Electrodom – Deviant Entertainment

Electrodom - Deviant Entertainment

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Elecrodom – Deviant Entertainment



Maddy O’Reilly, Brandy Aniston, Gabi Paltrova, Alektra Blue, Tommy Pistol, John Strong, Will Powers

What Deviant Entertainment Tells Us About “Electrodom”

Shockingly Extreme 100% Swallow – Deviant Entertainment


Fucking hell. Once again Deviant Entertainment blows my fucking mind with a disc full of intense dominating balls out fucking insane sex. When wet dreams become nightmares, this is what happens. This film is another fine example of Deviant at their best. Hard, raw and insane. I can’t speak highly enough about the performers on this release. Every scene is a winner and every scene leaves you wanting more. Now, with a Deviant title, the darks are dark and the lights are a bit on the harsh side. Those who know me, know lighting is a common complaint of mine. With these films though, it just fucking works. You really cannot imagine it any other way. There is sheer brilliance in the insanity that comes out of this studio. As for the talent, you get the sultry Brandy Aniston, the sexy as hell Maddy O’Reilly, cutie Gabi Paltrova and fucking Alektra Blue. Fuck! Seriously folks. If you are not buying up Deviant Entertainment titles and rewatching this shit over and over, you are failing at life. This is some epic fucking shit! 5 Hard Ons Out Of 5 and worth every one.

A Walk Through The Scenes

Brandy Aniston (@BrandyAniston), Tommy Pistol (@TommyPistol)


We come into a dark room and Brandy Aniston is laying on a bed, blindfolded and rubbing herself off. Tommy Pistol comes in wearing all black and starts touching her leg with an electric wand thing. He touches her thigh and bush with it while rubbing and licking her clit. He touches her clit with it making her jump, her anticipation of another zap is amazing to watch. He zaps her ass and gets quite a good squirm out of her, not to mention some pretty vocal hollering. Zapping her tits and chest has her shaking and when he sucks her nipple she just about comes unglued. He rubs her out and gives her a few good licks before removing her blindfold and dropping his pants. She gets on all fours on the bed and gives him a spit filled blowjob then lays back with her head hanging down and he slips his cock down her throat. Tommy lays down and Brandy sucks him like her life depends on it (this is a Deviant title so maybe it does…). She gets on top facing him and bounces on his pumping cock. She goes on a wild cock ride, bouncing and screaming on his thrusting shaft before stopping to take him deep into her throat then getting back on top in reverse. She hovers herself letting him rocket up into her while reminding us that fucks are indeed holy. She bounces and grinds and screams and rubs her clit then drops for some more sucking. She sucks him deep, producing plenty of lubricating spit, which she uses to give him some rapid tugging between salivating sucks. Brandy gets on all fours and and takes an intense pounding from behind (and by intense I mean in-fucking-tense). After getting her pussy pummeled, Brandy drops to her knees so Tommy can fill her mouth with his seed. Fucking outstanding scene! Just fucking outstanding.


Maddy O’Reilly (@MaddyOreillyxxx), Tommy Pistol


In a room that resembles a warehouse garage, we find Maddy O’Reilly tied up to a cross and blindfolded. After some great body pans from the camera, Tommy Pistol enters the room and starts feeling up our damsel in distress. He spits in her mouth then gags her with his fingers, causing her to drool. He spreads said drool on her tits before giving them a slap. He goes back to get more spit, then rubs his wet fingers between her legs. He slips his fingers inside her and rocks her a bit, before gagging her with his pussy flavored fingers. He grabs his electric wand and begins zapping her legs. He runs the wand all over her body as she squirms and twitches. He unties her and leads her to a bench. Bending her over he gives her amazing ass a few smacks before tearing her fishnets and licking her ass and slipping some fingers up inside her slit. She is brought to her knees, to free his cock from his pants and suck it like only Maddy can. She takes him deep producing a lot of spit, which apparently is not enough for Tommy, as he gags her with his fingers. She spits into his hand and he smears it all over her face. He spits in her mouth and sucks him some more and plays with the spit on his dick. He bends her back over the bench and takes her from behind. He holds her by her hair as he pounds her to ecstasy. She goes back down and gives him another amazing Maddy sucking off. She lays back on a small bench and he pounds into her in mish. She rolls over to receive another hair pulling, from behind fucking. Maddy takes such a pounding from Tommy, her moaning almost becomes crying. She gets back to her knees and gets another gag inducing throat fucking before he fills her mouth with jizz (which she devilishly blows bubbles with before swallowing). Another fucking incredible scene.


Gabriella Paltrova (@GabiPaltrova), Will Powers (@Will_Powers)


In a dungeon style room Gabi Paltrova is laying on a table blindfolded and breathing nervously. We again are treated to some great body pans from the camera. In walks Will Powers, who starts talking to her and has her crying in fear within seconds. He feels her up and down before wandering off and coming back with the electric wand. Gabi jumps at the sound and twitches when he touches her foot. He traces her body with the wand causing more whimpering and fear. She seems to become less fearful as she asks for more. Putting the wand away, he straddles her chest and feeds her his cock. She gives him a drool inducing head bob as he forces more and more of his meat down her throat. He drags her to the edge of the table and pumps into her mish, forcing himself deeper into her wet snatch. She holds her legs back as he works himself in and out of her. She spins and tilts her head upside down to receive a mouthful before getting on all fours and swallowing him down. She spins again and he enters her from behind and rocks her into a gasping, drooling delirium. He lays on the table and she gets on top facing him and bounces on his pole making her ass shake something amazing. He thrusts up from underneath while gagging her with his fingers before she gets down and slurps on his dick. He holds her head and pistons her face then gets her back on the table for some spooning. He slams into her from behind while hooking her cheek and then covering her mouth and nose. She gasps and moans and rubs her clit. He continues to pump her as he chokes her and she lets out a scream as his thrusting picks up speed and depth. She gets on top of him in reverse and he splits her slit and drives into her from below as she moans out her approval. He hops up and she lays in front of him and he shoots his load into her mouth. Gabi gives a great performance here and this is one of his best in my opinion.


Alektra Blue (@clubalektrablue), John Strong (@JohnnStrong)


Alektra Blue is laying on a bed, blindfolded in a candlelit room, giving herself a bit of a rub down. Her self massage becomes self pleasure when John Strong comes in with an electric wand reminiscent of a comb (maybe it is a comb, but why you would want an electric comb is beyond me). He “combs” over her legs stomach and tits before rolling her over and zaps the backs of her legs and ass, Alektra rubbing herself out all the while. She rolls back over and he zaps her legs and stomach while squeezing her tits. Putting the wand away, he dives between her legs and licks and sucks her clit before tonging her ass. She gets on all fours and sucks down his cock. She turns and gets a few quick swats with his belt on her ass before he gets busy licking her from behind. She gives herself a quick rub before he slides into her from behind and gives her a good deep fucking. He flips her on to her back and rocks her in mish while choking her. She rubs herself as the do a duet of moans before getting on the floor an slurping on his dick. She gives herself a rub as she bobs up and down on him. He puts her back on the bed and gives her another licking then lays behind her to spoon fuck her. She gasps and moans as he pounds into her from behind and gags her. She goes down on him again as he lays on the bed slurping and spitting on his dick as she gives him some two handed jerking. She crawls on top facing him and bounces and grinds on his shaft. She gives him another suck and tug then takes her spot back on top. He pumps her from below while choking her. She take a brief stint on top in reverse while yelling out in bliss then gets on her knees and sucks his load out into her mouth.




DVD Details

Release Date: April 2014 Running Time: 2:09 Studio: Deviant Entertainment


Directed By: A.Slayer

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Electrodom - Deviant Entertainment

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Electrodom - Deviant Entertainment


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