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Dark Secrets


April 22nd 2016

Johnathan Morgan delivers an interesting tale with Dark Secrets for Wicked Pictures. It start off dark but turns out to be a fairly lighthearted story. This film would be a great addition to date night with your significant other. Curl up on the couch with the missus and a bowl of popcorn, dim the lights and let the fun begin. The sex isn’t overly raunchy and the story line leaves a lot of room for discussion. The all star cast deliver great performances, not only in the fuckery but with the acting aspect as well. I have always appreciated Wicked Pictures for their ability to produce high quality smut that is not only sexy, but thought provoking and entertaining as well. This film delivers on all points and definitely worthy of a spot in your collection.

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Inked Angels 10
Schwing 9.8
A/V Club 9.5
Box Appeal 9.5
Cum Again 9.5

What Wicked Pictures Tells Us About Dark Secrets

If you play, you pay!

Janelle (Asa Akira) flees in the night from her abusive husband Darren. She relocates a thousand miles away and tries to begin a new life. Nice guy Ben is immediately smitten with the mysterious new barista at his local coffee shop.. After many weeks of trying, Ben convinces Janelle to go out with him and they begin happily dating. Everything finally seems good in Janelle’s life… until Darren discovers where she has been hiding and shows up at her apartment. Luckily Ben also shows up just in time. – Wicked Pictures


A Walk Through The Scenes

Asa Akira, Damon Dice

As the credits roll, Asa Akira wakes next to Damon Dice and sneaks out of bed and starts packing. He awakens and gets up behind her throwing questions and accusations. To calm him down, she lies and starts to kiss him. They move onto the bed and continue to make out and caress before she gives him a suck. He returns the favor with a clit licking followed by a go in mish. He gets at her form behind and she rides him in reverse before a deep spoon where he pops on her stomach. If you read the back of the box, you know that he is her abusive husband. Unfortunately this shows Asa (the wife) as weak and scared and that her body is her only value to him. I don’t know if that was the intent, but it does make for a powerful yet awkward (if you think too hard about it and let it be) scenario. He falls back asleep and she makes her get away. I know this is all acting and storytelling, but when you have talent that can actually act; it makes it hard to forget that it is all pretend. Which again, is what makes it so powerful.

Bianca Breeze, Michael Vegas

Bianca Breeze makes coffee in the kitchen when Michael Vegas enters. There is some playful banter between them (much needed after the darkness of the previous scene) and the realization that they are alone. They kiss and he puts her on the counter to give her a lick. She drops to give him a suck then gets a leg up on the counter for a lick and a dicking from behind. Laying down she takes a mish pumping then up top for a cowgirl ride as well as reverse before a finishing go in mish. Dressed, they say their good-byes.

There is a scene of Damon discussing his missing wife with the police. He comes across as a dick to the cops. The two police discuss the scenario alone outside.

Katrina Jade, Kleio Valentien

Michael has a talk with his roommate Kleio Valentien. She goes to shower and tells Michael to let her friend in when she gets there.

Kleio leaves the bathroom into her room and Katrina Jade is waiting for her on the bed. A brief talk about plans and Katrina takes away Kleio’s towel and they start making out playfully. After some nipple sucking Kleio lays back to receive a clit licking from Katrina. The girls reverse positions, with Katrina laying back and Kleio doing the diving. Kleio rides Katrina’s face and Katrina rides Kleio’s. Katrina gives Kleio another licking before the girls go for a little 69 action. Kleio takes a licking from behind before a little scissor style tribbing and Katrina gets licked out again. Quite the high energy and extremely fun girl on girl scene. Worth the price of admission alone!

Michael and Kleio have a discussion at the coffee shop when Asa walks in. She is interviewing for a job there.

Britney Amber, Ryan McLane

Michael has a talk with Ryan McLane about his finances (did I mention that Michael Vegas is playing an accountant?) when his ‘angel’ Britney Amber walks in. Ryan wants to have a private conversation with Britney and pays Michael to leave the office.

Michael leaves as Britney and Ryan make out. In no time he has her top off and up on the desk with her skirt up. He buries his face between her legs, licking her out before giving her a vigorous finger fucking. She gives him a suck..

Cut to a phone conversation between Kleio and Michael…

…Britney gives Ryan a slobbery suck before taking a missionary pounding on the desk. She rides him anally in reverse on a chair then bends over the desk for a go from behind. She rides anal cowgirl while wearing Ryan’s cowboy hat before he pops on her face.

Asa Akira, Michael Vegas

Michael talks to Kleio at the coffee shop as Kleio is getting off work. Michael sticks around to see Asa (his new crush) and they have a discussion as well.

A lot of the story comes together here and I think it’s best you experience part of this film for yourself. What I will tell you is Michael and Asa hit it off eventually and end up at her apartment one night.

Kissing their way to the bed, they get each other out of their clothes and trade oral pleasure before he takes her in mish. She rides him in reverse and cowgirl then takes a pounding from behind and a finishing go in mish.

There is still more movie going on here but again, i’m gonna leave you to go buy the film and see how all this ends by yourself.


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