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Female Seduction – Airerose Entertainment



Anikka Albrite, Bonnie Rotten, August Ames, Lea Lexis, Miya Stone, Veruca James, Allison Moore, Chase Ryder, Maddy O’Reilly

What Airerose Tells Us About “Female Seduction”


Only another girl knows how to bring out the biggest orgasm of your life! This all girl feature is nothing short of spectacular with plenty of hot pussy and tight ass play! – Airerose

Folks, I’m not gonna lie to you. I wanted to love this disc. I mean seriously, look at the performer list. How could this not be just about the greatest line up for a two hour film? You’ve got the incomparable Bonnie Rotten with the impressive Anikka Albrite. Then you get the sweet yet sultry Veruca James with August Ames. A three way with Miya Stone, Chase Ryder and the sensual Allison Moore (why have I not seen more of her?). Finally the incredible Maddy O’Reilly and Lea Lexis. So, what went wrong? The editing, the blurry camera work, the distorted audio and at times, bad lighting, to start with. There were parts of this film that were just hard to watch. I could have done this good of a job (if not better). None of these faults fall on the heads of the performers, as they were all great. This was actually a very good film, and yes; I will watch it again. I just wish the crew had been on top of their game. This was easily a high rating release in my book, but due to the crew, I’m forced to give it 3 Hard Ons Out Of 5. It probably should be less, but the star power warrants it. Maybe next time, Airerose. I have faith in you.

A Walk Through The Scenes

Anikka Albrite (@AnikkaAlbrite), Bonnie Rotten (@thebonnierotten)


The film starts out with Bonnie Rotten and Anikka Albrite dancing and grinding each other and then making out. It’s not really part of the scene, just a intro tease. It works though. Bonnie is wearing all red while Anikka is in all blue. They are dancing in a puddle with flames in the background. They give off the perfect contrast of fire and water (ice). I’m not sure what this has to do with the scene, but it is a fun watch. The dancing over, we enter a room that somewhat resembles an office in a garage. Anikka is bent over a table and Bonnie walks over and smacks her perfectly round ass a couple times and gives it a jiggle. This abruptly cuts to them sharing a sloppy kiss complete with drool and spit. Bonnie sucks on Anikka’s nipples. The camera gets blurry in a full body pan of the two, then abrupt cut to Anikka sucking on Bonnie’s. Another abrupt cut to them kissing and Bonnie fingering Anikka (this also goes blurry briefly). Abrupt cut to Bonnie spitting on Anikka’s pussy and fingering her still. She helps Anikka out of her one piece and gives her ass another jiggle and smack before burying her face from behind. Anikka bounces her ass while Bonnie’s tongue is working it’s magic. Bonnie puts a blanket on the table and Anikka lifts a leg up. Bonnie gets out a glass toy and starts fucking her with it. She tells Anikka to lay on her back. They kiss and Bonnie slams her body in between Anikka’s legs before she again fucks her with the toy. Bonnie takes a dive between her legs and switches to fingers and has her moaning and shaking. Bonnie lets Anikka taste her fingers and they kiss. She gives her another pussy licking before bringing out the Hitachi. Anikka screams as Bonnie vibes her clit. Bonnie takes to a chair and begins vibing herself while Anikka fingers her ass. She then penetrates Bonnie’s ass with a double ended glass dildo and hovers over her inserting the other end into herself. Bonnie gets off in a volcanic squirt shower. Anikka rams her pussy with the glass and sends her off in another eruption, drenching them both. Round two with the glass in her snatch and vibe to the clit ends in yet another squirt show. Bonnie continues to vibe and Anikka gets the glass piece and four fingers in Bonnie’s ass ending in Bonnie’s fourth squirt in a matter of minutes. Bonnie gets on her knees in the chair and Anikka comes back with a black butt plug and works it into Bonnie’s ass. Bonnie uses her trusty Hitachi while Anikka works the plug. Anikka works eight fingers into Bonnie’s ass while Bonnie works her own clit with her fingers into another shower. This scene was great between the girls. The only problem was the horrible editing, blurry camera work and bad sound. It’s like they were too close to the mic and their voices came out metallic and distorted.


Veruca James (@VerucaJames), August Ames (@RealAugustAmes)


As with the previous scene, this starts of with some dancing. The amazing Veruca James is dancing outside in full lingerie while August Ames is rolling around on the floor inside on a carpet in nothing but her white lace panties (maybe they are light pink). It shows Veruca for a bit then cuts to August and back and forth. Eventually it stays on Veruca and just lets us enjoy her dancing in front of and above the camera. Veruca enters a room, having ditched the lingerie, wearing what appears to be the remains of a pair of jeans. August is standing in front of a three way mirror. They meet and begin kissing and exploring each other. Veruca takes to her knees and removes August’s panties and begins to lick her from behind. Cut, and August is in another room and Veruca walks in and leans over the table. August peels her jeans off and gives her a good licking. They hold hands and walk down a flight of stairs to a landing with a glass partition and they bend over showing (and shaking) their asses through the glass. This is cute and a fun break in the action. Cut, and they are in another room and August is on her back. Veruca get in front of her and begins licking her slit. She gets off in a distorted metal scream. Cut, Veruca is on her back and August is filling her ass with anal beads. This last briefly before August gets a glass toy and inserts it into Veruca’s ass. August adds fingers to clit and it isn’t long before Veruca is moaning (yes, this is distorted as well). August decides to focus on the glass, so Veruca takes matters into her own hands (literally) and begins rubbing her clit to get off. They kiss and August inserts a ponytail plug into Veruca and they walk up the stairs. This scene suffered the same production faults ans the first. My biggest beef with this scene though, was it’s length. Why was this scene barely twenty minutes? I was all set for a good thirty plus minutes of Ms.James and was cheated. In my zombie Gage voice, “No fair. No fair no fair.”


Miya Stone (@miya_stone), Chase Ryder (@ChaseRyderxxx), Allison Moore (@AllisonMooreXXX)


No lead in dance this time. Miya Stone, Chase Ryder and Allison Moore walk into a room (sounds like the start of a bad joke, doesn’t it?) and start playing foosball. Chase starts rubbing on Allison and they make out. Miya comes to join the action. They spend some time kissing and touching before the bras come off and they suck each others tits. Allison helps the girls out of their panties and prepares their holes with a few licks and they help her out of hers and Chase gives her a lick from behind. Miya backs up onto the air hockey table and Allison bends over to lick her slit while Chase licks Allison from behind. Chase moves on to sucking Miya’s nipples while getting her clit rubbed. Allison takes over titty duty and Chase goes back to working Allison from behind. The trio head upstairs, Miya and Allison stopping to kiss. They find themselves on a bench at the foot of a bed and Chase goes ass up. Miya rubs her clit while Allison give her ass a lick before making out with Miya. Chase joins in the kiss and everyone resumes their role. Allison brings out a red toy and gives Chase an anal probing. Allison then brings out a crop and a flogger (again, why have I not seen more of her?) while Miya puts on a strap-on. She gives Chase a few playful swats with each then takes her position of attention. She sucks Miya’s strap-on while Chase probes her with a purple toy. Chase gets on the bed and lays back allowing Allison easy eating access, while Miya takes Allison from behind with the strap-on. Allison and Chase both take a turn sucking on Miya’s rubber cock and Allison tongues Chase’s ass. Miya takes her anal reaming by sitting on Chase’s strap-on while Allison rubs her clit. Miya lays on her back and Allison toys her ass with a blue toy (this girl must have brought a suitcase full of stuff and how can you not love her for it?) while Chase licks Allison from behind. Chase then stuffs Miya’s face with her strap-on while Allison continues plugging her ass and rubbing her clit. Chase stuffs Allison’s ass with three sets of beads while Miya uses the crop on her. Chase brings out a thick glass cock and Allison helps get it into her ass. Allison bends over the bed and uses a purple toy on herself while Miya and Chase try out the crop, flogger and paddle on her ass. Chase gets underneath her to lick while Miya continues with the crop. Chase starts in on her with her fingers and Miya takes over the toy and together they get Allison screaming in ecstasy. They share a three way kiss. Allison was definitely the center of attention here. Fucking spectacular. Again though, with the blurry camera and bad audio and editing. It wasn’t as distracting in this scene but still there.


Maddy O’Reilly (@MaddyOreillyxxx), Lea Lexis (@LeaLexisXXX)


The scene starts off with a montage of Maddy O’Reilly and Lea Lexis basically being sexy. They strip and Maddy does a lot of eye fucking the camera (and with those smoky eyes, the camera just lets her). They end up outside wearing (what I assume) owl masks. Maddy gets oil poured on her perfect ass and Lea tears her panties off to clean her up. They walk naked back up to the house holding hands. Cut, they are inside and Maddy has a bra on. They help each other get dressed up in lingerie in a series of abrupt cuts and odd editing. Maddy is laying on the couch and Lea is kissing her thigh. She spits on Maddy’s lace panties and begins to tease her with a finger. Maddy reaches behind Lea and returns the favor. Cut, and Lea is spiting gold balls (two of them) into Maddy’s mouth. Maddy passes them back and Lea inserts them into Maddy’s pussy and slips her a finger. She continues finger fucking her until she gets off. Lea is on her back and Maddy get on her knees between Lea’s legs and gives her a tender licking. Lea put’s nipple clamps on herself while Maddy continues to lick and finger her. Cut, and they are on a completely different (same color) couch, kissing and helping each other out of the clothes they just helped each other into. Maddy is on her back and Lea helps the gold balls out of Maddy. Lea inserts a purple toy into her and leaves her to get a double ended glass dildo. They both suck on an end. Cut, and they are on the couch on their knees, ass to ass with the toy between them. This doesn’t last long as the awkwardness is apparent. Maddy gets up and Lea uses the glass toy on herself. Maddy puts a stainless steel pug into Lea’s ass while Lea rubs herself off. They walk out of the room and we find them on a third couch, with Lea bent in half and the plug still in place. Maddy removes the plug and replaces it with a gold one. Maddy is then on her back and Lea is toying her clit with a black vibe and finger fucking her. Both girls are then on bar stools fitted with strap-ons (Lea still with her jeweled gold plug in place), Lea rubbing Maddy’s clit. Close up of them kissing and it’s over. The editing in this scene is beyond words. The camera didn’t blur out as much, so that’s a plus. And no distorted audio. Because there was no audio. Just the same music loop over and over for half an hour. Sigh.




DVD Details

Release Date: October 6th, 2014 Running Time: 2:09 Studio: Airerose


Directed By: Draco

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Female Seduction - Airerose Entertainment

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