“Countertop” – Tattooed Babe KylieMoone

Tattooed Hottie KylieMoone Stuffs Her Muff On The Counter!

Cast: KylieMoone

Resolution: 1920×1080 HD

Length: 10:34

Category: Solo

Costs:  $29.99

Where You Can Buy: ManyVids

Tattooed Babe KylieMoone Feature


“I fuck myself with my favorite toy Bruiser on my kitchen counter”

– KylieMoone


What did you think of last week’s clip review on “Tutoring Kiki’s First BBC Creampie” by inked babe Dakota Marr?  We thought it was pretty hot!  Now for this week’s review, “Countertop” by tattooed babe KylieMoone.  This hottie, we have to admit, wasn’t one that wasn’t on our radar but is clearly marked now!  This natural 36DD siren is bisexual and lists “Naughty Girl” as her occupation.  Without any further hesitation, here’s Inked Angels review of “Countertop” by tattooed babe KylieMoone…

Alright, so the scene opens up with Kylie already on her kitchen “countertop,” sporting a black lacey onesie with the snap crotch.  She’s also accompanied by her Bad Dragon dildo!  Pretty early on in the video she unsnaps the crotch of her onesie and starts rubbing the dildo and her pretty pussy.  Before long, she’s up trying to ride the dildo, which kinda worked.  That’s when she turns around, pops a finger in her butt, and starts riding the dildo with a great rear view!  After a while, she spins back around and continues riding the dildo.  That’s when she pulls out her gorgeous tattooed titties!  She gives you many different positions with the dildo and in the end, as does every good girl, she cleans off the dildo with a tongue bath!  That’s right, she’s sucking on it, playing with it between her tits and more!

Review #1

Ok, I’m gonna start this one by saying…please, please, please turn the phone horizontally. You get a better angle and it’s also standard resolution. So I think that will be my right off the bat bad point for this one. Unless it’s Snapchat, there’s no reason to use your phone vertically to record a video. Now let’s get to the action…

A girl on a kitchen counter…ok…a pretty hot girl on a kitchen counter should I say….that’s already a good start…I’m loving the ink so far…but eager to see what’s underneath that sexy whatever black thing she’s wearing…I can see what I think is a Bad Dragon toy…although I’m not a big fan of those personally. I think it’s just a bit creepy but that’s just me…anyway, I think I know where this is going but let’s see….

Well, that thing pops off pretty quick to unveil a freshly shaved pussy, nothing wrong about that. If you appreciate a woman’s feet, you’ll get a pretty close up of those. Lots of teasing going on, rubbing that pussy against that toy which seems to want to stay stuck on that counter….I kinda want to see if there were any bloopers where the toy pops out ;)
No doubt that Kylie which I have to say I’m discovering today is mega hot…if I may…I’m wondering how I didn’t know anything about her before today. Of course, doing my due diligence and research and found her Twitter @KylieMoone_ and I guess she’s pretty new..at least on Twitter.

Anyway, let’s resume that video…as expected that dildo has some trouble getting in which I want to believe is because her pussy is so tight…let me dream a little ok! And it’s for the best because she’s finally turning around. OMG, what an ass people! No warning she just sticks her finger in her ass. Ok! I’m liking this! Some good ol’ slaps make everything so dirty, nothing wrong with that ;)

The video resolution I’m not a fan of but the sound is pretty good, the sound her pussy makes as the toy goes in and out is precious. At this point, the toys are almost irrelevant to me. The ass is worth everything…but too bad she’s already turning around…and FINALLY decides to show her tits. Tits with some tattoos around the nipples…very original and I’m thinking ouch that much have been painful. It becomes really interesting once she takes the dildo and just shoves it in her pussy hard while her tits are bouncing…I still liked the view from the rear but hey I’m an ass man what can I say…and ask and you shall receive. Thank you, Kylie, as she turns around one more time…for me?

The end is interesting. I’m a geek so I notice all the details in a video, the lighting, the camera angles, the lens…so the close up at the end I notice a ring light which makes her eyes so much better than when the video started and you can’t really see them. That close up blowjob where she totally gags on that toy is pretty good. I love the little smiles and the encouragement she gives towards the end too;)

All and all it’s a decent video. Like I said I’m a video nerd so I’m noticing the details and again the video would have been much much better in a standard resolution and probably a bit closer with that light that would make her body and all her ink pop more. Like I said in previous reviews I’m not a fan of solo videos…but again I was surprised…mostly to discover a new inked beauty I’m gonna follow much closer from now on. I give it a 12/10 for the ass that’s for sure;)

Review #2

As usual, I like to end on a positive note so let’s get the negative out of the way.  No title screen, one camera position, minor focus issues, and some A/C unit kicking on in the middle of the clip.  One other thing, I think the price point is a little on the high end.  Ok, now on to the positive…

The positive?  How about a drop-dead gorgeous girl, masturbating in front of you, while your dick’s hard?  At the end of the day, no one buys these clips just to watch in their “leisure” time.  They buy them to “assist” in getting them off!  Think you really notice any of the negatives then, except no title screen?  If I wasn’t watching this to review it none of that would have really mattered to me!  Did I mention that Kylie is drop fucking dead gorgeous yet?  Gorgeous bod, pretty pussy and stunning titties!  She could be playing Scrabble naked and I’d probably be able to get off to her!

Keeping all that in mind, the negatives and positives, I give the clip an 8 out of 10 stars!  I’m definitely going to be checking out this babe on social media and keeping my eye on her closely!

Overall, Inked Angels gives “Countertop” by Tattooed Babe KylieMoone 10 stars!  Check it out now on ManyVids and follow Kylie on her social media!

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