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Cosplay Geeks 2


August 15th 2016

What is better than super hot girls cosplaying as your favorite characters? Super hot girls fucking as your favorite characters! Burning Angel brings us just that with Cosplay Geeks 2 and I for one couldn’t be happier with the offering. While at Comic Con in Chicago this past summer I saw some pretty hot costumes, but nothing as fantastic as what Cosplay Geeks 2 has to show. Joanna Angel as Sally, Roggie as Spectrum, Rachael Ravaged as Spock, Draven Star as a Slytherin and last but absoultely not least Ophilia Rain as Vampirella. It is quite the assortment of characters with Vampirella being a nice treat (she is often overlooked in the cosplay world…or at least what I have seen). This film is fun, sexy and shot quite well. Definitely worthy of o a spot in your collection and a permanent spot in your player, Cosplay Geeks 2 is a must own film.

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Inked Angels 10
Schwing 9.5
A/V Club 9.9
Box Appeal 10
Cum Again 10

What Burning Angel Tells Us About Cosplay Geeks 2

Ever noticed how much sexier your favorite geek culture characters look in person at Comic-Con? So did we! I found 5 hot cosplayer girls to bring your nerdy, dirty fan fiction fantasies to life! – Burning Angel


A Walk Through The Scenes

Joanna Angel, Small Hands

The Nightmare Before XXXmas

Joanna Angel opens the scene dressed as Sally with a Xmas tree and presents next to her. She selects a gift, it being an dildo and sits next to a destroyed snowman to give herself a little self pleasure while calling out Jack’s name. This is pretty superb in it’s reality. Joanna makes a perfect Sally (not to mention a really hot Sally). After a good self fucking session, Small Hands (dressed as Jack, and quite well I might add) bursts onto the scene. After Joanna shares her most terrible vision of his christmas package (HA) he reassures her that it is fine. Small Hands then proceeds to entertains us with a song that is destined to be a holiday classic (seriously, I need this on CD…or at least an mp3… I could alienate myself from all of my family with this), but I will let you hear it for yourself when you pick up a copy of this film as opposed to telling you about it. The serenade over, Small Hands and Joanna kiss and caress (classy big hands joke included) as he gets a hand up her dress. She gives him a suck before a quick mish stab and a deep pounding from behind. A spoon fuck lead her to climb on top for a go in reverse and cowgirl. This is an extremely fun scene full of everything you love about Burning Angel. I will never watch the source film the same again. Joanna will forever be Sally in my mind.

Roggie, Nat Turnher

Cage VS Spectrum

Roggie walks down the street as Spectrum and enters an office where she finds Nat Turnher as Luke Cage. She inquires his call and he informs her he wants her to take over. Coming around the desk they kiss as he gets his hands all over her ass then strips her out of her attire. I’m still not sure what she is taking over all I see is taking off. Anyway, she drops to give him a suck, swallowing him down deep. He finishes getting her outfit off as she bends over the desk for a pounding from behind. He gives her a lick and a missionary dicking before she briefly rides his cock in reverse. Going ass up ion the floor, she takes a pounding from behind. It was nice to see Roggie again. It has been some time since we have seen her last and one can only hope for more in the near future!

Rachael Ravaged, Will Powers

Trekkie Love

Will Powers comes downstairs (dressed as Kirk) announcing that he is ready to go to the comic convention when he gets an eye full of Rachael Ravaged dressed as one sexy Spock. They meet in a kiss and to the bed together. He peels her top off to suck on her nipples before putting her ass up on the bed to remove her shorts. He gives her a lick then plows into her from behind. A quick suck before a spoon fuck and a ride in reverse and cowgirl finishing with a go in mish. Rachael looked amazing here, and as this was the first scene I have seen of hers, I hope to see many more. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of Mr.Powers and he killed it a little. It felt like a blowjob scene with a little sex thrown in, as most scenes with him do. Again though, I really hope to see more of Ms.Ravaged and I hope it is soon!

Draven Star, Ramon Nomar

Horny Potter

Draven Star and Ramon Nomar sit on the couch to open this scene. Ramon is kinda looking like Harry, but Draven is absolutely looking like hot…I mean a Slythern. No; I meant hot. Maybe it’s the glasses, but Draven looks more stunning than usual here (if that’s possible). He does a transfiguration spell turning a rubber duck into a different rubber duck, and then a different one and so on. Not impressed, Draven comes up with a spell that they can do together. With a wave of her wand, she creates a growth in his pants. She removes her robe and swings a leg over his lap. Now folks, as a porn reviewer I may be a tad jaded. I see performers fuck on a daily basis, but the simple act of her skirt lifting up as her leg moves over him to reveal a simple white lace panty over her gorgeous ass… yeah, we all have our thing. Anyway, they kiss as he takes nice handfuls of her posterior as well as a suck of her nipples. He strips down for a suck before laying her back and giving her a lick and a finger. A go in mish and a deep spoon start off the fuckery. She rides cowgirl (beautiful view) and reverse (again, beautiful view) and takes a deep fuck from behind to end the scene. Folks, this is a must see, multiple watch scene.

Ophelia Rain, Chad Alva

Vampirella XXX

I will not lie to you folks, this is a scene I have been eagerly anticipating getting to see. The object of my teenage lust, Vampirella, being brought to life Burning Angel style by none other than the gorgeous Ophilia Rain. I ask you, who else could possibly play the part of Vampirella beside Ms.Rain? No one, I tell you. No one! Opening the scene on a black couch sipping wine when Chad Alva comes in inquiring about her day. They discuss, the fourth wall is broken and Ophelia looks fantastic. Remember the upskirt shot from the previous scene? Ophelia turns over to embrace Chad and her cape falls just right, offering a fantastic view. Moving her costume, he sucks on her nipples and rubs her clit as they kiss. Going down, he gives her a lick and a finger fuck as she moans out her enjoyment sweetly. Returning the oral favor she gives him a wet suck before riding him cowgirl as we get to watch her glorious ass bounce (oh sweet Satan, that ass). A go in mish and a pounding from behind lead to a deep spoon fuck to end the scene. The perfect close to the film, Ophilia Rain delivers a great scene that begs to be watched many, many times.


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