Album Review: Huntress ‘Starbound Beast’


Huntress’s second album, Starbound Beast, (released on July 2nd) not only redeems their previous album Spell Eater, but it blows it out of the water (although it takes the first few tracks to pick up some momentum) as well.  If the improvements Huntress has made since Spell Eater are any indicator to their potential, they stand to become a household name in the land of metal.

Although some of the tracks are a bit lyrically shaky, once you make it to Destroy Your Life, the album should have a nice firm grip on your interest and attention.  I wasn’t very impressed with the lyrical content of Blood Sisters, it seemed a bit hap-hazard and hard to make sense of.  However, the rest of the album is relatively lyrically sound.  I Want To Fuck You To Death isn’t bad lyrically, but it’s not great either, which I hate saying since Lemmy himself helped to pen said lyrics.

If you can look past a few of the aforementioned snags in lyrical content Starbound Beast is a pretty good album.  The band’s sound takes great influence from late 70’s and early 80’s metal, almost Judas Priest-esque.  The drums suit each track perfectly, helping to drive the song without overpowering the vocals and other instruments, but without being so subtle that the tracks sound hollow or empty.  The guitar riffs grind and intertwine the way metal guitar playing should do.  Then there’re Jill Janus’ vocals.  Janus’ vocal range is mind blowing and seamless.  Janus articulates clearly and directly, whereas often metal singers tend to sound a bit mushy or they growl so often it’s hard to understand the lyrics.  She utters shrill cries in Blood Sisters and croons like Geoff Tate of Queensryche in I Want To Fuck You To Death.  And of course she growls.  Oh, the growling.  I may have swooned a bit over her voice, to be honest.

My final word:  Despite some not-so-nice reviews, I think Starbound Beast deserves your attention.  You can pick up the album on their website, as well as on iTunes and and you can also check them out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Track Listing
1. Enter The Exosphere
2. Blood Sisters
3. I Want To Fuck You To Death
4. Destroy Your Life
5. Starbound Beast
6. Zenith
7. Oracle
8. Receiver
9. Spectra Spectral
10. Alpha Tauri
11. Running Wild (Judas Priest Cover)

Huntress – Zenith

Huntress – Running Wild (Judas Priest Cover)
Running Wild

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