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Bandmate Joey Arena (left) and Chris Klumpp (right)

Fresh off their first Vans Warped Tour performance, we recently got a chance to talk to Young Bloods guitarist, Chris Klumpp. We asked him about the Warped Tour, new material, touring and much more!

Inked Angels: Where is the band’s hometown?

Chris: Most of us reside in the lovely Rochester, NY.

Inked Angels: Where did the band’s name come from?

Chris: Young Bloods came about on a trip that Joey (guitar), our original bass player and good friend Andy Champion took to NJ for fun. I got a call from Joey, who was at the beach, and he told me he thought of the perfect band name. Young Bloods. Basically it stands for always staying young at heart and always living life to the fullest, which has always been our biggest philosophy.

Inked Angels: How long have you guys been together and how did you meet?

Chris: We’ve been kicking for a little over 3 years now. Although, it seems a lot longer. The band started with Joey and Andy deciding they weren’t happy in their old band, and decided to take Joey’s material he had been writing on his own and start fresh. I joined shortly after, just from knowing Joey through mutual friends, and it has pretty much been him and I ever since. We’ve had plenty of members come and go, but we always find a way to push on even harder. We’re extremely passionate about what we do, which is probably why we get along so well even through all the speed bumps, and believe me, there has been quite a few haha.

Inked Angels: You guys released ‘Blueprint to a Fire’ back in August of 2010, any plans of releasing new material soon?

Chris: Absolutely. We just recently went through a cleansing period, you could say. Pretty much did a lot of rejuvenating of the band, new singer, Joey went back to playing guitar, and we’ve begun writing for a new album with an entirely different sound. It’s something we’ve been trying to do for awhile and we’re really happy with how it’s turning out. Expect a full out comeback in September/October, and the band being stronger than ever.

Inked Angels: You guys just played the Buffalo, NY stop of The Vans Warped tour, how was that?

Chris: It was incredible! Playing Warped tour I think is a dream come true for every band, and we’re very grateful we had the opportunity, we’re making it a goal of ours to play at least a few weeks, if not the whole tour next year. I’ve always felt like we are a “Warped” style band with our work ethic and attitude, so I think that with a lot of hard work we could do really well there.

Inked Angels: Do you guys have any rituals that you do before going on stage?

Chris: haha Well, I know Joey usually has to poop, but for me I kind of just try to stay relaxed, drink an entire can of Monster and stretch. Stretching is key, nobody likes watching a band when their guitar player has the back of an 80yr old.

Inked Angels: Are you guys fans of any other bands that are playing on the tour?

Chris: Every Time I Die is always a big favorite of ours, being an hour away from their hometown in Buffalo, they’re sort of the Upstate NY hometown heroes. Also because that band can do no wrong, and kills it every year.

Inked Angels: Any plans of touring?

Chris: Of course, Were a band that loves being on the road as much as possible, so once we finish recording and getting everything prepped, we’re hitting the road hard in the Fall.

Inked Angels: Growing up, who did you look up to musically?

Chris: Me being the youngest, I feel like the generation I grew up in was a little different than most of the guys in the band, which they’ll probably make fun of me for this answer haha, but I’ve always had a huge respect for Ace Enders of The Early November. I remember right when The Early November broke up and Ace was going out on his own, he posted some videos of him building his own studio from the ground up in his house just to continue playing music, and that level of passion and commitment is something I always strive for.

Inked Angels: What is your favorite all-time album?

Chris: Haha this question is always so hard to answer, it changes almost every week. I can say though that after all these years of music, I always find myself putting on Acceptance’s album Phantoms. I believe it came out in 2005 and I still haven’t gotten sick of that CD.

Inked Angels: What’s your most memorable live experience that you’ve had to this point?

Chris: I’d probably have to go with when we played with New Found Glory last winter at The Main Street Armory in Rochester. It’s a 5000 cap venue and we had the amazing opportunity to play in front of 4800 people. It was the first time the band played a venue that big and just seeing the sea of hands, and good friends up front singing along was something I won’t forget. It was a good day.

Inked Angels: If you could play any venue, anywhere in the world to a sold out crowd, where would it be and why?

Chris: I’m sure most people would answer this question with some insane arena sized show packed with 10000+ people, which don’t get me wrong that would be amazing, but I honestly love playing packed rooms in smaller venues, the connection with the crowd is so much more prominent during shows like that. Give me a haggard basement venue and a steamy sweaty room with some stage dives and I’ll pick that over just about anything. Those shows stay with you days after they happen.

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