Confessions – Tropical Lust Productions


Studio: Tropical Lust

Released: 2016

Length: 1:52



Folks, I love it when something unexpected falls in my lap. It’s always hit or miss as to whether the unexpected is good or bad, but either way, its an adventure. Such is the case with Confessions for Tropical Lust Productions. I was not expecting to be giving a review for this film, but I’m always up for a new adventure. Associated with Kendra Lynn Films, I had a feeling that this was one of those cases where the pros would out weigh the cons and that I was in for an enjoyable ride. Ms. Lynn is one of those girls who (unfortunately) flies under the radar. I see her on Twitter here and there and have had the pleasure of watching a few of her scenes, but that’s just it… a few. When graced with her impeccable beauty on the screen, one has to wonder why she doesn’t come across more often. Well I was in for a treat here, as she opened the film, starting us off on a high note. So the premise of the film is that there is a place (a resort maybe) where these girls go to talk about their fantasies. They talk to a camera and then write in a book. Once they write, the fantasy comes true. Clever, I like it. It is shot well and edited nicely. The sound is crisp (some dialogue a touch difficult to hear, but minor) and everything plays out smooth. As I mentioned, Kendra Lynn opens the film giving a great performance both in the acting and fuckery department. I have to mention that she was rocking the blue and white shimapan and my poor old otaku heart melted a little (I may have screenshoted and made it my wallpaper…). She has an enjoyable fuck with Zach West and lives out her fantasy (though one might admit that goes both ways…). Definately a great opening scene. Kate England showed up in the next scene, giving the camera a talk about her fantasy and writing it in the book. I have always enjoyed Kate’s work and this was no exception. She has a spirited romp with Tony D to live out her dream and lucky us, get to be the flies on the wall. Truly another great scene. Next up was Crystal Rayne having a fantasy go with Flynt Dominick. The scene was short(er) and sweet but still a good watch. Closing out the film was none other than Hope Harper. She gives a great performance and I am always glad to see her come across my screen. Another underrated performer who deserves more in my opinion. She gives Tony D (back for his second scene) a great fucking and us a great watch as the film comes to an end. All in all, I really enjoyed this film (so much that I watched it twice while doing this) and cannot recommend it enough. If you haven’t given Tropical Lust Productions a watch, I suggest you do so much sooner than later. I for one hope to see much more from this company as well as Ms. Lynn.


Scenes from the Movie