Interview: Tattooed Goddess Julia Epiphany

Interview: Tattooed Goddess Julia Epiphany

Inked Babe Julia Epiphany Sits Down with Kiersten Bunnz for This Steamy Interview!

Julia Epiphany New Car

Canadian-born with dual Spanish citizenship, Julia is a fierce feminist, trilingual fluently in English, French, and Spanish, and boasts an athletic 5’11” tattooed 38D-30-36 figure, with a pierced left nipple and pierced cock. She has a love for socializing, fine dining, fast cars, amateur photography, playing competitive badminton and in parallel to porn continues to develop her world-class career in IT and pioneering NT. Julia’s very first adult-industry nomination, after barely a few months of camming, was for Cam Star Of The Year (Trans) hosted by the YNOT Cam Awards, a red-carpet award ceremony held in Hollywood California. While in Hollywood to attend the YNOT Cam Awards, Julia was crowned by CAM4 to be the August 2019 CAM4 cover girl, honored to be their first trans cover girl ever.

In December, Julia was a fan-voted nominee for two AVN Fan Awards: Favorite Trans Porn Star, and Favorite Trans Cam Star. Then, toward the very end of 2019, Julia finally received her first Transgender Erotica Award nomination for Best Non-US Performer. A few months later in February 2020, Julia was nominated for a Live Cam Award as Best Trans Live Cam Model, bringing the total nominations for Julia’s first year in professional adult performance to five. Now well into her second year, Julia continues to shine despite (among other reasons) the pandemic: in July she earned her sixth nomination being for the XBIZ Cam Best Trans Cam Model award. In September 2020 she launched an ‘Official Epiphany’ online merch store, and finally, Ms. Julia Epiphany in October branched her career into new territory offering financial domination video up to $100,000 for one 5-minute order.

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So how long have you been in the Adult Industry and when was your first mainstream scene?

Gosh that first part of that question would really depend on when I “began” in the Adult Industry, and the second part also depends on what we consider “mainstream” so I’ll give it my best try:

My first pro adult work was released Feb/2019 with Canada-Tgirl, which is run by Grooby. Before that scene was released, I’d already published a few adult amateur clips a few weeks prior and those clips were part of the reason I got the shoot with Grooby. But way even before my amateur porn clips though, I’d been to several fetish events in Montreal for several years, among them the Montreal Fetish Weekend where a few “events” were in public with photographers and videographers. Though I was there as an amateur model, I modeled fetish clothing for designers, and so do we consider that the “Adult Industry”? It’s hard to say, but my amateur fetish modeling goes back probably about a decade.

As for my first mainstream scene, well if you ask me I’m not sure that’s happened yet! I mean, Inked Angels is obviously familiar with how culture can push limits of self-expression and art, but the word “mainstream” could mean very different things to different people. For example, I have a pierced cock (a.k.a. “Prince Albert”), and the only scenes I’ve done so far show my pierced cock. That might be hardcore to some people, and “hardcore” by definition means it’s not mainstream. Others might consider a PA kinda tame. So does shooting a scene with my huge genital piercing automatically put me into the non-mainstream categories? I guess it depends on who you ask. Or, maybe mainstream in the sense of non-adult? Well if that’s the question then my only answer is that I’m eager for my first mainstream production!

Out of all the scenes you have filmed, what would you consider your best shoot? Which one did you really enjoy filming the most?

This is like picking between my favourite shoes! They each have their special qualities and honestly I’m not sure I could point-blank just pick my best one. One creative style I love to use in each shoot is make them as different as possible by trying new techniques each time. Sometimes the lighting, sometimes the editing, or the layout. I will say though that using multiple angles or multiple cameras superimposed in same scene is a blast, like “picture in picture” or split screen view. One camera filming my face and the other filming my cock or ass.

I’ve done that a few times with my own recorded video, and with my live cam shows on Cam4, Chaturbate and ManyVids, where I’ve had two, three, and sometimes four cameras streaming live all in the same HD feed. It took a little trial and error to figure out, but I was even able to control the cameras remotely and zoom in and do all kinds of fun stuff to wow my fans and give them all something to be impressed by. As if having a huge plug deep in ass while stroking my rock hard glistening cock somehow wasn’t enough LOL! I think those are my favorite scenes to shoot, multiple cameras to create a sizzling hot scene, a feast for the eyes. Sometimes just one camera is more than enough though, it all depends on the mood.

When you are not doing Industry work, what are some of the things that you enjoy doing in your spare time? What kind of hobbies do you have?

As a businesswoman, spare time is a rare commodity, and the less “spare” time I have the more I feel like I’m using my time wisely. But at the same time, I also encourage my friends and fans to know how to enjoy spare time whenever you get a chance. That sounds confusing, maybe it’s easier to quote a meme I saw recently “Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans” so yeah, we have downtime and yes the downtime is unavoidable, but you can take that time for yourself without it being related to profit or success. Our lives can’t always be about making money and being 100% career devoted, because sometimes we want to enjoy the world around us without feeling judged or measured.

So hobbies are one way to make use of that time, and having a few hobbies or passions I feel is healthy because downtime can happen at any time and sitting around with nothing to do is just plain boring. So I try to plan ahead to do some exercise (like have swim or a bike ride), or playing video games with friends, or board games. Reading is also a great hobby I enjoy, and finding a site like Inked Angles to relax with is a special treat. Cooking is another, and it can be communal, and it’s a skill that can always be improved. Even meditating, so like just sitting peacefully and listening to the sound of the city can be a nice pastime but maybe not a hobby.

What are some of your Kinks? What’s your biggest turn on?

If there is one thing I have in abundant supply is kinks! I love to cook and I know I’m no “chef” but preparing myself a feast feels amazing and enjoying it with a lover is a very pure sort of love. So yeah you could call me a foodie in a way, definitely love honey and chocolate and all the fun with those. And that’s just one kink, I could fill this entire interview with my kinks! But bringing us back to something more on-topic, I have a huuuuge kink for tattoos and I think that should come as no surprise. I love elaborate ink designs, as well as the more modest ones like mine. Piercings are another, although too many piercings is kind of a turn-off.

As for my biggest turn-on, that kinda depends on the context I would say. Body language counts for a lot in terms of turn-on’s, but so does aroma or perfume. Seeing someone in nice clothing or swimwear, not necessarily muscular or thin or thick, but something that suits their body and seeing them proud of their look is a huge turn on. Being aroused and getting into the mood is such an interpersonal thing, it can vary so much depending on the context. Good timing is also a huge turn-on for me.

Who was your biggest inspiration when making the decision that you wanted to be in the Adult Industry, and if you could please elaborate a bit on how they inspired you?

That’s always been a challenge for me, to point one specific person out and be all like “yep that person over there was the one to turn me into a porn star” it feels kinda awkward and honestly I’m not sure one specific person should ever have to shoulder that burden. I don’t wanna get too philosophical about it, like sometimes it feels like an inspiration came from someone specific but really, in a few years after thinking about it, it turns out in fact it was another person, so being inspired can shift around over time and can sorta go back and forth between two or several people.

I might even go with Marilyn Monroe as one of my biggest inspirations, but do I know a whole lot about her? That’s debatable, but I know enough to know what an international sex symbol she is/was and how timeless her contributions to humanity have been. As an aspiring porn star myself, knowing her story is a huge inspiration.

More recently thought I would say Bella French, the CEO of ManyVids, is a huge inspiration to me. I had the pleasure of meeting her very briefly on a few occasions and the glimpses I’ve had of her left a lasting impression on me. I can see how so much of the ManyVids empire reflects her values and vision.

When you made the decision that you wanted to transition, who was your biggest supporter? Who was your biggest influence?

Years ago, when I first discovered that I could transition, I’d say the Internet was my friend more than any individual person. That might sound sorta corny, but really being part of the generation that immediately preceded the Internet as we know it today, with browsers and email and eventually social media, being able to search online across the entire planet was really unheard of. Being part of the “Internet revolution” (or whatever we want to call it) meant exploring together in anonymity with countless others in a sorta voyage into the unknown, and discovering all the possibilities the future holds in peace and relative tranquillity was like a maiden voyage of sorts. In my case, nobody in my immediate entourage was all like “yeah Julia go girl you’re awesome!” because transitioning didn’t exist back then the way it does now. Had to pave a road for myself I guess!

When did your ambitions of having a career in the adult industry begin to develop?

Oh goodness, I never in my wildest dreams thought I could ever be part of the professional adult industry, not until my debut in early 2019 when it all finally “came” together haha. But I suppose as an amateur fetishist who lent herself to various fetish events as a model or just attendee, we could probably go back a decade or so as perhaps my first steps into or toward the adult industry. Whether we can call that “ambitious” or if we’re more clinical about the term as in “planning to make money and how to go about that” in terms of ambitiousness then I guess you could say I became ambitious when I decided to partner with Grooby for my first professional shoot! It’d be difficult to see how that sort of thing would not be ambitious of me, especially since I had no way of knowing how well or poorly I would be received by the industry and fans. How could I have known a little over three months later I’d be nominated for my first award, being Cam Star Of The Year (trans) for the YNOT Cam Awards, and then within a year after that have earned five more nominations? If anyone had told me so I would likely have ignored them, and yet here we are.

What kind of movies do you like and what are some of your favorites?

I’m a huge Hollywood fan, and have been for decades. Sci-fi is high on the list of favourites, martial arts movies too, but so are non-fiction and “based on real events” type movies. I love comedies with all my heart, and dramas as well. There aren’t that many movie styles or genres that I avoid, but one thing I think the movie industry needs to work on is finding just when to use computer generated imagery.

It’s a controversial topic, CGI that is, and that’s not really answering your question, but CGI does play into how much I enjoy a movie.. whether their use of artificial elements or special effects were necessary and whether the story could have been told without any of that post-production. Those are the movies I enjoy the most these days, the ones that rely on real filmed interactions throughout the world around us, and use computer generated elements as sparingly as possible. CGI as “glue” to fix up an otherwise perfect shot ruined by perhaps a bird that flew by at the wrong moment. Either that or make the entire movie sci-fi and make it obvious that it’s all about eye-candy and wow factor, which can also be a lot of fun!

Do you plan on getting any more tattoos in the near future? If so, share with us what you are thinking of getting.

I would sincerely love to get more tattoos! Right now my budget is kinda limited, after this past year with COVID and various other factors related to my personal life and finances. Hopefully in the foreseeable future I’ll be able to get something like a sleeve maybe, that would be so hot. My tattoos aren’t complicated, on the contrary they’re deliberately very simple. But if were to get a new tattoo, it’d probably be something to represent my journey into erotica… and I’ll let the readers imagine for themselves what that might look like. I see my tattoos as emblematic of different times or phases of my life in a way, or hopes or visions of the future I have for myself. I dunno, maybe I’ll have a dream and see my next tattoo clear as day and know exactly what it’ll be. Who knows! I like a little mystery when it comes to tattoos, who doesn’t..?

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I have to ask only because I ask everyone this and I know the pain. Which tattoo is your favorite and which one was the most unpleasant?

Haha I knew you’d ask this at some point! I respectfully decline to comment on which is my favorite, my tattoos are all precious to me and it would be cruel of me to pick one over another. I suppose the tattoo that took the longest is the most “unpleasant” one but only by virtue of the duration of the process and how eager I was to see it finished. Not because of any perceived pain I might’ve had to endure! Going back to the previous question, if I get a sleeve and we consider unpleasant in terms of duration of eagerness to see it completed, then a new tattoo might become the most unpleasant simply because I’m such an impatient person and I want to see a glorious design delicately scratched into my skin.

What are some of your goals and aspirations? What do you strive for?

Do you mean like general lifetime goals and aspirations, like what would I hope The Great Power Beyond would judge me by? That’d a pretty deep question and honestly I don’t know how easily I can shoehorn my answer into a single thought or sentiment. Let’s say, if I can live my life and inspire others to be true to themselves, care about the world around them, and make the world a more peaceful, loving, and caring world for the next generation and them in turn for the one after that, then I’d say that’s probably as hopeful a goal or aspiration as anyone could strive for.

If we bring it down to a more tangible sort of goal or vision for myself, I’d love to produce some really great erotica and work with the adult industry, the info-tech industry and even the nano-tech industry. To usher in new ways to live and grow together in harmony with one another, I think that would be phenomenal. Owning a house, having my own private badminton gym, visiting the world, working with communities both on Earth, and the moon or Mars if/when we get there, those are all career goals I would love to see materialize in some way or another. Was that too abstract again? I’m nothing if not a dreamer, what can I say.

Have you ever attended an award show or convention? If so, which is your favorite and why?

This is a whole lot easier to answer for me, since the only award show/ceremony I attended was the YNOT Cam Awards held in Hollywood in August 2019. For starters, it was a red carpet event, held in Hollywood, with what felt like the entire adult industry. That week was extra special for me because while I was there, Cam4 crowned me as their August cover girl and in doing so made me their first trans cover girl ever! It was incredibly humbling, and even though the week was a complete blur, I will forever remember it as my first taste of celebrity as a little starlet. Everyone was an absolute darling, and even though I didn’t have a Jaguar F-Type to drive around in like I did when I visited Los Angeles earlier that year in March for The Transgender Erotica Award week, I probably wouldn’t have had time to drive it anyway… there was just too much to do and too much fun to have!

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How do you feel about being interviewed by Inked Angels?

Being interviewed by Inked Angels is an absolute honor! I’ve seen the name flash on my screen for so many years, and you have so many amazingly beautiful people, to be welcomed among your stars makes me feel like I did at least something right! I feel like this is a rite of passage, and inviting me to spill my emotions with you is just an absolute joy. Thank you for this, and thank you for being an incredible ally.

If you could tell the readers a little bit about yourself, what would you tell them?

I’m kinda quiet and I tend to keep my opinion to myself. On occasion I might try to crack a joke, but rarely, and they’re always predictable.

Drop your links and let the readers know where they can find your work.

Here they are, and in no particular order! THANK YOU INKED ANGELS AND KIERSTEN!!

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Interview: Tattooed Goddess Julia Epiphany

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