jayden Sparks.

Kat Von Sexi


As I was bouncing around from room to room, I came across Kat. Her beauty and charm caught my eye in an instant, so I decided to stay and give her a watch. What I really like about Kat, besides her fantastic shows, is that she comes across so polite and positive the entire time. Then there is that sweet innocence that moves into a cam show and will have you stroking away non-stop. So let’s visit a bit with this awesome young lady and learn more about her and all she does.

Bill The Hobbyist – Kat, you not only cam, but shoot solo porn for DNA Solos. Which did you start in first and how long have you been doing each?

Kat Von SexiYes, I mostly web-cam, but I only shoot for DNA solos at this moment in time. I’ve been doing web cam for over 3 years now.

Bill The Hobbyist – What made you get into camming and also into doing solo scenes?


Kat Von SexiI found the sites online and decided to check it out and I haven’t dropped it since. After I did that for awhile, DNA solos contacted me about starting a new website. 🙂

Bill The Hobbyist – What do you enjoy most in both camming and solo work?

Kat Von SexiI love helping people feel happy. Bliss is the fountain of life. It’s so important that people feel happiness.

Bill The Hobbyist – Do you have a preference on camming or solo scenes and why?


Kat Von SexiI prefer camming because I have more personal time with my followers. 🙂

Bill The Hobbyist – What do you dislike most when you are camming.

Kat Von SexiPeople who spend their time making problems for me and my room. I prefer people who can understand how to work with others and people who take time to really talk about things, instead of me talking to my self. When I make a better mental connection with my viewers, then the shows turn out to be more passionate and meaningful.

Bill The Hobbyist – When you are on cam, I feel you do a great job in setting your goal and teasing your fans along the way to get there. Do you find that the teasing gets them tipping to make your goal.


Kat Von SexiOh yeah, I can successfully do one show and achieve my all-time daily goal. I love teasing, not only is it fun, but it is successful as well. 🙂

Bill The Hobbyist – I am sure there are days it is tougher to make goal than others. What percent of the time do you make your goal and why do you feel you achieve it so often?

Kat Von Sexi Yes I have days were I can make almost nothing, but that time is still worth it because I’m gaining followers. I think I achieve goals often because I don’t really expect anything out of my day. I just give love and happiness and I just trust that life will return it back. Give love and love will be given. 🙂 I achieve my goal about 85% of the time.

Bill The Hobbyist – OK, lets be realistic. Regardless if it is a guy watching you on cam or in a video, you know you are so hot that there are guys jerking off and busting a nut to your performances. What do you think knowing guys are doing this? Is it something you like or try not to think about it?

Kat Von Sexi I love it. Not the thought of their actions, but the happiness that comes from it. Thinking about making someone’s morning or evening amazing really turns me on and helps me perform better. I really love it when they tip and tell me how much they love it and how good they feel. Communication helps me trust that what I’m doing is good, otherwise I change what I’m doing for my viewers. I’m a pleaser. People need to be reassured that they are attractive and wanted.


Bill The Hobbyist – What toy gets you off the best during a cam show?

Kat Von Sexi I love my pink California brand toy and Mr. Wiggles. And for the big squirt, I love my huge purple vibrator meant only for my hard little wet clit. 🙂 I also collect glass toys.

Bill The Hobbyist – Doing solo scenes on DNA Solos, do you ever see yourself venturing further into porn with girl/girl scenes or boy/girl scenes?

Kat Von SexiGirl/girl I wouldn’t mind doing, but I wouldn’t go farther into girl/boy scenes. I do love the fact that I can do this solo and it’s still successful.

Bill The Hobbyist – Do you do any networking on social sites to help drive new customers to your cam site or letting people know you will be on cam? If so, which ones?

Kat Von SexiYes, I use Facebook and Twitter. I think it’s really important to have a way to connect with your viewers.

Bill The Hobbyist – What advice do you have for girls who are thinking about camming or getting into solo scenes?

Kat Von SexiThink about it first. Look at all the different sites and watch girls who have high viewers and who make money often. There are so many ways to be successful at web-camming, you just have to make it your own after learning the techniques and watching other cams.


Bill The Hobbyist – For additional income, do you sell video clips, panties, etc, and where can people buy them?

Kat Von SexiI don’t really sell anything. I’ve been thinking about a safe way to ship things to people. But for now, I have pictures and a website and my web-cam site. Videos are available on my website as well. 🙂

Bill The Hobbyist – Is there anything you would like to say to your fans as we wrap-up?

Kat Von SexiI would love to thank all my viewers for the love and support they give me. Thank you guys so much for everything. I couldn’t do any of this with out you!

Kat Von Sexi Links

Cam Site – Chaturbate/SexieVonKat

Web-Site –

Twitter – @SexieVonKat 


Jayden Sparks


Adorable, cute and has a hot little body are just a few ways to describe Jayden. She has this bubbly charm about her when online that will not only keep you in her public chat room, but will have you mesmerized the entire time as well. One thing with Jayden, is that she brings a few different shows than a lot of other girls do. Where many use dildos, vibrators or a Hitachi, which are all great, Jayden also uses a fuck machine and she will share with you how much she enjoys it in your visit. I have never seen a weak cam session with Jayden and every show she puts on will have you busting your nut many times over. This I know, as it is exactly what happens to me as I watch her.

Bill The Hobbyist – How long have you been camming and what made you get started?

Jayden SparksI have been camming for over two years now and I started because I wanted to live on my own and be able to donate to charities at the same time.

Bill The Hobbyist – Is camming your full time profession or do you have another jobs besides camming?

Jayden Sparks I do random photography projects on the side and I also submit to a few self-shot content sites.

Bill The Hobbyist – As you cam, what key factors do you attribute your following and success too?


Jayden SparksWell, being an ultra-nerd before my cam career started gave me a boost, definitely. Everyone loves a girl who plays with her boobies while talking about a game they played for a long time. 😛 I also have an extensive background in marketing, digital media, and photography which has helped A LOT!

Bill The Hobbyist – Do you have a set schedule and plan for what kind of show you will be doing, or do you just wing it?

Jayden SparksAt the moment I don’t set a schedule because I’ve been working on content and I didn’t have the time, but after everything calms down, I’ll be back on a schedule so I can do shows all over my house.

Bill The Hobbyist – Do you do any networking with your fans or for upcoming shows on any of the social networks? If so, why, and do you feel networking is important?


Jayden SparksWhen it comes to super special shows (B/G, fuck machine, pole, etc) networking is very important. Not only does it mean more possible tippers, but as an exhibitionist, I always say the more the merrier!

Bill The Hobbyist – I am sure any cam girl, no matter how strong they are, has a day with a bunch of dead wood and nobody tipping every once in awhile. What things do you do in your public chat room to get things livened up and get the guys tipping? Of these things, what seems to work the best?

Jayden SparksI tend to wiggle my butt, tease, dance, and the most effective thing for me personally is that I LOVE touching myself and holding the cam super close, and my tippers, chatters, and lurkers generally enjoy it. 😉

Bill The Hobbyist – Do you sell picture sets, video clips, panties etc? Do you do it just on your cam site or on other sites and networks?

Jayden Sparks I have a membership site for all of my content and I do offer custom-exclusive content as well.


Bill The Hobbyist – What’s the most number of people that you recall were in your public chat room at one time?

Jayden SparksOver 5,000 people during a fuck machine show, I believe. Obviously I was quite busy! haha

Bill The Hobbyist – With being a top cam girl, have you ever considered or ever see yourself shooting professional porn, and why or why not?

Jayden SparksI do see myself shooting professional porn very soon. GG/solo will be my thing. As a bisexual, exhibitionist, pink-pussied girl, I feel like I’d really enjoy that part of the industry. Plus I’m super sensitive and my orgasms are usually full-body, intense, amazing things that I love very, very much! Why not get paid for it? Alsooooo, naked ladies! Fuck yeah! 😀

Bill The Hobbyist – What overall advice would you give to a girl looking at starting to cam?


Jayden SparksProfessional lighting is your friend, invest in good cameras, network, put together outfits that make you feel sexy, smile, be goofy, laugh, shake off the hate, and most importantly… BE YOURSELF! 🙂

Bill The Hobbyist – What do you dislike most when you are camming and how do you tolerate the assholes with their uncalled for comments?

Jayden SparksI think the biggest thing that irks me is racism. I know that it’s the Internet and people feel all big and bad being keyboard warriors, hiding behind their anonymous screens, but dealing with racism in real life and then getting home to experience more? Ugh, instant ban, then breathe, and I always remind myself that there’s good people in the world who make up for the bad apples.

Bill The Hobbyist – OK, let’s be realistic. You know you are so hot that there are guys jerking off and busting a nut to your performances. What do you think or how do you feel knowing guys are doing this?

Jayden SparksIt makes me fucking moist, as I usually put it. I know a lot of girls are in it just for the money, but I thoroughly enjoy the fact that people enjoy me.

Bill The Hobbyist – What toy gets you off the best during during a cam show?


Jayden SparksIt’s a tie between my Hitachi Magic Wand and my fuck machine. Both produce feet-tingling orgasms and I LOVE them so much.

Bill The Hobbyist – Is there anything you would like to say to your fans as we wrap-up?

Jayden SparksI’d just like to say thank you for your continued support. I love every single person who has ever made me smile, laugh, and jump up and down. Friends, chatters, tippers, even the lurkers who tweet me cute things or send random, mysterious, heart-felt fan mail. I hope that I always make you guys and girls smile, and as I’m digging deeper into this wild industry, I hope we can have even more adventures together.

Jayden Sparks Links

Cam Site –



Twitter @PimpinPrincessJ 

Wrap Up

Kat Von Sexi and Jayden Sparks are what I consider to be two very strong cam girls who are professional, love their fans and treat it all like a business. These are the things that make cam girls successful. For all the hours I have watched and lurked in their rooms without them knowing, I have seen the kind of fun times in their public chats and cum shows that will have you jumping up and yelling for more. Kat Von Sexi and Jayden Sparks, keep doing what you’re doing, because you are doing it all right, and I look forward to watching you more on cam and doing umm, well, you know…

As I continue with my next several articles, not only will you continue to meet some more awesome cam girls, but I’ll have more advice not only for the girls, but for some of the guys who come into cam rooms and act like total assholes as well. Also, one area I will cover in-depth is transitioning from camming to shooting porn, because it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. Until then, I’m gonna go see if Kat Von Sexi and Jayden Sparks are online and bust my nut watching them a few more times.

Article By: Bill The Hobbyist

Twitter: @BillTheHobbyist



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