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Inked Angels “Fresh Ink”

By: Bill The Hobbyist

Kleio Valentien

For over 30 years, and in many different aspects of the adult industry, I have always had a deep passion for newcomers in the business. This has included helping them get established, networking, gaining exposure and more. The pictures I have included are actually the six young ladies who have been nominated this year as “Inked Angels’ Starlet Of The Year” and you can vote for you favorite at this link.

In the past, I have written columns on newcomers that have been very well received by fans, companies, producers and directors. In some ways, they became a ‘go to’ on who is new, exciting and professional. Ultimately, girls have gained bookings from the column too.

Mary Jane Marley

I have been given the honor from Inked Angels to continue this work and move this to them. I am excited that I will be doing a monthly column, starting this month, called, “Inked Angels Fresh Ink”. It will focus on 2 – 3 exciting “Inked Newcomers” who have recently entered the business.

As I look at newcomers, just being a good fuck or giving an awesome blow job doesn’t make a top newcomer. I look at many more areas, including their overall potential, respecting and showing appreciation to their fans and the industry, having a love of what they are doing, not being drama queens, communications, and more. Yes, to me a top “Fresh Ink” girl is the complete package.

Krysta Kaos

I also can find at times, with so many new girls entering the business, one can be easily missed. I have always welcomed input from fans, companies, producers, directors and even the performers themselves. So, I do encourage you to let me know of any girls I should take a look at, and girls who are in the business are welcome to introduce themselves to me as well. The only three requirements you must have for me to take a look at a performer are: Must be in the business less than one year, have some kind of ink, and have a scene out so I can look at performance (it can be a dvd, web-site scene, clips for sale, or anything that give a look at the girl).

Bailey Blue

If you would like to contact me at any time with a suggestion or to have a girl introduce herself to me, you can email me at billthehobbyist@gmail.com or catch me on Twitter @BillTheHobbyist

Severin Graves

So, let’s, as an industry, get the strong and potential “Fresh Ink” out there so we can all enjoy what she brings to the industry.

Look forward to hearing from you and bringing you the best in “Fresh Ink”.

Bonnie Rotten

Column By: Bill The Hobbyist

Twitter: @BillTheHobbyist

Email: billthehobbyist@gmail.com

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