Interview: Olivia Black and Bare Naked Chef

Olivia Black Bare Naked Chef Titty Interview

We are privileged to introduce one of the hottest inked lesbian couples in the cam world. A true porn power couple, Miss Olivia Black and the Bare Naked Chef.

OK. First off I want to welcome you to Inked Angels. First question is an obvious one. What made you decide to enter the adult industry?
Thank you for having us!
Olivia – I have always been more comfortable naked so I began my journey with Suicide Girls. After I was fired from Pawn Stars for being a Suicide Girl, I began camming in hopes of having the ability to reach out to my fans. I have always had an interest in the adult scene world, but I was never comfortable enough to pursue it. Then I met the Chef and she changed everything. Getting into that part of the world just seems like a lot more fun with her by my side.
Bare Naked Chef – When I met Olivia I was fascinated by the world she worked in. I have always been comfortable with my body and my sexuality and expressing it in any way I can, all I needed was that little push. Olivia introduced me to camming and I immediately fell in love, besides, doing anything with her is the funnest of experiences.
Since we are Inked Angels, tell us the story of your ink. Go into as much or as little detail as you like.
Olivia – WOW! Ok. I am going to do a brief story on my tattoos, otherwise we will be here for weeks. haha I began getting tattooed while I was a senior in high school. I knew at the age of 16 that I wanted a full body suit. My thoughts on it have always been this…if we are stripped of everything…our possessions, clothes, the works…we have nothing left but our skin to tell our story. Unless some creep takes that too. haha I have used my skin as a creative outlet to the yearbook of my life. My tattoos range from memories to moments I needed a push. They tell where I have been and remind me of where I want to go.
Bare Naked Chef – Being a musician myself I love to express art in any form. I got my first tattoo when I was 15 and it’s all been downhill from there. Each one of my tattoos tells a story of a very significant event in my life or something of extreme sentimental value to me. I’m not gonna sit here and go into detail cause we will be here till we gray and wrinkle.
Where did you grow up?
Olivia – I was born in Compton. haha #thuggin But I was raised in Southern Maryland.
Bare Naked Chef – I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela.
What were you like growing up?
Olivia – From what my father tells me I was a little shit. I like to think I was fabulous!!!! I like to push limits and that began in the womb. I would always do as my father wanted because I was going to be pushing buttons and running out of the house as soon as I was 18. My father was born and raised in Mexico and I was raised by him, alone, in a very strict household.
Bare Naked Chef – I was very active growing up, played all the sports and then my sister introduced me to the wonderful world of marijuana. haha Then I was a terror of a teenager. Sneaking out, drinking, smoking…you know, the fun stuff!
What made you choose your stage name?
Bare Naked Chef – I have been a chef for 9 years so it was only natural for me to choose something of that nature. I chose Bare Naked Chef as a play on Barenaked Ladies. And also because I like to cook naked.
Of the scenes you have shot which ones are your favorites and why?
Olivia – Well, my fave scene is actually one we just shot! I haven’t had a moment to edit it yet, but I know it looks great! One of the reasons our Wildlings love us, is our chemistry. We are a true partnership in life and business. We have the most fun doing the simplest of things, and it shows, constantly! Yet, lately, due to all of the hardships we’ve been dealing with we’ve been off and stuck in our heads. These hardships have helped to make our relationship stronger but haven’t helped us to feel our best. This was not an issue when we made this scene. We were there, smoking, having fun, and getting dirty!
Bare Naked Chef – One of my favorite scenes is one that we shot not too long ago. It was a bondage scene and Miss Olivia was beating me raw. haha For those of you that don’t know me so well, I loooove getting beat up!
What is left for you to try on screen that you have not done?

Both – Well, this is another super long answer. We just began filming scenes in January and only have about 30 available so we have a LONNNNGGGG list of ideas! We currently have 10 ideas fully planned out and waiting!

Ever done any water sports? If not, would you ever?
Olivia – I am actually deathly afraid of the water but I hate that about myself. I have always been a water baby but then I was nibbled on by a fish and lost my shit. Two summers ago I began SUP in an effort to get over my fear and I loved it!!! Last summer I finally got a Boga Board and began trying my luck at SUP Yoga, my goal is to get my certification so I can teach. One day I will not have this fear any longer!!
Bare Naked Chef – I was a swimmer growing up, and I’ve always loved kayaking, I did it a lot when I lived in Miami. Last summer I tried Stand Up Paddleboarding and I loved it! We hope to make it back down to the lake to continue doing it.
(Regarding piss play they replied simply; piss no, squirting yes.)
Are you a fan of sports? Play any in school?
Olivia – I am a baseball fan and a diehard STL Fan! GO CARDS!!!! BOSTON SUX!! The only thing I did in school by way of sport was cheerleading. I was one when I was around 4 and again in middle school.
Bare Naked Chef – I am also a baseball fan, Red Sox, I’m not gonna bash Olivia’s team cause I’m not a jerk like she is. haha I also am a lover of soccer. I played almost every sport in school, softball, basketball, volleyball, soccer and I was even in a kickball league. haha
You’re GAY!! And don’t let her lie to you! She is a Turkey Jerky!!!
What are your hobbies? Do you read, knit or cook? Expand on any you wish.
Olivia – I love a few things, my fur babies, dancing, music, reading, eating, cooking, and going to the lake for SUP. I am also a huge road tripper!
Bare Naked Chef – It may come as a shocker, but I love to cook, baking to be more specific. I love to play music but haven’t had much time for it in a while. I also like to consider picking on Olivia as one of my pastimes.
Favorite movies and/or TV shows?
Olivia – I love a few shows. Bones, Law & Order: SVU, GoT, Friends, Golden Girls, I Love Lucy, shit, the list is endless. I also love the movies Fight Club and The Birdcage.
Bare Naked Chef – I’m just gonna go for my top faves. Breakfast Club, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Golden Girls, Friends, Miss Congeniality (1 and 2), Sister Act, Wizard of Oz, Sound of Music. Pretty much any musical, especially if it has Gene Kelly or Judy Garland in it.
What is your family’s ethnic background?
Olivia – My father is Mexican and my mother is (Jewish) Russian/Ukrainian and Irish.
Bare Naked Chef – My mother and father are both Venezuelan. My father’s side of the family is Italian, My mother’s side of the family is Lebanese.
Do you eat clean and/or work out regularly?
Olivia – I have been an exotic entertainer for 13 years and I love to dance. I began training and teaching pole fitness a few years back, and I want to get into fitness comps. We haven’t had as much time as we would like to go to the gym but it’s on the list. We are also Vegans, so we try to stick to as healthy of a diet as possible but even Vegans have yummy junk food.
BareNaked Chef – Walking the dogs up and down the stairs to our second floor apartment is workout enough. haha But I would like to get involved in some kind of sport. Maybe start swimming again. And I do watch what I eat because I was overweight in high school and I won’t let myself go through that again no matter how good chocolate cake is.
What social media and websites can fans find you on?

Both – We have our new site launching on July 1st.   We have been working our bums off on this! Plus we have a fun surprise coming by way of


Twitter – @missoliviablack and @_barenakedchef

You are Porn Ruler for a day. What would you change about the industry?

Both – Lately we have noticed a ton of catty behavior amongst members and fans of the industry and we are just appalled. We are a group of creative individuals that bring joy into people’s lives in many fashions…crying about how people don’t respect us. Yet we are openly disrespecting each other and ourselves. We have also noticed that people don’t often help each other. We feel like people think they will have things taken away, lost, or stolen by helping someone else achieve; but we don’t believe that. We firmly believe you can not demand respect if you don’t give it, and you can’t succeed if you don’t help. So we are working on blogs, tutorials, and a performer showcase for our new website. We want to bring community back to this industry and the world in general.

Is there anything you want your fans to know about you that I have not asked? Here is where you can just cut loose! 🙂
Bare Naked Chef – I LOVE BUTTS!!!!
Both – We are working tirelessly towards our Road Trip/Tour Idea! We finally have a date penciled in to leave, we aren’t going to say just yet though.  We are super excited to make this work and finally have the ability to meet everyone! There are going to be tons of specials to come to prep for the trip and reward you all for being so AWESOME!!!
We want to thank you for the interview and we really want to thank all of our sexy Wildlings for always sticking by us and giving us all the smiles! See you on the interwebs!

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Interview: Olivia Black and Bare Naked Chef

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