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Color Blind


September 23rd 2016

Folks, you need to prepare yourself before just jumping into this film because Kasey Warner looks hot on the box. Yes this film takes place during the 1992 LA riots, but it is just as relevant now as it ever was. I commend Director Skow on having the balls to put out this film, as well as the cast for being a part of it. There is a lot of (not so subtle) social commentary on the state of things that are unnecessarily present in the world not only today, but in the past as well. I could go on for quite a while about things that hit me in this film and my theories on them (like Steven St.Croix and Layton Benton’s scene) but I won’t waste your time, and let you come up with your own when you purchase this film.

One cannot talk about this film without mentioning the sheer brilliance of Kasey Warner’s performance. So believable, fueled by raw emotion (not to mention pure acting talent), Ms.Warner delivers the most emotion pulling performance I’ve ever witness in adult film. I’m a proud guy, but I am not ashamed to admit choking up at the end of this film. Kasey digs deep and pulls out an award worthy performance. She is brilliant throughout the film and her scene with Isiah Maxwell is simply one of the most powerful pieces of adult cinema I have watched. As a whole, this entire cast truly seems to have put their heart and soul into their perfomances. Yes the sex is great (anything with Adriana Chechik is destined to be hot and her scene with Jovan Jordan is just that…as well as the solo snippets) but the story that we are offered really leaves you thinking as the credits roll. This isn’t a film for the faint at heart or easily offended (yes, it is brutal in it’s delivery, but there is some tension cutting humor mixed in). Though in all honesty, this is a film that everyone should see. Everyone. It is eye opening in it’s social commentary and holds nothing back in it’s delivery. I truly hope and enthusiastically implore you to get a copy of this film. I also hope the industry and other directors, see this film as a raised bar.

In closing, I applaud Director Skow for releasing, as well as the cast for being a part of such a powerful film. Folks, if you have never paid for your porn (shame on you by the way), I strongly urge you to purchase this film and show your support to a director, a studio, a distribution company and an impressive cast of talented performers willing to bare their souls and bring us such an amazing film.

Oh, and I apologize for my wordiness and for any “spoilers.” Don’t let that hinder your viewing or purchase. I didn’t tell you everything (I actually cut out a lot) but felt you needed to get the atmosphere to appreciate the scenes.

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What Skow For Girlfriends Films Tells Us About Color Blind

What happens when a young blind girl from an all-American, blue-collar family falls in love with a idealistic young black man on the week of the Los Angeles Riots? The pressure cooker boils over, as racial tension and insurmountable odds explode with catastrophic consequences, leaving only the choices one loving but misguided father makes behind in the aftermath. – Skow For Girlfriends Films


A Walk Through The Scenes

Reena Sky, Steven St.Croix

The film opens as the credits play with footage of the ’92 LA riots. Now I was only 11 (and living a sheltered life on a military base) at the time of the riots so, I didn’t really grasp the severity and the importance of the goings on at the time, but I do remember the discussions at school. Not that that means anything to you folks, just sharing a little personal time frame with you all. As the credits end, we find that this footage is playing on the TV in the kitchen of the family featured in this film. Steven St.Croix plays the father who spouts of some racial stereotype rhetoric at the TV as daughter Adriana Chechik argues with him. Ending in a yelling match, wife Reena Sky sides with her husband in sad commentary followed by a heavy make out session while blind daughter Kasey Warner listens in disgust at the sounds. As Steven and Kasey talk, you already start to feel for Kasey. Not in a ‘poor blind girl,’ but in a ‘poor blind girl with a father like him’ kind of way. Reasoning with him only gains her more rhetoric.

A knock on the door finds Isiah Maxwell and Jovan Jordan handing out pamphlets and ‘preaching’ to Steven St.Croix. His words are sincere and he is met with a door to the face.

Adriana strips down in her room, changing from jeans and a shirt to a pink sheer lace bra and panty. Steven and Reena make out in their room. Kasey runs her fingers over a bible while Isiah’s words play in her head. Back to Adriana, she in pleasuring herself on her bed with a black cock toy (making herself squirt).

Back to Reena and Steven in their room, he gets at her standing from behind before she rides him reverse. Some 69 action and a deep spoon fuck, lead them to orally pleasure each other followed by a pounding from behind.

Kasey Warner, Isiah Maxwell

Steven and Reena head out for the evening leaving the girls home alone. Shortly after they leave, Isiah shows back up to pick up the bible he left behind (the same one Kasey was touching). After some dialogue, he is invited in (Kasey is crushing on him by the way). Adriana excuses herself (seen assfucking herself with the black toy from earlier) to leave them alone. Kasey and Isiah talk and he gives her a pink bible. Reena and Steven come home. Isiah and Kasey are seen making out outside the house and leave together. Steven looks in on her to find her gone. Going to check with Adriana, he walks in on her fucking herself with the toy and they both freak out a bit. Reena and Adriana talk.

At his place ( assuming here) Kasey kneels in front of Isiah feeling his dick before giving him a slow and methodical suck, that has to be the sweetest, most innocent blowjob I have ever witnessed. Kasey playing blind, she holds him and caresses as she sucks, him stroking her hair gently and balancing her shoulder. Folks, you just need to see this. My words do it no justice. One of the most impressive things I have ever had the pleasure to come across my review screen. He lays her on the bed and gently removes her shorts and panties. Kasey plays this well as her innocent nervousness is apparent. Treating her with respect, Isiah touches her body and face in a getting-to-know-you kind of way before going down on her. Kasey stays in perfect character as he licks and fingers her, her sweet whimpers and moans sealing the performance. Keeping the sex real and simple, going from mish/spoon to from behind and back to mish for an amazingly believable performance. Her smile at the end will melt your heart. And as he lays down next to her afterwards, it ends the scene on a honest moment.

I’m gonna take a break here and say that this is the most genuine and well delivered scene I have ever seen. Moving, honest and pure raw emotion and believable interaction between Kasey and Isiah captured with the skilled and detailed eye of director Skow, make this one hell of an experience that will stay with you for a long time.

Back to the film, the emotion doesn’t end. Steven rips into Adriana and she dishes it right back at him as Reena looks on. Upon looking close, you can see tears running down Adriana’s cheek. One can only imagine the tension on set as this plays out.

Adriana shows up at the guys house who invite her in to join them and Kasey for breakfast.

Steven and Reena discuss at home.

The guys and girls discuss over breakfast.

Layton Benton, Steven St.Croix

Steven sits on the couch with Layton Benton. As it turns out he has a secret thing with her, visiting her at the club. They share a beer as he feels her tits and he whips out his dick for her to suck. He takes her from behind and she rides in reverse before he goes down on her and slips her some mish. Another go from behind and a spoon fuck followed by some finishing mish round out the sex. A quick breather and he leaves.

As a fan of Ms.Benton, I do wish this scene was longer or she had a bigger role, but this scene opens so many questions. Not so much in the story as they are basically answered, but in history.

Adriana Chechik, Jovan Jordan

Jovan, Adriana, Kasey and Isiah sit on the couch when Jovan suggests that the later two head to bed. They leave and Adriana and Jovan have a talk. They kiss and find themselves naked with his dick in her mouth. She slurps him down in a slobbery suck and gives him a titty fuck before he jumps right in for a deep anal spoon fuck. After climaxing, she moves him to her pussy for more pounding the gets on all fours for a hole switching fuck from behind. Some anal mish and another hole switching spoon fuck then she gets on top for a ride in reverse and cowgirl before another go from behind. One more go in mish and a cowgirl ride wrap up the fuckery.

The next morning all four go back to the girls house…





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