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Lesbian Beauties 13 Black & Asian – Sweetheart Video



Lily Ocean, Ana Foxxx, Cindy Starfall, Chanell Heart, London Keys, Skin Diamond, Misty Stone, Angelina Chung

What Sweetheart Tells Us About Lesbian Beauties 13 Black & Asian

Sweetheart Video proudly presents a brand new edition to the popular interracial series. In this title, gorgeous black girls and beautiful Asian girls come together in four electric scenarios. – Sweetheart Video


Dana Vespoli brings us another volume of beautiful lesbian vignettes for Sweetheart’s series aptly titled Lesbian Beauties. As usual Dana conjures up some wonderfully crafted stories that her cast of beauties deliver with spot on performances. The tension between Skin Diamond and London Keys in the first scene is ominous. They have a talk that anyone watching could learn from and are able to clear the air, leading to an intense session. Cindy Starfall and Chanell Heart have a deep discussion ending with them sealing their friendship with a quick roll on the couch. Their racial discussion makes you think a bit. Trust me, it doesn’t hurt to uses you brain every once in a while. The third scene is an amazing look at two people, in this case Angelina Chung and Misty Stone, who clearly belong together and just don’t know it till now. It’s a powerful scene full of passion and understanding. Closing out the film is Lily Ocean and Ana Foxxx in a playful take on tv modeling shows. It’s a refreshing close to the somewhat serious tone of some of the previous scenes. All in all, this film is highly enjoyable and worthy of a solid 4 Hard Ons Out Of 5 and a recommendation from me.

A Walk Through The Scenes

London Keyes (@LondonKeyes), Skin Diamond (@Skin_Diamond)



Skin Diamond and London Keyes are both doms at the same dungeon. London may have taken things a bit far with a couple clients and Skin calls her out on her blog. This causes a rift between the girls and London goes to Skin’s place to confront her about it. After a heated discussion about ethics and, ultimately, respect; the girls reach a sense of mutual respect. A quick yet meaningful hug pulls them together in a kiss and Skin leads her to her bedroom. Some passionate kissing causes their clothes to come off as London lays back on the bed. Skin lays on top of her and gives her a rub as they kiss. Skin peels London’s panties off and takes a quick dive between her legs before slipping her a finger. Skin rolls onto her stomach and London gives her a well received lick from behind. She rolls onto her back and London give her clit some impressive attention. They meet in a wet kiss then London climbs on top of Skin to 69. Watching London get off is always a treat and this is no exception. She goes down on Skin again licking on her clit then thy meet for more kissing and nipple sucking. Skin gets her off with a rub and London sucks her toes. Skin uses her now spit lubed toes on London’s clit and slides them in to get her off once more. They move into a scissor trib, both girls gasping in climax. A quick make out session puts Skin on top to scissor again. Both girls getting off, London takes another go at Skin giving her a good licking and rubdown. They meet for a kiss to end this amazing scene. Well done all around.


Chanell Heart (@chanellheartxxx), Cindy Starfall (@CindyStarfall)

Agree To Disagree”


Chanell Heart and Cindy Starfall have an interesting conversation to start this scene off. This is another good example of Ms.Vespoli writing dialogue that is too damn good for porn. Just my opinion there. But I do have to say that it is refreshing to put in a smut film and be forced to think for a minute. For moments like this I will always be grateful to Dana and her thought provoking creative mind. Okay, so back to the film. The girls kiss and Cindy’s top comes down. Chanell gives her perky nipples a suck and loses her own top. Chanell falls back onto the couch and Cindy tongues her nipples. Cindy lays back as her shorts diappear and Chanell’s vanish as well. They spend some time kissing and caressing before Chanell goes down to give Cindy a lick. Cindy takes her turn, giving Chanell a lick and adding a finger or two for good measure. Cindy leans over the arm of the couch and Chanell gives her a lick from behind and a good finger fucking. Switching roles, Chanell leans over the opposite couch arm and Cindy takes care of her from behind. Cindy takes a seat on the back of the couch where Chanell gives her a good licking. They kiss and Chanell takes a seat giving herself a rub as Cindy kisses and sucks her way down to her sweet spot. She gives her a good licking while sliding her fingers in and out causing Chanell to squeal in delight. They kiss, closing out the scene. These girls are great to watch on their own, but put them together and wow. Very nice.


Angelina Chung (@xAngelinaChungx), Misty Stone (@mistystonexxx)

She’s Not That Bad”


Angelina Chung is sitting at the table when Dana comes in. She plays Angelina’s girlfriend who is a bit…demanding. Dana gives her a lecture and leaves. Misty Stone comes in and they have a good talk and Angelina begins to feel better. Misty is great in this role. She is such a talented actress that you feel the sincerity dripping from her words. Absolutely brilliant. The girls hug, and as we all know, hugs lead to kisses. This kiss though, aches with longing and passion. Angelina, the downtrodden and Misty, the ray of sunshine. It’s a beautiful connection between two people who clearly appreciate each other, yet don’t realize just how deep those feelings run. Sometimes a kiss is the spark that sets flame to understanding and desire. Anyway, they lose their tops and get a taste of each others nipples. Angelina lays back for Misty to give her clit a tender and skilled licking. Adding fingers she has Angelina moaning in ecstasy in no time. A kiss and Misty takes a seat on the couch and Angelina returns the gesture giving Misty a voracious licking and fingering that one would assume is unwelcome in her current relationship. A quick kiss and Misty sits on the floor with her head on the couch fingering herself as Angelina takes a seat on her face. Angelina lays back and Misty climbs up for some scissor tribbing completed with impassioned kissing. The scene closes on there post orgasmic blissful kissing. I personally would love to see a continuation to this scene. Where do they go from here? Amazing scene.


Ana Foxxx (@AnaFoxxx), Lily Ocean (@KalinaRyu)

America’s Next Big Model”


Lily Ocean and Ana Foxxx are both contestants on a popular tv modeling show. For anyone who has ever watched one of these show (and unfortunately, I have) you know what to expect. Catty bickering between the contestants leading to physical altercations. Well, that’s what happens here as Anna pushes Lily onto the bed. Their fighting leads to giggling as they begin to make out. Clothes come off and Ana goes down on Lily for a quick lick. They meet for a kiss and lay next to each other. They give each other a rub then Ana goes back down for another taste. Ana ends up on her back and Lily climbs up to ride her face while rubbing on Ana. Lily takes a turn between Ana’s legs getting a taste and slipping her a finger. Lily gets onto all fours as Ana Licks her and gives her a rub from behind. They have a go in a scissoring position before making out to close out this playful scene. This one seemed a bit on the short side to me which is a bit disappointing as both of these girls are enjoyable to watch. I guess that just means we have to watch it twice, and I’m okay with that. It definitely is worth a second look.




DVD Details

Release Date: February 4th 2015 Running Time: 1:48 Studio: Sweetheart Video


Directed By: @danavespoli

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