Live Sounds: Highly Suspect “The Boy Who Died Wolf” Tour Review

The Boy Who Died Wolf Tour

On August 10, 2017, Inked Angels’ member Chad and I took a trek to Burlington, VT to a venue I had never been to before.  The setting for the night was a club by the name of Higher Ground, it’s what I’d call a smaller, intimate venue.  The band we had made the drive to see?  A band called Highly Suspect, from Cape Cod, MA.  They have a few hits by the names of “Lydia,” “My Name is Human”, and “Little One.”  As you’ll read, our night started off slow but eventually picked up to where our expectations thought we should be.

DJ Redbees

I do not for the life of me understand bringing a DJ who plays house and rap music on tour with a rock band.  He may have been a great DJ but having no interest in that genre of music I was extremely bored.  That’s all I’ll say about that…

And The Kids

Next up was a band from Northampton, MA called And The Kids.  The band was comprised of three ladies who played an eclectic sound of music.  I didn’t know much about this band before seeing them live but I definitely checked out their music in the days following the show.  They have songs titled “Kick Rocks,” “Friends Share Lovers,” “All Day All Night,” and “Pangea.”  If you get a chance, I recommend giving them a listen.

Highly Suspect

And then the moment finally arrived. I was really looking forward to seeing Highly Suspect live after hearing a few of their songs on the SiriusXM Octane channel which led to me listening to their two albums.  I’ll be honest though, at this point, I wasn’t really pumped up like I am at most shows that have really good opening bands.  That all changed very fast though!  The band’s energy definitely radiates and is contagious throughout the crowd.  They started off with their song “F.W.Y.T.” (which stands for Fuck What You Think) followed by a cover of Real Life’s “Send Me an Angel.”  From there the songs flowed like a classical masterpiece that included songs like “Serotonia,” “Bath Salts,” “Fuck Me Up,” and of course their hits “Lydia,” “My Name is Human,” and “Little One.”  Their set list was 16 songs long and I could have listened to many more!  Johnny Stevens (lead singer and guitar) took the crowd on a trip without even leaving the venue.  Ryan Meyer’s grooves on the skins kept his brother, Rich, and Johnny shredding on their bass and guitar.  I highly recommend checking out their two albums “Mister Asylum” and “The Boy Who Died Wolf” and don’t miss them when they come to a venue near you!

Even though my night started off slow, by the end I was as amped up as anyone should be at a live show.  Highly Suspect met and exceeded all my hopes and expectations.  They sound amazing in person and entertain you from the start of their set right to the end.  Again, I do highly (pun intended) recommend checking them out if you get the chance!

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