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We got the chance to have a chat with Hinder’s bassist, Mike Rodden, before he heads back out on the road. We talked about their upcoming new album, tour, and about being on tour with rock bad boys Motley Crue…

You guys have a new album coming out? “Welcome to the Freak Show”?

Mike: Yeah, that’s the tentative title, I don’t think we have anything set in stone, but we’re leaning towards that.

Any word on a release date for the album?

Mike: Not so far. We have a tentative month though, November is when we expect it to be out. We actually just got it back from the guy that was mixing, so we just got our final copy the other day.

Any plans for a support tour when it’s released?

Mike: Absolutely, we’re planning on going out in October and doing a really small bar/club tour playing acoustic to introduce the tunes before one hits the radio or the album comes out. I’m really looking forward to that.

Will someone be opening for you in October?

Mike: No, as far as the acoustic tour, it is just going to be us, playing an hour set in a few key markets that we want to impact heavily. Then we should be going out after that with a full-on production tour. We haven’t even gotten to the point where we’ve brought someone on that we want to be out with. We always like to have bands we’re friends with, so it’ll definitely be someone that coexists with our vibe and sound, that way it’s a fun tour.

You guys always seem to put together a great bill for your tours.

Mike: We try to, because we understand that it’s not exactly a great time in the country financially, so we want to put together the biggest, best show possible so that people enjoy what they’re spending money on. It’s kind of shitty if you have one band and a bad line up with it, so we want people to get their money’s worth.

You have a nice collection of tats, which was your first?

Mike: Yes, I got mine in Dallas. It was the typical ’17 year old getting a tattoo’. It was a sun that I drew up that was kind of tribal that kind of had a spiral in the middle, it also had some rays coming off of it. I can’t tell you the order of my tats from there.

Do you remember your first concert?

Mike: Yes, it was The Smashing Pumpkins in 1994, Siamese Dreams tour, probably one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. They had to cut it short because some asshole let off a tear gas canister in the middle of the crowd, so they had to clear the building. The Melvins opened for them.

Have you guys had any pranks pulled on you while on the road and who pulled it?

Mike: We like to do that stuff, the last show is when everyone does it. Some bands like it and some don’t. We love it. The first one that comes to mind, which was probably the best, we were on the road with Eighteen Visions and we were at the 930 Club in Washington DC. It’s a really old club and a lot of bands have played there. It had a balcony above the stage and we had a runner go out and buy a whole bunch of dildos, all kinds, sizes and colors. During their set we started throwing dildos at them. They decided they were going to get us back, so they went to the store and bought all kinds of food; hot dogs, cold cuts, bread, cereal, all kinds of shit. They went up on the balcony and threw shit at us all during our set. A never ending supply of food! I was picking shit up off the stage and eating it during the songs. That’s the one that I really, really remember. We also did one to Papa Roach in ’07. They were on our Bad Boys tour, and we sent a runner out to Home Depot to get a toilet. During one of their songs, we had the toilet carried out on the stage and Blower, our guitar player, walked out there with a newspaper, sat down, pulled his pants off and took a shit on stage during one of their songs.

You guys toured with Motley Crue, did you guys pick up any tips or tricks on touring from them?

Mike: Absolutely, I myself watched their show every night. They are one of my favorite bands of all time, if not my favorite. Just getting to watch them do what they do, they’ve been doing it for almost 30 years, and seeing that they can keep their shit together for that long and do it well every night is crazy. Watching them makes all of us hope that we can be at their level and do it as long as they are. So yeah, every night we learned something.

Do you have a city that you like to hit when touring?

Mike: The one that comes to mind is Fort Wayne, Indiana, there is a place there called Pierre’s. We’ve played there a bunch of times and gone there on our days off to see other bands. The people are great there and all the fans are awesome. It’s just a crazy town, everyone likes to party. There’s two clubs attached, one is a live venue and one is a bar that stays open later, we always go in there, they have karaoke going on and we get crazy and hang out with fans from the show. Just a spot we make sure to put on the list when we go out.

Do you have a song that you really enjoy playing live?

Mike: Yeah, I like to play most of the songs, but from tour to tour it varies. I think on this last one, it was a song off our latest album, was probably ‘All American Nightmare’ or ‘Two Sides of Me’ because they are heavier, up tempo songs. Those are my latest favorites.

I’ve seen you guys play in both large arenas and in small clubs, you guys seem really comfortable playing either venue. Is it easy to switch back and forth from venue size from tour to tour?

Mike: Yeah, we enjoy both. The big arena tours are ridiculous because you’re playing for 18-20,000 people and that’s mind blowing to me that that many people want to come watch us play. It’s also really cool to play smaller venues where you can go into the crowd after the show and drink with the people who came to see your show. That’s almost better in my opinion, to be able to go out and interact with everybody that came to the show and have drinks and shots with everyone that digs your music.

For more info on Mike Rodden and Hinder, including tour dates and up-to-date news, check out their website… http://www.hindermusic.com/

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