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One of the exciting things Inked Angels did this year for Exxxotica, AC was have a contest for fans to win an opportunity to meet and interview exciting porn performer, Leslie Lotus. The entries were strong and I am not surprised, because who wouldn’t want an opportunity to visit and interview an exciting performer like Leslie Lotus?

Each contestant that entered had the chance to win an interview with Leslie, as well as get a signed book, her new DVD, Licking Lotus, and an 8×10 picture. In addition, Inked Angels provided the winner with two free one day passes to Exxxotica.

Our lucky winner was Ryan F., and from the moment Leslie met him at the entrance to greet him until wrapping up the meeting with signed items, he had a constant smile on his face.

Once back at the Inked Angels booth, Ryan took some time as a fan and interviewed Leslie with some great questions and responses. Let’s take a look.

Leslie Lotus Interview By Fan Ryan

Ryan: Any special talents people don’t know about?

Leslie: I’m an acrobat, but not many know that I’m a squirter too. It’s something that just happens and I can’t do it every time, but when I do I love it.


Leslie Lotus Pole Dancing Center Stage At Exxxotica, Atlantic City

Ryan: What other career would you have chosen if not this one?

Leslie: If I had to choose another career, I’d probably choose either a mortician or medical examiner.

Ryan: Is dating difficult for you?

Leslie: Not at all. You really need to be an open-minded person…. besides, who would have a problem dating someone who eats pussy for a living, Leslie said with a big smile and a laugh.

Ryan: What was your first tattoo?

Leslie: It’s a star tattoo near my hip. I got it at a house party by a friend who I actually ended up working for later on and learned how to pierce from.

Ryan: Why did you choose your profession?

Leslie: I always wanted to be a Suicide Girl but never thought I was pretty enough, until a friend took some pictures of me and I saw myself in a different way and that gave me confidence to pursue modeling. I love what I do and feel no shame in it. It was difficult at first, and I had my ups and downs, but my father has approved and I am very happy.

Ryan: What’s the best way for a guy to start a conversation with you?

Leslie: Definitely not by talking about my tattoos or my dreads. Just saying hi, introducing yourself, or saying something clever is the best way.

Ryan: What’s your favorite part of this whole experience you’ve had with Inked Angles & BombShell Brats?

Leslie: They’re very open-minded, very professional and both have helped promote and further my career.

Ryan: What’s one thing that has caught your eye here at Exxxotica?

Leslie: The Dungeon area. I’m totally a submissive, which is another thing most people don’t know about me.

Ryan: How long have you been been doing this?

Leslie: I’ve been modeling since 2005, and for the past two years I’ve been getting into being in small video clips and have recently done my very first DVD for BombShell Brats called “Licking Lotus”.


Leslie Lotus’ Very First DVD “Licking Lotus” Produced By BombShellBrats & Directed By Missy Starr Now Available In Inked Angels’ Online Store Get Your Copy Today!

Ryan’s Wrap Up: “I want to thank Inked Angels and Leslie Lotus for everything. It was an awesome experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing and especially meeting Leslie. She was a very open and friendly person. If you guys are ever hiring, let me know.”

Once the interview was completed, Leslie gave Ryan a signed copy of her new Bombshell Brats DVD. “Licking Lotus”, as well as a signed copy of BombShell Brats’ new book that she is in and a signed 8×10 of herself.

After finishing up with the entire visit and interview, Ryan then had a chance to take some pictures with Leslie that I am sure he will cherish forever.

Inked Angels wants to personally thank Leslie Lotus and Ryan for being part of this exciting event with Inked Angels at Exxxotica, AC 2013.

Interview By: Porn Fan Ryan F – Follow Him On Twitter @Rfranceschi86

Follow Leslie Lotus On Twitter – @modifiedmodel

 See More Of Leslie Lotus At BombShellBrats

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