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I started my career in the adult industry in November 2015, it was mostly out of spite and the incredible need to do something for myself. At the time a good friend – who started camming for MyFreeCams a few months earlier – would always talk about how she made a couple hundred bucks every couple of weeks. “Wow!” I thought, “a couple hundred bucks, I could probably put gas in my car and maybe be able to save up to move out of my parents house” (For the 6th or 7th time)
I had many jobs up to this point which were so incredibly unfulfilling and boring. I believed I would be stuck forever working as a service advisor at the car dealership I worked for going on 2 years by this time.
So I cammed here and there, but I didn’t make much money because I was pretty shy and definitely still could not afford to live on my own.
One thing everyone should know about me is that I am extremely spontaneous. My friend who introduced me to camming decided in December of 2015 that she didn’t want to live with her boyfriend anymore, and wanted us to move into an apartment together and become cam girls! Living the lavish Sabrina Nellie and AwesomeKate style cam girl life. Awesome, right? (But not very smart) Even though I could definitely not afford this venture, I said to myself “what do I have to loose?” and moved into what would be the apartment that would change my life, and my direction in the adult industry.
January 2016 came around and I recieved the shock of a lifetime – I was FIRED from the job I relied on to survive, I only had one months worth of rent left in my bank, and my friend who I moved in with was in a car accident and decided she did not want to actually live on her own or cam anymore.

I was completely lost and hopeless, I had no contingency plan as camming wasn’t really paying the bills and I wasn’t actually camming that much – because I had a full time job at the dealership.
After about 4 days of crying, I decided to go full-bore with camming, and I got another job to hold me over for a few months. I worked 8 hours a day there – at my vanilla job – and would come home to cam 4 hours per night. I got very lucky and feel very grateful looking back on this time period because it taught me that I could not idly stand by and let my life wash down the drain. By April of 2016 I was able to quit my job and become a full time cam model.

By the end of 2016 I moved to Portland, OR in search of a new beginning (of sorts) – it was easy and really hard at the same time. I didn’t know where to go to socialize or make friends, so instead I did all of my socializing on MFC. In 2017 I cammed the most I have ever and probably will ever cam, I spent 8-10 hours a day hanging out with the community I had built for myself. Things were going well, but I still had the feeling that I needed to be doing something else. I wasn’t entirely sure what exactly it was until May of 2018 when I was nominated for two AltPorn awards; Best New Camgirl, and Best Amateur Clip Artist. Up until this point cam was my main priority – but the landscape on MFC had changed so much in the short time I was around – and I never really felt like I deserved the nomination for Best Amateur Clip Artist. I took home the win for the Best New Camgirl 2018, and started formulating my next moves within the industry.

I really wanted to feel like I deserved to be nominated for Best Amateur Clip Artist. In the past I had made some crappy solo videos that were always emulating someone else’s work (hey, imitation is the best form of flattery right?) I wanted my porn to be artistic and beautiful blah blah blah, but I never considered that I actually have specific interests in porn, some stuff I’m more comfortable with than others, and stuff I wanted to do but wasn’t really sure where to start. I started to take my role as an amateur pornstar and director a little more seriously because at this point, I felt like it was Groundhog Day being the happy, hyper, Harlowe that people saw every single night on cam. The truth is that I’m not always happy, or always hyper and deciding to focus on clips more was actually a decision to become more authentically me – showcased in a way that I can control.

Between the months of June 2018 and October 2018, I got really serious about the next chapter in my career in the adult industry. I created sixty clips with lots of help and moral support along the way. Since then I have moved to Las Vegas to be closer to the adult industry and other performers.

My life has changed so dramatically in the last 3 years because of adult work, camming, and content creation. Without the friend I had who really shined the light on MyFreeCams for me, I might have never found my passion for creating art in whatever form, be it live-streaming or creating videos. I might have never found my true self and who I want to be, HarloweBlue.

The future of HB is going to be centered around creating HOT fucking porn, with HOT fucking people. And always trying to give back to the platforms, performers and community which have given me a whole new life. I plan on staying in this community as long as it will have me!

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