Join the Inked Angels Family!

So, you’re interested in joining the Inked Angels family? Well, here’s your chance!

First off, before we get started, no position at is a paid position. The positions come with possible perks like passes to adult conventions, DVDs, etc but are not guaranteed. We’re looking for people who want to do this because of their love of inked ladies. We are looking for people who conduct themselves in a professional manner and who are able to meet deadlines.

What positions do we have open you ask?


Being a part of the News department requires you to post press releases on, as we receive them via email. You’ll also be in charge of scouring the web for other news we may not have received.

Check out our News department to get an idea of what our news posts look like by clicking here!


The Interview department consists of conducting interviews with people in the adult industry via email, phone, and/or in-person (at conventions). You’ll be in contact with PR agents (usually) and models (from time to time).

Check out our Interviews to get an idea of what our interviews look like and consist of by clicking here!

“Top 10”

The Top 10 section is a shoutout to the gorgeous and talented tattooed women of the adult industry. Contents for these articles include Top 10 women at conventions, best tits, etc. As long as it has to do with tattoos and women then we’ll write about it.

Check out our “Top 10” list to get an idea of what they look like and consist of by clicking here!

General Topics

General Topics is a category that consists of anything from tattoos, women, or other interesting topics combining, modifying or otherwise the first two. I don’t have any examples as this is a new category.

Any questions, please contact Jason at Thanks!

…and now about you!