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Jimmy Jane is a relatively young company and I remember when I first heard of them. A customer, then two, then twelve, read about the Form 2 in one of the countless national magazines in which its been featured. I looked it up, was impressed, and started stocking the line as soon as I could.

Jimmy Jane’s Form toys are innovative luxury products and I’m excited to have one to call my own. To kick off our Taboo Toy Review relationship, however, I decided to go with something from their Usual Suspects line.

The Usual Suspects is a broad collection of toys unified by the Jimmy Jane name and the fact that they’re all white. That shouldn’t matter much to my lady parts, but the aesthetic is pretty arousing. I’m not a minimalist by any means, but I almost want to clear out all of my toys and start over with a monochromatic scheme.

More likely, I’ll collect more toys and organize them by color.

Most of the Usual Suspects are battery powered and all are affordable. The Iconic Wand Petite retails for $40 and comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

line up

The Iconic Wand Petite is 8.5 inches long, most of which is handle. Its designed for external stimulation and its head sits atop a flexible neck, making it easy to reach “that spot,” whatever that may be for you. For me, and I’d imagine you and all of your friends and every other woman you know or do not know, it’s the clitoris. The clit is hardly elusive and not usually a struggle to reach, but I appreciate the flexibility anyway and enjoyed bending it back and forth pre-play. Note: Do not try to bend it more than 45 degrees. The fine print says this might cause it to break.

The fine print also says:

  • Do not dispose of the battery or the device in a fire.
  • Do not leave unattended on any surface while operating.
  • Do not use this product as a substitute for medical attention.
  • Never use the product while sleeping.

Jimmy Jane, you tickle me!

Onto Jimmy Jane tickling me. I partnered the Iconic Wand Petite with my secret boyfriend toy I’ve not reviewed. I played with the wand alone for a bit, but I’m a penetration kick these days and he was giving me that look. Anyway, I promise the shared spotlight didn’t color my experience. My attention was more than captured by the Wand’s nine functions.

The first is low, the second is medium, the third is high, and the fourth through ninth are rhythmic pulsations of frustration and terror. Maybe you’re into that kind of thing (a lot of women are) but I’ve always been more of a steady vibration kind of girl.

Out of obligation, I cycled through all nine. I tried harder than usual to get with the pulsating patterns, but level two was predictably perfect for me. This is a toy that will not overwhelm nor disappoint in intensity. It has a setting for everyone, and while not silent, folks in the next room will never know what you’re up to.

I suppose if you like a lot of pressure down there or you choose to use the Iconic Wand Petite as a body massager (another silly suggestion in the fine print) the flexible head might come in handy. I won’t say it didn’t add to my comfort. It also should be mentioned that it comes with its own AAA batteries and is waterproof.

The Iconic Wand Petite is an exceptional toy for its price. I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience with Jimmy Jane and I can’t wait to try more of their offerings. Look for my review of the Form 5 next, followed by the Hello Touch X. After that I plan on collecting the entire Usual Suspects Line and throwing an All White Party in the bottom drawer of my nightstand. I’ve already got my dress.

Get yours here!

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