Inked Angels Visits With Galaxy Publicity At Exxxotica Chicago 2015



Galaxy Publication Inked Interview

As I entered the erotic wonderland that is Exxxotica this year, my senses raced knowing I’d be at the Galaxy Publicity booth interviewing tattooed hotties. With all the gorgeous hotties dancing, porn stars to the right and to the left, and a wide variety of vendors selling their wares, I could hardly decide which direction to head first. As I began to wander aimlessly into the abyss of smut, I came across the booth for Galaxy Publicity. This was one of my destinations as the level of beauty in their lineup is hard to beat. As I approached the booth, I was greeted with a hearty handshake and a warm welcome by James Bartholet. He invited me into the booth and offered me a seat. Let me tell you folks, this guy is the real deal. Witty, classy and completely passionate about what he does. We briefly put together a plan for me to get to talk to as many Galaxy girls as I could. Before he turned me loose, we sat and had a conversation about tattoos, parodies and the future of porn.


The Bob: I’m here with James Bartholet.

James Bartholet: Hi, everybody at Exxxotica in Chicago. You’re here at my booth for Galaxy Publicity and Inside The Industry on LA Talk Radio every week coming up on nine years now. And it’s a lot of fun. And I’m promoting a lot of movies. That’s what we do here. We’re here selling our movies, promoting our movies. My new movie that is out now is Barbarella XXX: An Axel Braun Parody for Wicked Pictures. I make a lot of good movies with Axel, and a lot of directors, but this is an incredible movie, because everybody, a lot of baby boomers are coming up to me going, “I remember the original with Jane Fonda, I gotta get a copy of that.” And I go, “Wait till you see the sex machine scene with me and Riley where I play Duran Duran in that.” It’s really cool, but I got so many movies here. I just finished shooting Modern Family XXX and American Horror Story XXX. I was Twisty the clown. I don’t want to give it away, but it was hot. It’s all four seasons comprised into one movie. So each little different segment is just one thing from each movie like Coven and Asylum, Freakshow and stuff. It’s pretty wild, and years ago I did this porn version of Saw, and people were like “Nobody wants to see a horror movie in porn.” But we made the movie ourself and it was a huge hit. Five years later that movie is still selling. You just saw it, there was a guy that just came and bought a copy of Saw. They love it. So a lot of people were like, “god, blood and sex?” But there’s an audience out there for it, you know. There’s an audience out there for every kind of genre you have, you know, it’s amazing. You can’t limit yourself to just make vanilla porn because you’re not going to make any money. You’re not going to be a success. You have to open yourself up to all different possibilities. Whether it’s TS performers or the BBW girls or people that are into foot fetishes or just a girl naked popping a balloon on herself, you know, people have different thing that they love.

Bob: Cater to all tastes.

James: Right on, right on.

Bob: What are your thoughts on inked performers?

James: Oh, I think it’s great. I have tattoos. Several years ago, we would say, “No way.” With making a lot of parodies and period pieces nobody had tattoos, you know, in 1940 when we were doing Three Stooges. There are some people that would say that’s not very authentic. But now, we have Joanna Angel who is really a forerunner. Then you’ve got Bonnie Rotten who’s just covered in stuff. You have Katrina Jade. You have a lot of performers who are gorgeous and they have a lot of ink on them and it’s sexy and it’s hip and it’s in. AVN did a big huge story about that. In fact, some of our spokesmodels for the AVN 2016 are inked women, performers. So it’s really good. It’s very accepted now; the piercings, the tattoos, and people are loving it. And the people that were digging just the vanilla porn, when they are seeing these tattooed performers, they’re maybe taken aback a little bit by it, but after they start watching the scene, they’re into it. They’re digging it. So, it’s not a problem. So, it’s crossing over. I think that’s the important thing.

Bob: Well anymore, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have ink.

James: There are very few women who don’t have ink on them. It’s kinda like when you start in porn, you get your manual, you go get tested and they have a tattoo artist there to give you a tattoo. Not really. (Laughs)

Bob: That’s good stuff. So, you do a lot of parodies…

James: Oh god, yeah.

Bob: Do you think that brings over a lot of people who wouldn’t normally watch porn?

James: Oh god, yeah. Let me tell you something, like the superhero stuff I do. These are people that normally, they’re not these trench coat guys buying the movies. Because they buy a very small amount of movies. We’re appealing now to people who come to Comic-Con, the college students, and couples. A couple comes up to me and say, “I wanna buy one of those romance series you did.” It’s kinda funny, and it’s not something that it’s too out there that would really shock my wife or my girlfriend. We can watch it together and then we get in the mood and then we have sex. Cause you know in the old days, they said where are the “marital aids?” That’s what porn is. We’re a marital aid. We’re helping the people out there. And I have a lot of couples that come up to me at conventions like this and even on the street and they go, “Wow, thank you so much. Because we could relate and it was fun and it started role playing for us.” And I’m like, “You’re very welcome. If I saved your marriage, that’s great.” You know. The parodies are so much fun to do but our budgets are being cut so we can’t do the big extravaganzas anymore. Probably the biggest movie we are gonna do this year is, besides the Barbarella we’ve already done and come out, is gonna be Empire Strikes Back XXX. And there’s another major movie that a major studio made. They’re gonna make a third installment of, but I don’t know. We gotta cut these budgets somehow, and it’s like do we cut on special effects, do we cut on wardrobe. I don’t want to cut on performers being paid, but, you know, we gotta make budget cuts where we can, and that’s…the reason why is because people are not buying their movies legally. They’re downloading on torrent sites and tube sites, and please, please, please if you’re hearing my voice right now, please buy your movies legally. You know, really. And you put yourself at risk when you go to a tube site or you go to a torrent site. You’ve got a 90% chance of getting a virus or a trojan horse on your computer, that’s a fact. So please help keep us going strong and making these wonderful movies. And buy and rent your movies and then it’ll be great. It’ll be fine.

Bob: As a performer how does piracy affect you? I know the studio loses out, but as a performer…

James: Oh, piracy affects me a lot. You know, Shawna Lenee and I were having lunch today and talking about it and we said as soon as we did this scene, maybe four hours later it was up on a torrent site. And we’re like what the fuck! And this went up on Brazzers or Bang Bros or something. I mean this is insane. It’s really super wrong. We can’t have that stuff. We really can’t. I wish we could stop the piracy, but it’s like when you mow your lawn and you cut a dandelion and four more pop up in its place. So what can you do? This is how you stop this, you go and you tell people, you teach the public that it’s not cool to do that. Especially the young people because they’re the future of our buying. And just let them know that it’s not cool to do that. Because young people growing up, they want instant satisfaction. They think the whole world has got to be given to them and they gotta get free stuff. It’s like, really? It’s not cool.

Bob: Someone told me one time that there’s gonna be a generation that doesn’t believe we ever paid for porn.

James: Oh god, yeah.

Bob: I think that sadly, there’s gonna be a generation that doesn’t believe porn was ever made because it won’t be made anymore…

James: That’s a very good point. That’s a very, very good point because, I mean, a lot of us have an exit plan, but there’s a lot that don’t, you know. And what are they gonna do? Pornstar standing on side of the road selling oranges? What are you gonna do, right? So yeah, I hate piracy, I really do.

Bob, Well I think that’s all.

James: That’s good, we got some good stuff.

Bob: I really appreciate it

James: Let me add in where you can find me. You can find me on my Twitter @JamesBartholet. Listen to me every Wednesday night on Inside The Industry on LA Talk Radio and on on AVN live. And check out all my great movies and buy and rent your porn legally.

After wrapping up our talk, he introduced me to Kianna Bradley, who happened to be sitting off to my right. I slid my chair over next to this gorgeous girl and let the tape roll.


Bob: To start us off, what are some scenes we might know?

Kianna: Oh, geez…well I was in the industry fifteen years ago and I’m now making my comeback. I was signed with Metro, Addiction, and Suite Dreams. I did things like Sea Sluts. It was actually taken off the shelves by the FBI and all the stuff with the rough sex videos and the cover of Anabolic’s Rough Sex, 1999. Umm, my new release out is The Seduction Of London Keyes and that’s pretty hot. Six Asian women. I like it. And that’s about it.

Bob: Nice. Okay so do you have a Twitter? .

Kianna: Well, somebody hacked my account so I just got back on Facebook, and I will be getting a Twitter soon. I can’t use my @Kianna_Bradley. Sucks. But I’ve just been really, really busy. I’m opening a bar. And I’ve got some other business ventures I’m on. Traveling back and forth from LA all the time, shooting. I have a few health issues I’m dealing with right now, but it’s gonna be fine. I’m just really excited to be getting back into the industry.

Bob: So you’re running a bar…

Kianna: Yes, opening one.

Bob: Opening one. So to word this probably improperly, is that an exit strategy? Is that something for later on?

Kianna: It is, it is. Very smart. Obviously I’m older. I’m 41.

Bob: You don’t look it.

Kianna: Thank you. And I won’t be able to do this forever. I have kids that are 13, 16, 23, 24, 25. So, as they all know what I do, my whole family does, I don’t lie to anybody about it. I’m sure they’d like to see me eventually, you know, I’m just making my comeback, so, not telling how the industry has changed so much, you know. It really, really has, so not knowing how long it’s gonna last for me, I have to have some kinda plan for later.

Bob: Right. That’s actually smart.

Kianna: And it’s not something that’s that far out of the industry. Being in the bar business, being in the porn industry, you don’t take off your clothes there cause it’s gonna be a regular bar and grill in a small town. But it’s still, you have people, you know, that, the encounters with the people. So, and that’s what I love. I love to be around people. I’m a people person.

Bob: Alright. Okay, so you said you’re shooting. You got any stuff coming out soon?

Kianna: I’ll be shooting for Hustler soon, I’ll be shooting two shoots for Metro, a company I was signed with. I’ve shot with Mike McCormick. I think I’m shooting with Glenn King and a couple of other things, so yeah.

Bob: Well, I think that’s good. I don’t want to steal you from your fans too long.

After this, James took me to go meet Shawna Lenee. She was talking with Rachele Richey and Tory Lane when we got to her booth. They were about to excuse themselves outside when we arrived, so we decided to tag along and join them. We had a brief discussion about their upcoming projects while we stood outside.


Bob: For the record, can you share your names, where we can find you on Twitter?

Tory Lane: Legally or industry…

Bob: Stage name is good, you don’t have to give me the real thing.

Rachele Richey: My name is Lisa.

Tory: My name is Bambi. (After some laughing…)

Rachele: I’m Rachele Richey.

Tory: I’m Tory Lane

Shawna Lenee: I’m Shawna Lenee.

Rachele: You can find me on Twitter @rachelerichey.

Tory: I’m @misstorylane.

Shawna: And you can find me at that’s my blog. You can find my latest scenes on there and at if you wanna see me naked.

Rachele: Oh yeah, I forgot about my new website. It’s as well. You can find the latest shit that I’m producing.

Tory: Or in your local men’s bathroom.

Rachele: Yeah, there too. (more laughing…)

Bob: Okay, What’s some recent scenes we might look for that have just come out or are coming out soon?

Rachele: One of my latest scenes is with Brazzers. It’s called Rich Bitches of Beverly Hills. And then a Jonni Darko girl/girl scene with AJ Applegate.

Tory: I just did the Brazzers House, which is coming out in the series, and Anal Bootcamp, Jules Jordan and in your local men’s bathroom.

Shawna: You can find my latest interracial scene on, and stay tuned because I have more surprises, just make sure you go to

Tory: Is it sexual surprises?

Shawna: Lots of sexual surprises. Lots of nakedness.

Tory: Gold. We give you gold all the time. Constantly, nothing but on point.

My final stop was with Yurizan Beltran. I wasn’t all that familiar with her work prior to Exxxotica, which is a shame. She has definitely become one of my new favorite girls in the industry. Our talk was short, as she was extremely busy (I actually had to stop by a couple times). One thing I would like to mention is the amount of ink on this beautiful girl’s back. Simply beautiful. Directors need to be casting her in inked films. Just saying.


The Bob: Can you state your name and Twitter to start us off?

Yurizan Beltran: My name is Yurizan Beltran and people call me Yuri. My Twitter name is @YuriLuv.

Bob: Okay, you started to tell me a little bit about your ink.

Yurizan: It’s taken me five years and eighty hours. I wanna break into the ink model side, but because it’s on my back, nobody can really see it. But I wanna break into that world because I wanna show people my great piece.

Bob: Alright. Where can we find your scenes?

Yurizan: My website, and pretty much any company. Brazzers, Digital Playground, Evil Angel, Elegant Angel.

Bob: Do you have anything recent coming out?

Yurizan: I do. I just recently worked on a project with my friend Kiara Mia. Keeping Up With Kiara Mia. It’s a parody of the Kardashians, and I play the skinny sister Kourtney. That was easy. All I had to do was pretend I was bored.

Bob: I look forward to seeing this.

After talking with her, she actually dropped her skirt right there at her booth for us to get a better picture of her back.


I know I missed a few girls from Galaxy Publicity due to their overwhelming long lines. I hope to meet up with more of them the next time I hit up an Exxxotica Expo.

Check out the rest of The Bob’s writings here!


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Inked Angels Visits With Galaxy Publicity At Exxxotica Chicago 2015

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Mama’s Busting Out! Brandi Love on Cover of AEBN Exclusive Release

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