Interview: Tattooed Trans Hottie Raven Roxx

Interview: Tattooed Trans Hottie Raven Roxx

So You Think You Know Inked Babe Raven Roxx?

     We recently had the privilege of interviewing the Tattooed Hottie Raven Roxx this week. Co-owner of “Bad Girl Mafia (BGM),” Co-Host of The Totally Inappropriate Radio Show.
Inked Trans Babe Raven Roxx
     Born in Upstate NY near the Adirondack mountains she grew up in a very beautiful area of the USA.  There were not many opportunities in that area so she eventually joined the military as an infantry soldier.  She then got married, had 2 children and moved to Alabama.  In 2008, she moved to Kentucky, but by that time her marriage was failing.  She had crossdressed her entire life, feeling different as early as 5 years old.  Given the failing marriage she felt it was time to live her life for herself instead of others.
     Starting hormone replacement therapy at 38 years old in 2013 was the first step.  In December of 2014 she was accidentally outed when her spouse found her “stash” and Raven then felt it was a good time to confess all.  Not liking what she heard, her spouse immediately broke ties and initiated divorce.  So by April of 2015, Raven was living fulltime as a woman.  Not long after that came stripping which she did for the excitement.  But that, too, soon became not enough, so she started looking into porn.  Now, roughly 4 years later, she has been nominated for 2 Best Trans DVD AVNs, and multiple TEA awards.  She has also shot for Grooby, PureTs, Shemale Strokers, WendyWilliamsXXX, and tons of times for BGM. 
Tattooed Trans Babe Raven Roxx Pool Table
How long have you been in the Adult Entertainment Industry and when was your first mainstream scene?
I started very early in 2016 with a BGM shoot, but it wasn’t really BGM yet.  My first mainstream studio shoot was for Shemale Strokers.  I’m actually not fond of that shoot at all, by no fault of Strokers.  It was just that I had just had breast augmentation a month prior, and I feel my boobs looked horrendous.  So I guess I’ve been doing this a little over 4 years now.  
What made you decide, “Hey!, I want to be in the Industry.”?
After all the excitement of coming out kind of started to wear off I got bored and was soul searching what direction I should go in next.  Initially I started stripping at the Wendy Williams Tgirl Party in Lexington Kentucky.  I had no prior experience and couldn’t dance.  But I had a good sense of rhythm. After a few lessons from Kimber Haven I finally got up on stage.  I had a ton of fun doing it and so far I have stripped in Lexington, KY, Akron OH, Chicago, IL, Las Vegas, NV, and Los Angeles, CA.  I danced with a lot of girls that did porn, and I felt like a poser stripping but not doing porn.  I’ve always been freaky so I figured why not put that talent to good use? 
What do you do for fun when you’re not fucking yourself or others on film?
Well, I own a 1999 Mustang Cobra convertible that is set up for road course racing. In my previous life I did race a bit but now I just enjoy tinkering on it and taking spirited rides through the beautiful Bluegrass countryside.  I also co-own a Production company (BGM) with Kimber Haven and Lexis Steel. I act as the talent coordinator/talent acquisition for the company. I also co-host a radio show (The Totally Inappropriate Radio Show) that airs on the Demonseed Radio Network every Saturday from 6pm-8pm EST.  I actually designed and maintain the radio show’s website.  All that takes up most of my time not spent at my day job.  I’m actually an engineer by day and have been doing that for 15+ years.  
Have you ever attended an award show or convention? If so, which is your favorite and why?
Yes, I attend AVN conventions, TEA awards, and Fetish Con every year. I would have to say without a doubt Fet Con is my favorite.  The atmosphere is so non-judgemental, and everyone respects everyone else’s lifestyles.  I have made so many life-long friends there.  Fet Con is where we also piloted something that is becoming well-known in the trans community, Tranny House.  It’s where trans women and talent looking to film with trans women can come together in a safe place to film content. BGM produces it and everyone retains rights (content share).  
Tattooed Trans Hottie Raven Roxx Red Carpet
Who was your biggest inspiration when making the decision that you wanted to be in the Adult Entertainment Industry, and if you could please elaborate a bit on how they inspired you?
Well, my go-to before I transitioned was Vicki Richter. OMG, she was so gorgeous!  I model my look in some ways after her.  But my biggest inspiration without a doubt is my BGM family.  My girlfriend Kimber Haven and her lovely wife Lexis Steel have influenced so many aspects of who Raven Roxx is today. It’s safe to say without them in my life there would be no Raven Roxx.  They have always been there through the good and bad, they push me to do better, to be a better porn actress and to be just a better person in general.  I owe it all to them.  
So I see you have some fresh new tattoo work there, out of all the tattoos you have, could you tell us which one is your favorite and which one was the most painful?
My favorite isn’t even finished yet (thanks coronavirus).  It’s actually Kimber in a sexy racing uniform sitting on a race car tire.  It hits a few things that are very influential in my life, and I’m sure I’ll be continually adding to it.  The most painful was my lower back piece. It started as a tramp stamp but I give my tattoo artist Sara at Castle Of Color almost free artistic license after I give her the general idea of what I’m looking for.  She has done all my tattoos and is amazing.  But I’ll admit, the closer she got to my ass crack the more it felt like she was actually tattooing my booty hole.  
What kind of movies do you like and what are some of your favorites?
I tend to gravitate more towards action and sci-fi.  The entire Alien anthology is amazing, Dune, Bladerunner, Bladerunner 2047, District 9, and Chappie are all great.  But another genre that I hold dear is zombie horror.  Night Of The Living Dead, Dawn Of The Dead, basically anything directed by George Romero.  Book of Eli, Red Dawn, god I could go on and on.  But my all-time, without a doubt, favorite of all-time is The Road Warrior.  OMG, that shaped so much of my childhood.  I can watch it 10 times and it’s still not old.  
Outside of Industry work, what are some of the things that you enjoy doing? What kind of hobbies do you have? 
When it’s nice outside I like to tinker on my Cobra.  It’s over 20 years old and still pristine. When I’m not doing that you can usually find me on Xbox One playing any number of sci-fi games that I have in my library.  Other than those, I just do normal stuff, shopping, working out, or logging around the house relishing in my 1 hour of relaxation here and there.  
We first met on Chaturbate a few years back when we were focused more on our Cam shows. Would you have any advice for the new models just starting out or who are trying to get into that line work?
Yes, we did!  I still remember doing a naughty private show with Kimber for you, LOL.  My advice, because I see this a lot, is don’t quit.  So many girls think they will have 5k followers after 5-10 cam shows.  It isn’t going to happen overnight.  It’s like a tree, it starts out very small. But if you nurture and cultivate it, it will eventually grow into a big strong tree of dedicated followers. That’s when you start making real money. 
What are you some of your kinks? Let the fans know what really gets you off!
Wow, I don’t feel like I have many kinks, but maybe that’s because I’ve been doing porn for so long most kinks are Tuesday for me.  Let me think….I have become well-known for my ‘stand and carry’ fuck position where I hold girls in the air while I fuck them. I actually love doing it, too.  I do have a bad shoe fetish.  I own probably 15 pairs of sneakers, almost all Adidas. I own Adidas Campus’s in like 9 different colors.  I also own 30+ pairs of heels and 20+ pairs of boots.  Mostly all fetish in some way.  
Tattooed Hottie Raven Roxx Titties
When you made the decision that you wanted to transition, who was your biggest supporter and also who was your biggest influences?
By far, in the beginning, Kimber was my biggest supporter. I keep referencing her but you really can’t mention Raven without Kimber, but we’ve been together that long.  We have similar backstories, we both lived in Kentucky.  We both moved here at the same time, started our transitions at the same time.  It’s really uncanny and almost unbelievable if I hadn’t actually lived it. My influencers are all the wonderful girls I get to work with being the talent coordinator for BGM. I meet so many great people I try to take qualities I admire about these girls and incorporate it into myself.  
Is there anything you want to tell our readers about yourself, or is there anything you want your fans to know?
Yes!  Everyone thinks I’m like 6’0 tall.  I’m not!  I’m really only like 5’5.  There’s nothing wrong with being tall, I love tall chicks and dudes.  
What’s it like being the Talent Coordinator for BadGirlMafia? Tell us about what it is that you do.
It’s the most rewarding thing I’ve done but it can also be the most annoying.  I’m a people person, so I love interacting with the girls.  But when three are going through a crisis at the same time it can be testing. Because all shoots go through me and I genuinely care about every girl we work with, I’ve been given the nickname Momma Raven.  Many of the young girls look to me for not only porn-related advice but also advice about their daily life issues.  I love them all, I’ve even adopted an adorable little thing named Aimee Fawx.  She even calls me momma, which can be a bit creepy at times since I’ve done multiple scenes with her.  
So for the readers who do not know, could you tell us about what BadGirlMafia is?
Bad Girl Mafia is a company myself, Kimber, and Lexis started because early in our transitions we were told ‘no’ a lot by studios. We said fuck it, we’ll just start our own company.  Since then, it has evolved into a rising powerhouse in the transsexual porn genre.  In the beginning it was just Kimber and I in front of the camera, but it has morphed into a company that offers girls professional camera, directing and editing. A place for girls who may not have access to that type of resources but definitely have potential.  We try to show every girl we film with, whether trans or cis, that they are beautiful and can look as good as any well-known porn actress given the right access to professionally-produced content. 

Where can we find your work?

Well, there is my main website with over 100 videos and 20+ photo galleries RavenRoxx.com.  I also have a ManyVids that has 100+ videos at MVRavenRoxx.com.  If you’re interested in listening to the radio show it can be found at TIRadioShow.com.  You can also keep up with me on Twitter @TsRavenRoxx, Instagram @ravenroxxofficial, Reddit u/TsRavenRoxx, and Discord RavenRoxx#4184.  But here’s the easiest way to find anything related to me allmylinks.com/tsravenroxx

We hope you enjoyed this interview with tattooed trans hottie Raven Roxx. To see more tattooed hotties, make sure to follow us on TwitterInstagramYouTube, and Facebook. Also, don’t forget about our annual celebration of these amazing inked performers in the adult industry at the Inked Awards. For more info please visit inkedawards.net.

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Interview: Tattooed Trans Hottie Raven Roxx

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Interview: Tattooed Trans Hottie Raven Roxx
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