Interview: Kimmie Kaboom

Interview: Kimmie Kaboom

Kimmie Kaboom

Kimmie Kaboom Tattooed Babe Interview

Today I had the privilege to interview one of today’s funniest and hottest inked girls in porn, the amazing Kimmie Kaboom! Kimmie is a multi-award winning Southern Belle BBW performer. She made an explosion into the industry with her all natural 42H boobs. Prior to entering adult, Kimmie was a rockabilly pin-up model, and has also done traveling burlesque. Kimmie loves cars and was a service manager for an Auto dealer. In her spare time, she enjoys fixing up her 1989 Mustang GT.

Kimmie made her adult debut in 2014, and to date has received numerous nominations from the BBW awards show, XBIZ Cam awards, Biggie Awards, Adult Webcam Industry Awards, and AVN Fan Awards. She has also won the BBW trophy for best solo site, scored wins with The Slingy Awards for best boobs, best girl/girl scene, best social media account, and best solo site. Last but not least, she won Biggie Awards for best boobs twice, and also newcomer of the year.

This girl slays! She’s hoping to be up for best tits and social media queen at the Inked Awards 2018, & I hope to see her on stage accepting those awards at the Inked Angel’s awards show this November!

Kimmie is so personable, funny, and down to earth. We had a blast together during the interview, I hope you enjoy it!

Hi Kimmie! It’s great to talk with you today! So, I’ve got to tell you, I’ve seen some of your you tube videos lately, and I think it’s so refreshing how open and transparent you are about getting into this business.

There is a bit of rose colored glasses that people can put on when they get into this business, and I’m so grateful that I got into this business later in life after college, and having a family, and corporate America, because I’m at that stage in life where I’m comfortable with my own self. You have to live for yourself and not how other people want you to live. I myself being in the business later in life have still had to deal with friends and family who have chosen to not necessarily to be a part of my life, and it’s unfortunate, but it’s a very real reality that I think maybe a lot of say 20 year old’s haven’t really considered. Not to beat up 20 year old’s but I don’t think they have processed that they may be ostracized, or understand the full ramifications of what they’re getting into. I’m not saying that porn is bad, but since we don’t live in a world that openly accepts it, we have to think about those things, and unfortunately since it is shunned so much, if somebody wants to be in the industry at an early age, once it’s on the internet it’s just there, so if someone wants to say run for office later in life, it makes it very difficult because you have that scarlet letter on you now, but it is what it is, so that’s why I did those YouTube videos.

I think that’s good advice for sure! I love that you got into this industry later in life, even though it was kind of by accident! Clearly what’s meant to be is meant to be, because in the last four years you’ve exploded which is appropriate considering your last name is KaBoom!

I love that you used the reference! I truly believe everything happens for a reason. I believe in karma, I believe in the universe and the stars, and I really believe you get out what you put in. I truly believe in all of that. And I believe if you’re a good person, good things will happen to you. I have to believe in that. I have to still believe that there is good in this universe. God doesn’t like ugly as we say in the South. You know you’ve got to be good and nice to people. My other favorite word is twat waffle. Don’t be a twat waffle people! It takes so little to be kind. So little. And in the age of social media it seems to be so difficult for people. I think people read too much into words that are on screen, and they put their own meaning into it, depending on how their mood is that day, you know you can interpret it in so many ways. And something that may have come across one way was taken totally different, and instead of quietly messaging somebody to see what they meant by it, it seems to just erupt on social media.

That is all so true! So, what’s your biggest accomplishment so far. What are you most proud of?

My boobs are not at my knees. Okay, I’ll be serious. I think the fact that I’m still in the industry is a blessing, and I’m very grateful for the fan base I have that allows me to do that, because I know that very quickly in this business you can be eaten up and spit out and you’re done. I’m very thankful that I have a partner in this business and we discuss everything. I think that helps because for one, he keeps me in check. He keeps me grounded girl! I think it’s a good balance though because you need that person who calls you on your shit.

I got the newcomer of the year award for The Biggie Awards, and that was really cool and very validating for me, especially at my age. I was 43. There were some dirty looks when I got into this business and when I won that award because people were like, who the fuck is Kimmie Kaboom?! I totally get it, but I’m a very driven worker. I work really hard, and I like to achieve things and see them through. I think there was a little bit of a challenge there because I actually had someone who was very established in the business tell me I wouldn’t last 6 months, so I was like challenge accepted! Hold my beer! Seriously though, getting that award was pretty cool and I actually got 5 nominations for that awards show, and it was my first year in, and I was just like, oh my God they like me! But it was very cool, and it’s very validating going to all the shows. We go to all the shows, in fact we’ve got Exxxotica Miami coming up. It’s very cool having fans come up, and not just men but women, and women that are my size saying, I think it’s just so awesome what you do because you’ve made me feel more confident about myself and my body too. You know that’s cool to me, it’s not just about porn, it’s about body confidence and being sexy, because you know everybody can be sexy, I don’t care what size you are, how old you are, everybody has sexiness. There’s also lots of couples that come up and like the fact that both my husband and I are both in the business. Those are just some of the things I think are totally awesome. It’s just very rewarding when you have fans come up saying hey I like your stuff, because everybody likes to be liked you know!

I totally agree! What is your favorite kind of scene to shoot?

Ooh, well professionally, working on the professional side with companies, I’m pretty open to the different types I do. I’ve done girl/girl, boy/girl, boy/boy/girl, but I’m pretty open to all of it and they’ve all been fun and positive experiences. I like the freedom to ad lib my scenes. I’m pretty comfortable with that type of thing, so there’s been times when we are working with our production companies, KaBoom media and, where I just tell my husband to turn the camera on, and I don’t even know what I’m doing yet. I just like to roll with it and see what happens, and those are some of the best scenes we do. The boy/girl scenes are fun, but so are the girl/girl. I like it all! You have to make it fun because if you don’t like what you do then why are you even doing it?

That’s so true. So, at what point in your career did you really decide you know what, I think this is it, I think this is my new career?

When I went down and shot for the first time, and I’ll be honest with you, up until I walked through their doors, and even when I walked through their doors, I was waiting on them to go uhhhh, no no no, we’re ok, thanks anyway. And I don’t mean that to be negative, I didn’t have self confidence or body issues or anything, it’s just I was 43, a big girl, and I didn’t realize that this was such a niche, or that this was a huge genre. I know some guys like bigger girls, I just didn’t realize what a huge industry this was. But we did this scene, and then we took a cruise, and when we got back from the cruise we had all these emails with other offers. Within 2 months I had to quit my full-time job at a major dealership because this was just such a huge opportunity and I needed all my time to focus and dedicate to this, and then Darrell quit his job about 9 months later to help me, because it was just getting to be too much to handle by myself.

I saw that you have paired up with Pineapple Support. That’s a pretty new thing. How did you get involved with them?

Well it was right after the August Ames tragedy and the tragedy of some others in the business, I believe it was right after the AVN’s, it hit my girlfriend who started it pretty hard, it hit a lot of us pretty hard, it hit this whole industry pretty hard, anyone who had a soul it hit hard, because it was such an unnecessary tragedy and there are so many unnecessary tragedies in our business. You know we have so many outside forces that are against us and we all should be together as a family in the industry, and unfortunately, we’re not. So she came up with this phenomenal idea to say hey, why can’t we just provide mental health outreach for adult workers, because obviously everyone else in the vanilla side of things in the regular type world can go to a psychiatrist or have mental health options, or can call a suicide help hotline, but for us, calling a hotline, I’m not saying they wouldn’t help us too, but I think people have that pre-judgement card, and if you were to see someone in mental health and you sit on the couch and say yeah I do porn for a living, I think they would want to try and psychoanalyze that and would kind of just go against what we’re trying to do here. It’s not about what you do for a living, but it’s about how can we help you get through and process what you’re going through. So, I think it’s just an awesome opportunity. So just a little bit about Pineapple Support, you actually have the opportunity to make an account, and you can be anonymous, you can share you own story and vent, you can sign up to be a listener and actually take phone calls from people who just need to reach out and talk to somebody, and sometimes they just need someone to talk to. They have training on how to help with different things that would cover just about any kind of phone call. It’s a wonderful concept and I would encourage anybody to just go to Pineapple Support and just take it for a test drive. Look at all the things they offer. This month for the month of June, I’m offering for everybody who donates at least $25 they can get my premium Snapchat for life. It’s a great cause. We’ve also done panels at Exxxotica, and I believe we will be doing one in Miami as well.

I think that is so great, and so important. I think that just from looking back it’s becoming more and more important, and I’m very glad that you and these others are bringing these things to the forefront and saying it’s ok, to not be ok, and it’s ok to talk about it, and it’s ok to get help. We all need to be there for each other.

Exactly! And like I said before, we have enough outside forces up against us that we should all just be there for each other. That’s what mankind is supposed to do is to be there for one another.

I saw that you recently got to do some standup comedy!

Girl, you know it! It’s a bucket list! If anyone ever asks you if you want to do stand up comedy the only answer is of course! So, we went down, and Darrell recorded it all, I’ve posted the whole thing on my YouTube. So, I go up and just went with it, and they seemed to have liked me. They laughed, and I laughed, and the funniest thing about it was I was just telling true stories. I was just telling funny stories about stuff that’s happened in our porn journey. And I was bit by the comedy bug, and I think they are working on other shows for us to do! I really enjoyed it, I had a lot of fun with it, so we will see!

So, what is your favorite place that you’ve traveled so far doing porn?

Goodness, lets see. Well Miami is like a second home to us now, that’s where I film most of my professional stuff. Most of the companies I work with are from Miami, so I film a lot there. St. Pete’s is beautiful, Vegas is Vegas, Denver is breathtaking, Chicago has a lot of great food. I can’t pick just one!

What do you hope to accomplish, what’s your end goal in this business?

I have an awesome fan base and I know they love me but eventually I will transition on more behind the camera. My husband and I have a small production company we are working on now. We may even branch out into our own multi-girl site. We have a few things on the back burner I don’t want to spill all the beans yet. I think it’s going to be good, and we will literally be all over the US and Canada when we do it. Maybe even into Mexico!

In closing Kimmie wants to make sure she thanks her fans and everyone who supports her, she really appreciates everybody. If you see her at any convention she always gives away a free signed picture, so go up and say hello!

More place to find Kimmie: You can always find her at www.! She will also be at Exxxotica Miami July 20-22. You can meet her there at the Clips4Sale booth and will also be on a panel about mental health put on by Pineapple Support. Don’t forget through the end of the month, by donating $25 or more at, send proof that can be verified like a screenshot to Kimmie at, along with your Snapchat handle, and she will add you to her Premium Snapchat and email you the details.

Kimmie also recently revamped her PornHub channel with lots of free trailers and exclusives. Make sure you “like” everything you watch to show your appreciation and subscribe for free. Check it out at

Check out Kimmie’s other links as well on her website.

Interview: Kimmie Kaboom

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Interview: Kimmie Kaboom

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